MT Kre: A great value helmet for your sportsbike and the track


MT Kre SV Snake Carbon motorbike helmet review.

Spanish helmet maker MT is known for making some excellent value lids that don’t cost a stack of money.

MT Kre Plus FIM carbon racing helmet 2
FIM approved MT Kre+ race helmet

Mostly these have been ‘do everything’ helmets targeting cost-conscious riders. But with the MT Kre they’re targeting riders of more sporty bikes with a helmet that’s been developed in conjuction with professional Moto3 riders.

They’ve also launched it in three flavours ranging from a tricomposite ‘standard’ Kre, the composite Kre SV with sun visor (a useful addition to a sportsbike helmet) plus a light weight full carbon Kre Snake Carbon that’s been FIM Homologated for use in MotoGP (size s only).

Which means you can now get a racing homologated sportsbike helmet for not very much money at all. Happy days?

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 (more about helmet safety)

The tricomposite version of the Kre comes with our without a sun visor. The SV version was tested by the SHARP helmet testing labs where it scored 3 stars out of 5.

mt kre snake carbon helmet front view
Snake Carbon version of the Kre

As you can see from the 8.5 m/s test snapshot, it looks like side impact protection is letting the helmet down some (though note this is only a single visual of one part of the test data).

The tricomposite version is both ECE certified in Europe and DOT in the US, which also means it’s gone through the rigorous ECE testing too (DOT doesn’t have a mandatory pre-sale test though manufacturers do have to guarantee it meets their specifications).

There’s a new kid on the testing block these days too, in the form of FIM testing. That’s the scheme where helmets to be used in FIM racing – notably MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 – have to be submitted to the FIM’s own labs for testing/approval before they can be used in racing.

FIM racing approved MT Kre helmets include the MT Kre Snake Carbon (size S) and MT Kre Plus (sizes XS & S). I guess certifying only certain sizes of helmets is probably to do with the fact that riders wearing MT helmets (such as Vincent Perez) wear size S or XS helmets, so they only to bother getting those helmets certified (but that’s a guess).

mt kre sv sharp high speed test
Results of the 8.5m/s impact test on the MT Kre SV (courtesy of SHARP Gov UK)

Both the carbon and the composite helmets come in 3 shell sizes – which is great for looks, fitment and optimising shock absorbing padding (and so helps with safety).

All helmets come with Pinlock ready main visors with Pinlock Max Vision antifog inserts in the box so you shouldn’t have a problem with fogging in any version of the Kre.

If you prefer a double-d ring fastener, then the Kre Snake Carbon comes with a double-d whereas the composite fibre helmets come with a micrometric fastener. Both types are easy to use and safe as houses – as long as they’re fastened up correctly.

Other than that, there aren’t any other fancier safety features such as quick release cheek pads or slip plane internals like the 6D or some Bell helmets. But then again, this is a lower priced helmet so that’s really to be expected.

mt kre sv helmet intrepid flue yellow blue rear view
Rear view of an MT Kre Intrepid

If you’re looking for a helmet for the track, the Kre does come with an ACU gold sticker on it (UK only) – so if the marshalls do start checking when you’re in the pit lane, they’ll wave you past.

And don’t forget, if buying the safest helmet is your No1 priority, then getting any helmet to fit just right should be your main objective. Get it to fit right, it’ll be comfy to wear and it’ll perform at its optimum during an impact.

We’d suggest next that you buy a helmet that scored well in the SHARP safety tests – here you’ll find all our reviewed four and five star helmets.


(more about helmet ventilation)

There’s a pretty regular set up of vents in all versions of the Kre.

That’s a large vent in the middle of the chin guard covered by a nice, large and glove-friendly panel to open and close it.

mt kre lookout white orange blue helmet front view
The non sun visor Kre Lookouts come in a range of colours

Plus there’s a couple of crown vents placed way up top to pull air through the helmet and let it circulate inside before exiting through the rear exhaust vents just below the rear spoiler.

Those crown vents are the same on the sun visor version of the Kre which is probably why they’re pushed so far back – to accommodate space for the internal sun visor when it’s retracted.

But even though they’re probably not ideally placed, MTs are usually decent for ventilation – they are Spanish after all so need to let a decent bit of air in.

And because all versions of the Kre come with a Pinlock anti-fog insert in the box, you’re not gonna be as dependent on lots of ventilation from the chin vents keeping your visor mist-free.


(more about visors)

The visor’s a ratchet visor with a single left hand opening tab at the bottom.

It’s also got an optically correct visor for distortion-free riding, and there’s a quick release visor which are mega handy for quickly ripping off the visor for a swap or a clean.

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And because it’s been designed for the track, there’s a tear-off visor available should you start getting properly serious about your lap times!

MT KRE SV Ahead helmet Matt Black Grey side view
This one’s the Kre SV in Ahead graphics

One of the biggie features we always look out for in any helmet is a decent anti-fog solution. If you’re riding in the UK and it’s anything less than a heatwave, you’re probably going to need something to stop your visor fogging in the mornings.

