A great value carbon fibre/composite sports touring helmet


Scorpion Exo-1400 Air sports touring motorcycle helmet review.

The Scorpion Exo-1400 Air is Scorpion’s top flight sports touring full face helmet. It comes in a couple of variants; one in carbon fibre and the other in what Scorpion calls TCT (see safety section below for more info).

Either way, they both have the same features and they’re both designed to work on a wide variety of more ‘lean forward’ bikes.

Which means Scorpion says they’ve incorporated a big hole for the visor (horizontally and vertically) to give you good all round visibility, plus they’ve thrown in a Pinlock Max Vision anti-fog visor and insert to keep your vision free whatever the weather.

And there’s also drop down sun visor (what Scorpion calls SpeedView) and both Scorpion’s AirPump cheek pads as well as EQRS.

Not only that but it’s available at a decent price point too.

All in all, it sounds like it should be a great package. But read on to find out if it’s any good and whether you should splash – or save – your cash.

  • Sports touring full face helmet
  • Carbon and composite shells
  • SHARP 4 star safety rated (out of 5)
  • EQRS
  • Drop down sun visor
  • Light weight
  • Scorpion Airfit pump
  • Double-d ring fastener
  • Pinlock Max Vision visor (insert not included)
  • 5 year warranty
  • Expect to pay:
    • £250-£350 (carbon version)
    • £220-£290 (composite version)

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(more about helmet safety)
scorpion exo-st1400 carbon top view
top view of the matt carbon 1400 Air

The Scopion Exo-1400 Air is available with either a carbon fibre or what Scorpion calls a TCT shell.

Both helmets are functionally the same helmet and share similar constructions.

In fact, reading between the lines, it seems the carbon fibre version of the 1400 Air is actually a TCT shell with a top coating of 3K carbon fibre rather than a full carbon fibre helmet.

TCT stands for Thermodynamical Composite Technology which is a fancy word for a composite shelled helmet. And looking at one of Scorpion’s websites, it seems TCT is essentially a fibreglass shell (fibreglass is a composite material, right?).

Of course, a fibreglass shell is no bad thing if it’s built right. And Scorpion has a long record of producing fibreglass helmets. Just don’t expect to be getting a full-on carbon fibre helmet, that’s all.

Scorpion produces the 1400 Air in three shell sizes which is great for safety and for optimizing fit/looks.

Scorpion exo-st1400 hi viz yellow antrim carbon helmet side rear view
Rear view of the Scorpion Exo 1400 carbon Antrim with hi viz yellow highlights

If we look at the available UK safety testing data, of the most recent four fibreglass ECE certified Scorpions tested by SHARP – including the 710 Air, 1200 Air, 3000 Air and 700 – they scored an average of 3.25 stars out of five.

Which made us think the 1400 Air would score something similar.

Well, in 2019 SHARP tested the Scorpion Exo 1400 Air and it scored a very solid 4 stars out of a maximum 5, meaning it should give a decent level of impact protection if the worst happens.

As you can see from the 8.5m/s test graphic, it seems to be dropping a few points from side impact tests, which is reasonably common when a helmet scores less than 5 stars.

But there’s more to the Scorpion Exo-1400 Air safety than just facts and figures.

scorpion exo 1400 Air 8_5 MS SHARP impact test result
8.5 m/s test results for the Scorpion Exo 1400 Air – courtesy of sharp.dft.gov.uk

It comes with EQRS or emergency quick removal system on the cheek pads so if you do take a dive, paramedics can more safely remove your helmet.

And it’s got a tall/wide visor to give good all round vision. It’s a Pinlock antifog ready visor but unfortunately a Max Vision Pinlock isn’t included in the box so expect to pay another £30 or so to buy one. It’ll be worth it to keep your forward vision nice and clear if you get caught in a downpour.

There’s also a visor lock on there in case you’re worried it might pop open and the whole thing is kept on your head by a good ole, reliable, double d ring fastener.

Of course, all helmets for sale in Europe have to come up to ECE standards (DOT in the US) so it should offer at least a decent minimum level of protection (you can read more about what tests its had to pass here).

scorpion exo 1400 matt black composite helmet side view
Plain matt black TCT composite fibre 1400 Air

So it’s great to see Scorpion has made some good efforts to add extra safety features into the 1400 Air.

Helmet Noise

(more about helmet noise)

Onto noise. Most of us would probably like a quiet helmet, right? It’ll protect your hearing and mean that you could probably get away with the odd low speed short trip without having to reach for the ear plugs.

Unfortunately, looking at folks’ thoughts and comments around the web, it seems the Scorpion Exo 1400 Air is a bit of a noisy helmet.

