About Billyscrashhelmets

About Billyscrashhelmets

Welcome to Billy’s Crash Helmets!

It’s Feb 2012 and I’ve been hunting around for a helmet for about a week now. My old Shoei has been looking tatty (for about four years!) and a few weeks back, it dawned on me that eight years is probably too long to keep the same helmet! My brains are probably worth spending a couple of hundred quid on from time to time and so I decided to set out and find the right helmet, on a budget.

So far it’s been purgatory. The sites I’ve been looking at either seem to be full of techno-babble talking about triple layered this and dynamic airflow that – and it’s not really the sort of info that makes much sense to me. Plus, I really want to know that I’m getting a good deal and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere that fills me with confidence that I’m getting one.

So, I’ve decided to start my own crash helmets site. I’ll aim to make it as real-world and useful as I can. To date, we’ve lots of helmet reviews with links to where you can buy them. Also, we’ve some top deals from around the interweb. It’ll not be me selling the helmets – I’ll simply trawl the pages of different retailers and point out the best deals. If you click through from my site and buy something, if I’ve managed to set up a deal with the retailer, I should get a small percentage out of the sale (called affiliate marketing). But if I see a great deal and can’t get an affiliate relationship going (like most of those on the deals page), it’ll still be displayed on the site. I want people to get the best deals around and we’ll bring them in wherever they’re lurking.

At the moment, we’ve only got Sportsbike shop affiliate links on the site (and a few to FC Moto in Germany) – and if you click through from our site to theirs and buy something, we get a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you (cheers!).

We’ll look at lots of crash helmets – but I reckon that if you’re going to wear a crash helmet, it might as well be one which is tested as thoroughly as possible – so from about Jan ’14 we’ve focused only on crash helmets that score either a 4 or 5 star Sharp Rating (where they perform well as useable, everyday helmets too). That said, our overall review scoring you’ll find at the bottom of each review looks at a few different factors, with SHARP rating just one of them.

Note, where a helmet hasn’t been reviewed but where we think it’ll score highly for safety (usually based on overall safety performance of the brand or similar helmets in the range) we’ll probably still include a review.

How Do our Helmet Reviews Work?

So far, I don’t (mostly) get hands on with the helmets myself. What I do is hunt around the web for reviews, comments, forum posts, videos – anything and everything we can find that relates to a specific helmet model – to find out what folks who’ve spent their hard-earned dosh on the helmet and who’ve used it in anger on the road – what they think of the lid. I reckon that’s much more relevant than getting a helmet sent out and fiddling about with it for a few days then passing judgment anyhow. You live with a helmet through winter filth and the (slightly) less filthy days of summer and that’s how you get to know a helmet’s limitations – not by getting one delivered in the post, gawping at it a bit then popping down the shops in it for a ‘road test’.

The internet’s a wonderful thing and is full of folks giving their opinions on all kinds of welcome – and not so welcome – topics. So I use it to get a wide range of helmet users’ and owners’ thoughts and opinions, shove them all in a pot, stir them around a bit, then dish them out in generous dollops in our reviews. And if you’d like to join in, visit the contact page and drop us a note about your helmet – we’d love to know what you think and may well publish your thoughts at the bottom of the review page.

So there you have it. Independent advice, information from bikers who wear/own the helmets and a single useful repository for all things to do with skid lids.

Wish me luck!

(Feb 2012)



  1. Dear Mr Billyscrashhelmets,
    Firstly I really appreciate your website and reviews. Has helped me in the past with helmet decisions.
    Currently on a Nolan N104 evo, which is good but even then I tend to wear it flipped up. I rather like my jaw though and would not like to be parted with it in an accident, and so for replacing the lid I would not like an open face.
    The Schubert J1 looked ideal, but isnt made anymore and anything extant will be beyond use by date. Do you know of anything similar (the N44 is still not enough of an advantage over n104) or are they bringing out a J2?



    • Thanks for that James – much appreciated. Yeah, the Schuberth J1 was an interesting helmet with lots of admirers. Can’t think of anything off the top of my head that’s very similar – and yes, the Nolan N44 was the helmet that sprang immediately to mind. But if I do hear of anything similar, i’ll post here and let you know (the system should alert you to a reply via email). Thanks for getting in touch. Billy.

  2. Lots of good clear advice. Wish I had read up before buying my ‘Brand New’…… ‘Race Ready’ helmet that was 38months old and came without a ACU Gold sticker ! Read up folks and learn how to spot what the retailers are NOT telling you !