The good news is, MT has included a Pinlock ready visor and Pinlock Max Vision insert in the box. That’s a great duo and very welcome – especially for a helmet at this price point.

Stick the Pinlock onto the back of your helmet and you’ll be fog-free for 99% of your rides.

All in all MT has done a great job with the visor system on the Kre.

Sun Visor

(more about sun visors)

Only the MT Kre SV (for sun visor) comes with an integral sun visor.

mt kre sv matt black motorbike helmet side view
Sun visor slider visible on a matt black Kre SV

It’s operated from a slider mid way down the left hand side of the helmet. That’s a great position to put the slider – unless you’re wanting to fit a bluetooth kit to your helmet, in which case that’s exactly where the bluetooth controller will sit.

Other than that, a sun visor is a really useful addition to any helmet. Though if you’ve never used a helmet sun visor before don’t expect it to be mega dark or antifog like the main visor – because they’re not and it won’t be!

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

All MT Kre helmets are available in sizes XS-XXL.

Official weight figures are that both the full carbon fibre and the composite fibre Kre’s weigh 1.35-1.45Kgs (depending on shell size) with the SV version adding around 50g to that.

mt kre snake carbon helmet rear view
Rear view of the Snake Carbon Kre

That makes the Kre a reasonably light helmet but not the lightest around. Plus, we expected the carbon fibre version to be a few grammes lighter than the composite fibre version.

But again, for the price, it’s a great looking helmet and there shouldn’t be any weight problems at all when you’re wearing it.

Inside each Kre you’ll find a removable and washable lining made from hypo-allergenic fabrics that’re comfortable and soft to the touch. It’s a fairly standard interior but, get the right fitment size and you should find it a comfortable place to put your head for long days in the saddle.

Looks & Graphics

If you’re after a full carbon Kre, then there’s the stunning Snake Carbon graphics, available with a variety of highlight colours.

Plane ole gloss white’s always popular.

For the standard Kre there’s a number of different Lookout colourways; plus there’s the subtler Ahead graphics, many with Hi Viz Fluo options; and there’s a solid matt black version too.

If you want the sun visor Kre, there’s a solid matt black and gloss white version of both, plus the Intrepid designs.

Having said that, MT’s always launching new designs so please click through to our recommended stores below to find the latest graphics and deals. Cheers.

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MT Kre Video

Here’s MTs 1m launch video for the Kre Snake Carbon.

Other stuff – fasteners, warranty

Like all track-focused helmets, the Snake Carbon version of the Kre comes with a double-d ring fastener. The composite fibre Kre’s come with a micrometric fastener (though check this when ordering as there are variants).

MT helmets come with a one year warranty. That’s pretty poor as you can buy many helmets with 5 year warranties.


If you’re after a track or sportsbike focused full face helmet on the cheap, then the MT Kre has gotta be worth a look.

KRE Snake Carbon Gabri helmet Matt Carbon Aqua side view
The new Kre Snake Carbon Gabri

You get 3 star SHARP safety if you go for the tricomposite SV helmet (if anything, we’d expect the non sun visor version to score a little higher); and the full carbon fibre Kre are kinda FIM tested/approved too. I say kinda because technically only size S has been FIM homologated.

It’s a basic helmet in many ways, without too many bells and whistles – although MT has put lots of effort into the stuff that counts, namely making the helmet in 3 shell sizes for optimal fit and effectiveness, and an excellent optically-correct and quick release visor system with included Pinlock anti fog.

The bottom line is you get an awful lot of sportsbike helmet for your money, making this a great helmet for riders on a tighter budget.

Looking to buy this MT helmet?

We recommend SportsBikeShop (UK) for competitive prices, outstanding service and free UK delivery/returns. Or you can click through to the MT helmets pages at Amazon if you prefer to buy from them. Please see here for more info on our recommended stores or click the links to go straight to their MT helmets pages where you'll find the latest designs and deals.

Good Alternatives to the MT Kre

As you’d imagine, there’s a ton of full face helmets available targeting sportsbike riders. But here’s a selection that’s we’d recommend for high levels of protection and great value.

First up, the AGV K5S. It’s a SHARP 4 star safety rated composite fibre helmet with sun visor that’s about the same money as the MT.

If you’re after an all-rounder full face helmet, MT’s Thunder 3 is great value and SHARP 4 star rated, and so’s the MT Mugello and that’s available for pocket money!

The LS2 Arrow is a fantastic value sportsbike helmet with Pinlock, optically correct visor, FIM homologation and a SHARP 4 star safety rating.

Finally, HJCs FG17 is a 4 Star rated race-ready fibreglass helmet with great aero that’s available for around the same price as a composite fibre Kre.

Check out our Sportsbike or track helmets sections for more previews and reviews of helmets suitable for your sportsbike.

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