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Cheap Motorbike Helmets

On these pages, we’ll show all crash helmet reviews and articles covering cheap motorcycle crash helmets – cheaper in price but not necessarily in performance.

Cheaper helmets tend to be from slightly less desirable brands and they’re pretty much always made of a thermoplastic – usually polycarbonate but sometimes ABS. If you’re a bit wary of these helmets, don’t be. People often say something like if you’ve got a £10 head wear a £10 helmet. But that’s nonsense as there’s quite a few cheaper helmets that score SHARP 5 star safety ratings which means they give just as much protection as the most expensive helmets.

So if budgets are tight, then have a look over this bunch of helmets at the lower end of the price range.


Airoh Connor – new full face motorcycle helmet

Modelled taking inspiration from the wind. Sorry, what? Annoying marketing bollocks aside, what Airoh means is that they've used a wind tunnel to design their...

Caberg Avalon review: entry level full face with sun visor

Caberg Avalon review: great value but slightly flawed? The Avalon is Caberg's entry-level all-rounder helmet. Caberg say it's been designed to have a sporty look...

Nolan N21 and N21 Visor open face crash helmet review.

Nolan N21: great value open face helmet with sun visor. Nolan's N21 open face helmet is designed to look a bit fighter pilot and a...

LS2 Subverter Evo review: a great value mega-venting motocross helmet.

LS2 Subverter off road dirt motorcycle helmet review. The LS2 Subrverter Evo is LS2's top-line dirt/motocross helmet. Which is not to say it's an expensive...

Modern looking, good value modular from HJC: the HJC C91.

Review of the HJC C91 modular motorcycle helmet. The C91 is HJC's follow-on helmet from the old C90. That was a solid all-rounder modular helmet...

Bell Custom 500 Review: a great quality, low profile 3/4 helmet.

Bell Custom 500 open face motorcycle helmet review. Bell's classic open face helmet has been around - in one form or another - since 1954...

Caberg Horus: a low price flip-up with panoramic Pinlock visor.

Caberg Horus flip-up motorbike helmet. The Horus is a thermoplastic modular helmet made by Italian brand, Caberg. It's been designed to work best for touring riders...

HJC C70: Great value SHARP 5 star all-rounder full face helmet.

HJC C70 full face polycarbonate motorcycle helmet review. The HJC C70 is HJC's replacement for their IS17 helmet. Which means it's designed to be a...

MT Rapide and Rapide Pro: budget sportsbike and track helmets.

MT Helmets sportsbike/track helmets: the MT Rapide and Rapide Pro. The MT Rapide is the Spanish helmet maker's second foray into making a track/sportsbike helmet. And...

LS2 Spitfire review: a great value open face with integral sun...

LS2 Spitfire open face ABS motorcycle crash helmet review. The LS2 Spitfire is LS2's take on a classic bobber-style, open face helmet. They've tried to make...