  3. Hi

    I am writing about basic topic. I have head measurement of 56 Inches. Should I go for size S or M.

    I tried Shark s700 size S and M, S was perfect and comfortable. By this I found out S was suitable for
    me. When I tried other helmet brands in same size – AGV, Bell, HJC, they were squeezing my head with
    lot of pressure at top side part of the head. I was not at all comfortable in AGV, Bell, HJC in size S. HJC size M was satisfactory.

    MT axis helmet in size S was comfortable as in case of shark.

    Shark and MT helmet in size S were comfortable. Does this give any idea of my head shape – round, oval,

    I was interested in Shark Speed r carbon, Shoei RF 1200, Nexx xr2 Carbon Zero. Reason for choosing
    these – my first priority is light weight and comfort. I do not have the facility of trying these
    helmets. Few shops had shark s700s and bell qualifier helmets, so at that time I could try out these
    and found shark was comfortable.

    How do I determine head shape – long, oval, intermediate oval,………………….. basing on this which helmet
    (Shark Speed R carbon series 2/ Shoei RF 1200 / Nexx xr2 Carbon) will be comfortable for my head shape. do you have any other suggestions – i prefer light weight and comfort.

    Thanks and regards

    Santhosh S

    • First off, please read our fitting guide. Your 56 (centimetres?!) head should be a size S, as you found with the S700. But you’re right, different makers – and different models by different makers – often have different fittings and shapes. Even though most manufacturers seem to be making more rounded helmets these days – what you might term intermediate oval – it’s important to get a helmet that really fits you well. Research suggests that many of us are wearing helmets that aren’t quite right, so you do right trying out a few. You say you found Sharks and MTs that fitted nicely – in which case why not go with one of those? If you’re really intent on trying out a Speed R or NXR/RF1200 etc, you really do need to try them on at a shop first – or if you order from a decent retailer with no quibble returns policy, you can order one and if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit correctly, send it back for a swap or refund. That’s one of the things we ensure about with our recommended retailers so grab a helmet from one of those and, in our experience, you won’t have a problem returning it.

  4. Hi Billy,
    I just came across your site and found it very interesting but did not find any mention of Snell testing. I live in BC Canada and currently have a 4 year old Arai and am looking to get a replacement for the coming riding season. I have checked around briefly and have been led to believe that Arai are the best and that the best helmets are Snell approved. I have recently heard of EC22 as being the be all and end all world wide but now on you site you mention Sharp. Do you know how all these different tests compare?
    Best regards

    • Hi Don, it’s probably worth thinking of the ECE22.05 test as being a good basic level test that all helmets must pass to give a decent basic level of protection. However passing this test doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to give great real-world protection. Both Snell and SHARP tests try and make the testing more real world and relevant to real world riding accidents. From my research, SHARP has the edge though and there’s concerns in some quarters about the Snell test’s bias towards harder-shelled helmets, encouraging helmet manufacturers to produce helmets that don’t adequately absorb the impacts found in real world situations. For (lots!) more information try this link. For those that don’t know, SHARP is a UK standard while Snell is US. I’d say that if you find a SHARP 5 star helmet, I’d opt for that over a Snell approved lid – but, as always, you’ll find folks on both sides of the divide.

  5. Hi,
    Great web site. I have been searching the Internet for the best helmet for ages and have nearly decided on a Nexx Diablo or Carbonrace as I have a naked and want good aero and weight. Tried a schuberth on but it just didn’t seem to fit everywhere.

    Can’t find anywhere local to me, Windsor , that holds stock so have you got any info to help the decision process along.

    Many thanks


    • Thanks Paul, appreciate it.

      Oooh, that’s something unusual isn’t it? The Diablo is the same as the Carbon but with a leather coating right? Looks mean and I’ve heard some good things about the carbon (I’ll have to do a review on it!). Really wouldn’t know who has them in stock – but there’s a dealer locator on their website at http://www.nexx-helmets.com – see ‘store/distributor’ link bottom right of the page. It pops open a google map and there’s several in the London area. Closest one to you (in case you’ve not tried them) is MM Motorsport, SW14 &JT (02088788500) – that’ll be less than 30 mins with a following wind and a generous throttle!

      Do let me know if you get one – would love to hear what it’s like!

      Ride Safe


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