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Bluetooth and Communicator-ready Helmet Reviews

When a helmet’s designed to take a bluetooth heatset/intercom, you’ll find them listed on these pages.

Whether a helmet’s just got speaker pockets and space for a microphone that’ll suit a 3rd party kit – or whether it’s been carefully designed to seamlessly integrate with the manufacturer’s own system – you’ll find them all below.

If you’re only interested in buying a helmet that’s been designed to seamlessly take a manufacturers headset, then you’re probably best checking out our Helmets with Integrated Headsets page.

Where helmet owners or manufacturers have stated a helmet works with a particular system, we’ll mention details within each helmet review.

HJC RPHA 91 review: touring modular helmet with integrated bluetooth and...

HJC RPHA 91 flip front motorcycle helmet review. Following on from the RPHA 90 modular, the HJC RPHA 91 is HJC’s latest premium modular helmet. It’s...

Schuberth S3 Sports Touring Motorcycle Helmet.

Is the Schuberth S3 sports/touring helmet worth buying? Schuberth's old S2 is a decent sports touring lid, but it's starting to feel a bit dated. So,...

Airoh Connor – new full face motorcycle helmet

Modelled taking inspiration from the wind. Sorry, what? Annoying marketing bollocks aside, what Airoh means is that they've used a wind tunnel to design their...

AGV K6 & K6 S: high tech, comfortable sports-touring helmet.

AGV's Sports Touring Motorcycle Helmet. The K6/K6S is AGV's top flight sports touring helmet. AGV says they've gone all out to make a helmet that'll work...

Hi-tech shell, good price all-rounder. Premier Devil motorcycle helmet review.

Full Review: Premier Devil Sports Touring Motorcycle Helmet. Premier helmets really seem to be pushing these days. You never used to hear about Premier but...

LS2 MX701 Explorer adventure motorcycle helmet review.

LS2 MX701 Explorer Adventure Helmet: modern, great value & versatile. LS2 are a funny bunch. Historically, they're mostly known for pushing out a large number...

HJC i71 Polycarbonate full face helmet.

HJC i71: HJC's latest mid-price full face polycarbonate all-rounder. HJC certainly don't stand still. They rattle through new models faster than Leo DiCaprio. And the...

Caberg Duke Evo Helmet

First Look: Caberg Duke Evo Flip-up Helmet Caberg Duke flip-up helmets have been around for a few years now - morphing from the original Duke...

Arai VX-Pro4: Great quality, good ventilation, bit heavy?

Arai MX-V enduro motocross dirt motorcycle helmet review. The MX-V is Arai's top of the range dirt helmet which Arai says has been designed using...

Nexx X.R3R: FIM certified motorcycle helmet with great ventilation.

Nexx X-R3R sportsbike/track motorcycle helmet review. The X.R3R is a full-on sportsbike/track helmet made by composite fibre helmet maestros, Nexx. There's a couple of different versions...