HJC F70: Review of HJC’s SHARP 4 star rated fibreglass sports touring full face helmet.


HJC F70: HJC’s fibreglass sports touring full face helmet review.

The HJC F70 is designed to be a great all-rounder sports touring helmet.

It’s got a fibreglass shell – chosen to improve strength (see safety section) and slightly reduce weight over their usual polycarbonate shelled helmets. It’s also been given a slightly wider, Pinlock ready visor, with Pinlock included in the box, along with a drop down sun visor.

Plain gloss white HJC F70

Unusually though, HJC has forgone the usual quick release visor and replaced it with an old style visor held on by a screw each side.

But on the plus side, not only is it a great looking helmet, but they’ve also added bluetooth integration in there in the form of HJC’s own Smart Intercom systems (developed by Sena).

So, the HJC F70 looks to be a mixed bag of the old and the new.

If you’re interested in finding out more, we’ve pulled together every possible nugget of information from around the web to help you make your most informed decision when buying your next helmet.

And we’ve added a few recommended alternatives at the bottom of the page too.

  • Fibreglass full face helmet
  • Sports touring oriented
  • SHARP 4 star safety rated
  • Pinlock visor (Pinlock included)
  • Drop down sun visor
  • Double d-ring fastener
  • Integrated comms unit ready
  • 2 shell sizes
  • Fitment sizes XS-XXL
  • Expect to pay £200-£280 (£370 carbon)

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 (more about helmet safety)

In terms of safety features, the HJC F70 looks to be reasonably basic.

hjc f70 gloss black full face helmet rear view
Rear view of a gloss black F70

If you dig deeply enough into HJC’s bumf – and scour the web enough – it turns out there’s a slightly wider visor on the F70 to help with improved all-round vision and awareness.

And they’ve also used a tried-and-tested double-d ring strap to keep it safely fastened. They’re strong and safe fasteners – a bit more fiddly than micrometric straps if you’re new to helmet buying – but they do the job well and have been around for decades.

But that’s about it – other than the all-important helmet shell.

It’s a fibreglass shell – or Advanced Fibreglass Composite as HJC call it. If you know anything about helmets, you’ll know fibreglass has been used for aeons to construct strong and reasonably light weight helmets.

HJC makes the shell of the F70 in just two shell sizes (the smaller shell for sizes XS-M and lager shell covering L-XXL) – which is a bit poor these days.

HJC F70 SHARP helmet test results
Courtesy of sharp.dft.gov.uk HJC F70 8.5 m/s Impact test results.

For a mid-priced helmet like the F70, you’d expect three or more shells to be produced as they help optimise fit, looks and safety a little better (read about helmet shell sizes).

And weighing in around 1.55Kg (3.4lbs) it’s a smidge heavier than the average fibreglass helmet.

That shouldn’t cause any weight problems when you’re wearing it. Just that lighter helmets have an edge in managing energy absorption during an impact.

OK, onto safety stats.

So far, the independent helmet testing bods at SHARP have tested 8 fibreglass HJC helmets. All of those helmets scored either 3 or 4 stars (out of 5) for safety (average score of 3.25).

hjc f70 feron fluo yellow motorcycle crash helmet side view
This one’s the HJC F70 in Feron graphics

They’re OK scores overall, but not amazing.

The good news is that when SHARP tested the F70 at the end of 2021, it scored a solid four stars for safety (out of five), meaning we reckon you can put a good amount of faith in the F70’s protection levels.

And, of course, if you’re buying an F70 in UK/Europe, it’ll be ECE tested and certified too (DOT certified in US) so you know it’s been through (and passed) the ECE’s testing regime too.

But it’s always nice to be wearing a helmet that’s independently shown to offer outstanding protection.

If you want to see some other helmets that scored four or five stars in SHARP tests – take a look at our Safest motorbike helmets pages.

Helmet Noise

(more about helmet noise)

It’s always difficult to advise whether a helmet is noisy or quiet. That’s because it’s always dependent on a multitude of factors: how fast you ride, how good your hearing is, whether you’re behind a screen, how quiet your last helmet was – the list goes on and on.

We do sometimes come across helmets that are universally praised as quiet – and you’ll find these on our quietest helmets pages.

But with the HJC F70, we really did find opinions across the board – all the way from whisper quiet to noisy as hell.

So, it’s really going to be a question of sucking and seeing if you buy an F70. And fingers crossed you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


(more about helmet ventilation)

For ventilation, the F70 uses what HJC calls ACS or its Advanced Channeling system.