A few owners commented that there’s quite a bit of wind rush and that it becomes noisy anywhere above 50mph. And while a couple of people said they found it OK, most said it’s a noisy helmet.

Using the Air pump to press the lining in a bit can help but we wouldn’t recommend buying an 1400 Air if you’re after a really quiet helmet.


(more about helmet ventilation)

The ventilation config on the 1400 Air is pretty conventional. There’s a single central chin bar vent with two positions – and up top, a twin crown vent operated by a single slider, again with two positions.

scorpion exo 1400 air helmet blackspell side view
This one’s the TCT (composite) Scorpion Exo 1400 Air Blackspell

Air enters the crown of the helmet via these top vents and enters channels cut front-to-rear in the internal polystyrene lining. Out the back, there’s a single exhaust vent to create flow-through and let all that stinky warm Air exit the lid.

So far, so average.

The good stuff is that those venting controls seem to be really easy to use, with nice positive action and large grippy pads so you can find and operate them even in winter gloves.

And opinions seem to be that overall venting is somewhere between OK to very good, so unless you live somewhere mega hot and do a ton of hot weather riding, you should be fine with an ST.

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(more about visors)

Scorpion say they’ve made the visor both extra wide and tall to give better peripheral vision as well as make the helmet work in a more ‘lean forward’ sportier position.

It also uses Scorpion’s Ellip-tech visor system which is designed to pull the helmet towards the visor seal when you close it to make a tighter seal to keep wind and water out.

Scorpion exo-st1400 matt carbon helmet rear view
Rear view of the matt carbon 1400 Air

There’s a central lock/opening tab on the visor, which a couple of owners reckoned was a bit stiff to use, although most said it’s fine for opening and locking the visor.

That said, a couple of other owners said that central lock can be a bit annoying because if you open the visor just a bit, the lock sits right in your field of vision.

Out of the box, the 1400 Air comes with a clear visor that’s Pinlock Max Vision ready. Though unfortunately in the UK the anti fog insert isn’t included in the box (it is in the US).

We do recommend that UK riders buy a Pinlock though because if you ride in colder wetter weather, you will be troubled by fogging and a Pinlock will sort you out in all but the most extreme conditions.

Sun Visor

(more about sun visors)

There’s also a drop down sun visor incorporated into the Scorpion Exo-1400 Air which in our book is a great feature if you’re the sort of person who really doesn’t want to be swapping visors from tint to clear all the time.

scorpion exo 1400 air carbon helmet pure red side view
Scorpion Exo 1400 Air carbon Pure Red

There’s a slider behind the left hand visor pivot to drop the sun visor down and owners say the controls are easy to reach and work just fine in gloves.

Most people reckon the sun visor works well though one or two say it doesn’t drop down quite far enough.

That’s a common enough complaint with a few sun visors across helmet manufacturers, most likely because they’re designed to work with lots of different face shapes and not to drop onto your nose/cheeks where they’d make things really uncomfortable.

Meaning what works great for one person, isn’t necessarily that great for another. So if it’s the kind of thing that bugs you, then just make sure you try before you buy or buy from a store that’ll happily give a refund if it’s not right (like our recommended stores).

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

Inside the Scorpion Exo-1400 Air you’ll their Kwikwick3 lining which is a removable and washable hypoallergenic liner that’s designed using materials that’ll wick sweat away from your head.

Like all the Scorpion helmets we’ve come across, it’s made to fit medium oval headshapes which is right for the vast majority of Europeans.

scorpion exo 1400 espirit in blue side view
The Espirit is available in blue (note all helmets come with clear visors!)

But should you find the helmet doesn’t fit quite right or starts to move around over time, worry not. The 1400 Air uses Scorpion’s Airfit system where there’s a small inflatable bladder behind each cheek pad that you can inflate by pressing a rubber bulb behind the chin bar.

Doing that pushes the cheek pads in a bit, tightening things up more. Those riders that use it say it’s great to firm up the fit and can reduce noise levels a bit, though it seems like most folks don’t really bother with it too much – not regularly anyway.

Which shouldn’t be a massive problem because it sounds like the lining on the 1400 Air is mega comfy with loads of people saying it’s soft and cosseting and great for all day rides.

And if you wear glasses, the good news is there’s glasses grooves inside so no more pressing of stems into the sides of your head.

scorpion exo 1400 air torque red motorcycle helmet side view
Composite fibre Torque Red 1400 Air (also in blue)

Looks & Graphics

OK if you’re going for the carbon version, at the time of writing there’s the plain gloss or matt carbons. Or if you want a bit of paint with your carbon, there’s the Antrim colourways in either hi viz yellow or grey. And there’s the Carbon Pure red or yellow, the Esprit blue or grey as well as the Grands which come with either blue, white or orange highlights.

