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Motorcycle Helmets with Pinlocks

Pinlock inserts attach to the back of your visor to keep it mist and fog free. They’re one of the best ways of keeping your visor clear if you live somewhere that’s cold, rainy or humid. They’re becoming ever more common to find supplied in the box with a new helmet – or at least visors on many new helmets are often supplied Pinlock-ready so they can fit a Pinlock insert.

If you want a crash helmet that can fit a Pinlock insert as standard or comes with a Pinlock in the box, check out one of the helmets below – or click here to find out more about Pinlocks.



Carbon composite FIM approved racing helmet. The Suomy SR-GP.

Suomy SR-GP FIM Motorcycle Racing/Track Helmet Review. The Suomy SR-GP is the top-flight, lightweight, track-developed motorcycle helmet from Italian brand, Suomy.Not only is it designed...

Modern looking, good value modular from HJC: the HJC C91.

A look over the HJC C91 modular motorcycle helmet. The C91 is HJC's follow-on helmet from the old C90. That was a solid all-rounder modular...

X-Lite X-1005 flip-up motorbike helmet review

X-Lite X-1005: X-Lite's high-tech modular all-rounder helmet. The X-Lite X-1005 is an evolution of the outgoing X-1004 modular helmet. That helmet had a few foibles,...

Excellent value all rounder thermoplastic helmet: review of the LS2 Storm.

LS2 Storm great value motorbike helmet review. The LS2 Storm (sold as the LS2 Assault in the US) is a modern looking sports touring helmet...

HJC’s premium flip-up touring helmet with sun visor: HJC RPHA 90.

Full review of the HJC RPHA-90/90S modular crash helmet. HJC's RPHA series of helmets are their higher performance range of lids (it's actually short for...

Sena Momentum Lite Pro INC Evo and INC Pro Helmet Review

Review of the Sena Momentum Lite, Pro, INC, INC Pro and Evo bluetooth Helmets. South Korean bluetooth specialists, Sena, are best known by us lot...

Schuberth’s C4 flip-front helmet – great for touring and sportsbike riders.

Schuberth C4 Basic, Pro and Pro Carbon Review. The Schuberth C4 Basic and Pro are fibreglass flip-up helmets (Pro Carbon is full carbon fibre) that's...

Caberg Droid: SHARP 4 star safety rated futuristic modular with Pinlock.

Caberg Droid review - one of the best protecting flip-front helmets around. It's pretty easy to see why Caberg called their new modular helmet the...

Caberg Horus: a low price flip-up with panoramic Pinlock visor.

Caberg Horus flip-up motorbike helmet. The Horus is a thermoplastic modular helmet made by Italian brand, Caberg.It's been designed to work best for touring riders...

HJC C70: Great value SHARP 5 star all-rounder full face helmet.

HJC C70 full face polycarbonate motorcycle helmet review. The HJC C70 is HJC's replacement for their IS17 helmet. Which means it's designed to be a...