Essentially, that’s similar to systems you’ll find in most other helmet brands – where air is taken in through the helmet shell and directed towards the head using venting channels moulded into the EPS (expanded polystyrene) shock absorbing liner.

hjc f70 mago black hi viz full face helmet top view
F70 in Mago black/fluo yellow showing top vents

In the case of the F70, that involves a couple of crown vents – both covered by sliders – which direct the air through the shell and into a pair of front-back channels inside.

They then route air through to the rear exhaust vents located in that fancy moulding to the rear of the shell.

In the chin bar, there’s actually a pair of separate vents in there too.

The bottom vent is a slider and directs air around the chin and around the side of the jaw. The upper vent is opened/closed using a tipping panel to direct air onto the rear of the visor to help with demisting.

From our research, we’ve found quite a few owners commenting that venting’s good on the F70, with practically no one complaining about it except in terms of visor fogging. But that can happen with every helmet in poor conditions of course – and fitting the Pinlock should stop most of that.


(more about visors)

Unusually, HJC has opted to make the F70 without a quick-release, toolless visor. Instead, you need a cross head screwdriver to remove a single screw either side to pull off the visor.

It’s no great hardship to remove, just a bit fiddly and means you have to go hunting for a screwdriver if you want to swap the visor out which might be a pain if you’re on the road.

It’s more baffling than anything, because it’s the first time in years we’ve seen a road helmet launched without a quick-change visor.

A couple of useful links…

Quietest helmets on the market
Great helmets for glasses wearers

On the plus side though, the F70’s delivered with a Pinlock antifog in the box (Europe only), which means you won’t be troubled by a fogging visor.

Also, it has an opening tab on the bottom of the visor at either side which is good, meaning you can easily open the visor with either hand. That’s something most helmet makers don’t bother adding but can come in really handy on the road.

hjc-f70-solid-gloss-black-motorcycle-crash-helmet-top-viewThe visor itself works on a (soft) ratchet and HJC quote that it protects from 95% of UV rays.

That’s nice to know – though because visors are made from polycarbonate, it’s an inherent property of all visors on all helmets.

Finally, HJC has widened the visor and sun visor on the F70 for improved peripheral vision. That’s always worth having on a helmet as it’s better for safety and makes for a slightly more involved ride.

And it’s an improvement many F70 owners appreciate as we found several owners commenting that it’s got an excellent and wide field of view.

Sun Visor

(more about sun visors)

Like the main visor, the sun visor is also slightly wider than normal. And HJC quotes 99% UV protection.

If you’ve been reading any marketing blurb on the F70, you’ll have read that HJC has a patented One Touch sun visor mechanism that makes dropping and raising the sun visor super easy.

Turns out that when you drop the sun visor using the slider on the bottom left edge of the helmet, that One Touch system is just a slight detent on the slider mechanism. So when you pull the slider back to drop the sun visor down, there’s a slight bit of resistance you have to overcome – before the sun visor easily slides down.

Same for returning the sun visor back up – with that slider resistance ensuring the sun visor doesn’t drop down on its own.

And it seems to work well, because like the great field of view of the main visor, from the number of positive comments we came across, the sun visor seems to be one of the best liked features of the HJC F70.

Note: the F70 comes with a really large removable breath guard built in. The sun visor drops down to meet the breath guard so, if you remove it, you’re going to have a large area of bright light coming underneath the sun visor. That’s something quite a few riders find a real pain.

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

The HJC F70 has a medium oval internal fit. In general that means it should be suitable for most riders’ head shape.

hjc f70 mago orange red crash helmet side view
Another Mago F70, this time in black and red

It uses HJC’s Multicool interior which is a nice liner that’s very comfortable and pretty good for wicking sweat away. It’s antibac too and it’s fully removable and washable.

Quite few owners have commented that the cheek pads in the F70 can be pretty tight when you first get the helmet. This is something you’ll find in many HJC helmets. If you buy an HJC and it squeezes your cheeks lots, don’t be alarmed: they do tend to wear in quickly and get comfortable.

And if they do stay too tight, you can buy thinner replacement cheek pads from HJC to tailor the fit better.

Inside the helmet, there’s a pair of deep speaker pockets (with cutouts to take the wiring) and there’s also a couple of glasses grooves in each side too, so it should be comfortable wearing the helmet with glasses.

Finally, the fastening strap has plenty of padding on it and there’s a popper to secure the end and stop if flapping around when you’re riding.

