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Caberg Duke II Modular Crash Helmet Review

The Caberg Duke II is the follow up to the popular SHARP 5 star rated...

Scorpion Exo 710 Air motorcycle crash helmet review

The Scorpion Exo-710 Air review: a great value, sporty fibreglass full face helmet The Scorpion Exo-710...

X-Lite X-1004 Composite/Carbon Fibre modular helmet

X-Lite's X-1004 composite fibre flip-up/modular helmet review The X-Lite X-1004 is the replacement of the old...

A look at AGV’s new budget sportsbike/track helmet: AGV K1

AGV's entry-level sportsbike helmet: the AGV K1 Always fancied owning a range-topping track helmet like the AGV Pista GPR or the slightly cheaper Corsa R,...

Icon Airflite motorcycle crash helmet review

Icon Airflite: funky all rounder helmet with innovative visor system. Icon like to do things differently.Take the Icon Airflite. It's a polycarbonate all-rounder helmet that's...

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Review of the SHARP 5 star safety rated HJC FG-ST full face motorcycle crash helmet

HJCs mid-priced fibreglass jack-of-all-trades full face helmet HJC have made a name for themselves in producing...
shoei-ryd-crash-helmet-tangerine orange

The Shoei RYD full face helmet review

Review of the Shoei RYD full face crash helmet (Shoei RF-SR in the US) The RYD...

HJC IS-17 Full Face Crash Helmet Review

The HJC IS-17 is the replacement to the popular IS-16. It's been designed to be...

Review of the Bell Qualifier DLX motorcycle helmet (and DLX with...

Bell have caused a bit of a stir with the launch of their new Qualifier DLX - on at least a couple of scores.Bell...

Review of the Nexx X.R2 motorcycle crash helmet

Nexx X.R2 composite and carbon fibre full face crash helmets With the launch of the Nexx X.R2, Portugese helmet maker Nexx claims to have made one of...

A review of the MT Blade SV full face

MT Blade SV - a versatile, good value Crash Helmet The MT Blade SV is an all-rounder full face helmet at the cheaper end of the...

LS2 Vector FF397 helmet review

The LS2 Vector: a light weight, quality fibreglass full face motorcycle helmet at a decent price The LS2 FF397 Vector (to give it its full...

Review of the AGV AX8 series of motorcycle helmets

AGV AX-8 series crash helmets (including Evo, Naked and Dual Evo) The AGV AX8 series of helmets are all based on the same basic helmet...

X-Lite X-551 Helmet Review

Summary The X-Lite X-551 crash helmet is made by Nolan and aimed at supermoto on/off road adventure riders. It's an interesting combination of full-faced helmet...

Schuberth E1 Flip-up/Adventure helmet review

Schuberth E1 Adventure/modular crash helmet - full reviewFibreglass shell Modular/adventure helmet combo Adjustable peak Integral sun visor Optically-correct main visor Sizes XS-XXXL 5...
Shoei Hornet ADV Seeker TC1

A review of the Shoei Hornet ADV dual-sports adventure crash helmet

Shoei's versatile adventure/dual-sports helmet: the Shoei Hornet ADV Introduction The Shoei Hornet ADV is successor to the well-regarded Shoei Hornet - Shoei's top of the range...
HJC IS-Max in Matt Black

HJC IS Max II modular crash helmet review

The HJC IS-Max II is a polycarbonate shelled flip-up/modular crash helmet with an integral sun visor. It's on sale at a very attractive price-point...

HJC Sy-Max III modular crash helmet review

The HJC Sy-Max III - HJCs mid-price fibreglass flip-up helmet The Symax modular has been around in one form or another for many years now....
caberg tourmax sonic

Caberg Tourmax Modular Crash Helmet Review

The Caberg Tourmax is a modular dual-sports helmet (modular meaning the chin guard flips up and dual-sports referring to the mix between full face...

Shark Openline flip-up motorcycle helmet review

Shark Openline - a low-priced flip-up helmet with free Pinlock and 5 year warranty The Openline was introduced to be Shark’s lower-priced, do everything flip-up...

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