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Helmets with an ACU Gold Sticker

You’ll find all the helmets we know come with an ACU Gold sticker on them on these pages.

An ACU gold sticker is awarded to a helmet when it complies with the Auto Cycle Union’s standard for motorcycle helmets for racing use. And in the UK, you need that sticker on your helmet to be able to take it on the track.

Having said that, marshalls don’t always check too closely and if you’re riding a helmet from a well known brand, they’ll often wave you through.

Note: it’s up to the manufacturer’s distributor to actually apply the sticker – and some don’t. Where we’ve managed to discover a helmet definitely comes with the ACU gold sticker, we’ll include it on this page. Which is not to say other helmets won’t have the sticker – they often will but it’s worth checking first with whichever retailer you buy the helmet from – before you buy.


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