Looks & Graphics

The HJC F70 is definitely a nicely designed helmet and with its streamlined fighter pilot inspired looks, most owners reckon it looks pretty cool.

Having said that, one or two owners also said that it was a bit bulkier than they expected in the flesh – I guess it looks a little more compact in pictures than it might do when you pull it out of the box?

hjc f70 plain stone grey crash helmet side view
Plain stone grey F70. This one shows up the sun visor slider on the bottom edge

HJC seems to agree as the range of graphics are fairly minimal, letting the form of the helmet speak for itself rather than smothering it in decals.

As well as the usual gloss/matt blacks, pearl white and stone grey solid colours, at the time of writing there’s just the Feron and Mago graphics around – each in a number of different colourways.

There is also to be a nice matt blue and new graphic called the Samos on the way though. When they’re available, you should be able to find those and any others that have been recently launched by clicking through to our recommended retailers below.

Best places to buy an HJC F70?

Please click below to visit the HJC F70 helmets pages at our recommended stores. And if you buy from one, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

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HJC F70 Video

Here’s a detailed 11m look around the F70 from Chapmoto.

Other stuff – audio, chin curtain, warranty

The HJC F70 will fit most 3rd party bluetooth headsets. It has been designed to integrate with HJC’s own Smart Intercom system – either the 10B or 20B (developed in conjunction with Sena).

In fact, on paper it looks to be one of the best integrations yet with internal pockets for speakers, microphone and hollowed out sections for the wiring to snap into place.

The F70 comes with both a chin curtain and breath guard. That rubber breath guard is one of the biggest we’ve seen and should really help with visor demisting. It’s easily removable too.

Finally, the F70 comes with a decent 3 year guarantee (or 5 years from date of manufacture – whichever’s soonest).


The HJC F70 is a well liked all-rounder sports touring helmet.

hjc f70 mago orange black motorbike helmet side view
Striking black and orange Mago F70

It’s got most of the features you’re probably looking for in a touring helmet – namely nice wide visor with Pinlock, a drop down sun visor and good bluetooth headset integration.

And because it’s been independently safety tested by SHARP and given a 4 star rating, we know it’ll offer good levels of protection if you throw yourself down the road. That’s always good to know.

With its tried and tested venting system and comfort liner, a useful (and well liked) drop down sun visor, and its attractive price point (like most HJCs) the F70 should be a trustworthy helmet that’s a comfortable and a great value buy.

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Good Alternatives to the HJC F70?

There’s a stack of full face helmets out there that have been reviewed, highly rated and safety tested. Here’s a small selection we reckon you should look at – though you might also want to check out our top 10 full face helmets list too.

Shoei RYD in blue

First up, the Shoei RYD. It’s a SHARP 5 star safety rated full face with EQRS that’s comfy, has great build quality and ventilation.

scorpion exo 1400 air torque red motorcycle helmet side view
Torque Red Scorpion 1400 Air

Or how about Scorpion Exo’s top flight sports touring helmet, the 1400 Air. It might be their top helmet but it’s only a smidge more expensive than the F70 and it’s got a sun visor, EQRS and it’s SHARP 4 star rated.

Frost black Arai QV-Pro

If you’ve got a bit more bunce and want a top brand, Arai’s QV Pro is a SHARP 5 star sports touring helmet with Pinlock that’s ideal for slightly longer oval head shapes. It’s more money than the F70 though.

Skwal 2 Flynn

For slightly less than the HJC, you can have the SHARP 4 star rated Shark Skwal 2. Pinlock included, sun visor, 5 year warranty – and it’s got fancy built-in LEDs if that sort of thing floats your boat.

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Best places to buy an HJC F70?

Please click below to visit the HJC F70 helmets pages at our recommended stores. And if you buy from one, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

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hjc-f70-review-of-hjcs-latest-sports-touring-fibreglass-full-face-helmetThe HJC F70 is a great value helmet with a well liked integral sun visor and a visor system that offers an excellent field of view. It sizes about right but if you buy one, it's not uncommon for HJC helmets to fit snug around the cheeks at first, though it should break in pretty quickly. Other than that, ventilation is decent and so is the integrated bluetooth if you're looking for an integrated solution. And of course, now it's been SHARP 4 star safety rated (ECE helmet) you know it's going to offer good levels of protection should the worst happen. Overall then, it's a great value sports touring helmet that offers most of the functions you're going to need for long days in the saddle.


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