If you’re after a plain ole composite TCT fibreglass version, there’s a matt black, the Torque range (red or blue) and the weirdly wonderful Blackspell.

For more designs or deals, please check out our recommended stores using the links below.

Best places to buy an Scorpion Exo 1400 Air helmet?

Please click below to visit the Scorpion Exo 1400 Air helmets pages at our recommended stores. And if you buy from one, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

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Scorpion Exo-1400 Air Video

If you want to get a good look around the 1400 Air, then here’s a 12m video from Chapparal that shows you around the plain carbon black version (called the ST1400 in the US).

Other stuff – fasteners, audio, weight, aero, buffeting, warranty

All 1400 Airs come with a double d-ring fastener. Old school but effective.

It should work well with quite a few bluetooth kits. Several owners said it works great with a Sena although some owners with Cardo’s struggled to fit the speakers into the pockets. There are deep speaker pockets inside the helmet and plenty of surface to either clip or stick your comms unit onto the outside, it just depends on the diameter of your speakers (sorry, we don’t have size info).

Scorpion exo-st1400 antrim grey white carbon helmet side view
Carbon fibre 1400 Air in Antrim colourway

Most owners of Scorpion 1400 Airs say it feels somewhere between light and crazy light! It weighs in somewhere between around 1.2Kg (2.7lbs) and 1.4Kg (3.1lbs) depending on size and helmet shell – but either way both helmets fall into our lightest helmets categories and owners say they feel light weight when you’re wearing them.

That sculpted shell seems to do a great aero job too because lots of riders say there’s very little buffeting from the 1400 Air and it feels super aerodynamic, even at high speeds.

The Scorpion Exo-1400 Air comes with a class leading 5 year warranty.


There’s no doubt about it; the Scorpion Exo-1400 Air is a class act.

According to owners, all the basics work well with great aero, quality, comfort and visor system (including sun visor) doing a good job. Plus there’s some useful extras such as that Pinlock antifog visor (insert’s extra though) and EQRS all for a very reasonable price.

It’s light weight too and should give all-day levels of comfort for medium oval heads. And Scorpion has a decent reputation for making helmets that score pretty well when safety tested too. And in the case of the 1400 Air that’s a SHARP 4 star safety rating (maximum of 5).

It’s not the quietest helmet but if you’re looking for a sports touring full face and like to get value for money – as well as a sweet looking helmet – then the Scorpion 1400 Air is well worth checking out.

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Good Alternatives to the Scorpion Exo-1400 Air?

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First up and a bit more money than the Scorpion is the Arai QV Pro. It’s a SHARP 5 star safety rated (and Snell in the US) fibreglass helmet that’s rated for comfort and ventilation and comes with a Pinlock. It’s best suited to longer oval head shapes though.

For around the same money as the 1400 Air is the Shoei Ryd: another SHARP 5 star rated full face helmet (and Snell) with excellent build quality, comfort and aero that makes for a fantastic all-rounder helmet.

Or for something a bit more edgy, how about the Simpson Venom – cool looking, sun visor, Pinlock visor, SHARP 4 star and comes in both full carbon or composite shells.

Best places to buy an Scorpion Exo 1400 Air?

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scorpion-exo-st1400-air-sports-touring-motorcycle-helmet-reviewThe Scorpion Exo-1400 Air is a great sports touring helmet. It's well featured and good value too with a drop down sun visor, Pinlock main visor and EQRS as well as carbon composite shell all coming in at a very respectable price point. Well worth a look if you're after a great all rounder that looks pretty cool too.


  1. In the shops it is sold as “Scorpion Exo – 1400 Carbon Air”. Is the purpose of putting “carbon” in the title to deceive buyers into thinking that it is a carbon helmet when it is only carbon effect?

    Scorpion certainly fooled me into thinking that. Fool me once “shame on you…” but Scorpion will never get to fool me twice.

    Buyers Beware.

    • Yeah from what I could find out it’s not full carbon. Seems to be a bit of a move in some recent helmets to add a top layer of carbon to a helmet and call it a carbon version. Many shops just use the marketing bumf supplied by the distributors (who use the same bumf provided by the manufacturers) so if the manufacturers mislead in the first place, that can get passed down the chain. Not good.

      • I don’t know about this, there IS a carbon and a non carbon version. Whilst the carbon version may not be fully carbon it is most definitely lighter, The carbon weighs in around 1250-1270 grams whilst the non carbon versions are around 1370-1410 grams. That is significant and it’s the difference between making it an average or an extremely light helmet whilst adding safety and keeping all other features identical. I personally think getting a plain or simple graphics Carbon is well worth it over getting an average graphics non carbon version as the price difference in practice is very small.


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