MT Rapide and Rapide Pro: budget sportsbike and track helmets.


MT Helmets sportsbike/track helmets: the MT Rapide and Rapide Pro.

The MT Rapide is the Spanish helmet maker’s second foray into making a track/sportsbike helmet.

Composite fibre Rapide in Global graphics

And like the KRe range before it, it’s available in composite fibre and full carbon version with both those helmets giving excellent value for money.

Only this time, the Rapides are that bit sportier looking and that little bit lighter.

And now, with the carbon version having the de-rigeur transparent racing spoiler on the back, it properly looks the part too.

Although it’s the KRe that’s been officially FIM approved for bike racing (size small only), whether you’re off the track or just after a helmet that’ll work well in a tuck-forward position on your sportsbike, there’s now another great budget option from MT.

  • Sportsbike/track full face helmet
  • Carbon and Composite versions
  • SHARP 4 Star safety rated
  • Both ECE & DOT certified
  • Double-D and Micrometric options
  • Sizes XS-XXL
  • Weighs around 1.3Kg
  • Pinlock in the box
  • Expect to pay:
    • Carbon – £250
    • Composite – £120

Best places to buy an MT Rapide?

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There’s three different versions of the Rapide available. Here’s what they each offer:

MT Rapide

The standard MT Rapide is the composite fibre version (what MT calls FRC or fibre reinforced composite). It features most of the same features as the Rapide Pro but most versions come with a micrometric fastener instead of a D-ring and it’s available in 2 different shell sizes, not 3.

MT Rapide Pro

The carbon fibre Rapide Pro is the one with the track rear spoiler

The Rapide Pro is the carbon fibre version with the MotoGP style rear spoiler. It has a double-d ring fastener, is made in three shell sizes and weighs around 50g less than the composite Rapide.

MT Rapide Kids

You can get a version of both the above helmets in kids sizes too. They’re the same helmet just made in smaller children’s S/M/L sizing, with a children’s large being the same size as an adult’s XS (53-54cm).


 (more about helmet safety)

Despite selling helmets at the lower end of the price range, MT has a reputation for producing some very protective helmets – not all but some.

MT Rapide 8.5 ms impact test results
Courtesy of 8.5 m/s Impact test results.

Of the helmets that have been independently safety tested by SHARP, their average score across all tested helmets has been 3.7 out of 5, with two fibreglass-based helmets scoring an average of 4 stars (that’s the 3 star KRe SV and the old/discontinued 5 star MT Matrix).

Of course, all helmets on sale have to be ECE tested/approved in Europe (and DOT approved in the US) but now SHARP has tested the MT Rapide so we can compare its protection to other helmets. Just like the average for other fibreglass MT helmets, SHARP awarded the Rapide four stars out of a maximum five – dropping points for slightly reduced side impact attenuation if we look at the 8.5 m/s test.

Still, that means the Rapide offers decent protection and we’ll add it into our Safest Helmets Pages (only 4 & 5 star helmets make it in there).

Composite fibre Rapide in Revival graphics

They all have decent helmet shell technology too. The composite fibre version is fibreglass-based and the carbon fibre helmet has a 100% carbon fibre shell (not all ‘carbon’ helmets do). They’re all backed with a multi-density shock absorbing liner which is what you want to see.

And it’s also good to see them both produced in multiple shell sizes (the Carbon in 3 different shells, the composite in 2) which will help with keeping weight down for a given helmet size as well as improving the looks/proportions.

Of course, all Rapides have a large visor for improved forward and peripheral vision, and they all come with an included Pinlock MaxVision insert to keep your vision clear.

And whether you go for a double-d ring fastener or micrometric, they’re both secure fasteners as long as they’re fastened up diligently every ride.

All in all, we reckon both MT Rapides should provide good protection as well as offer some useful safety features to help keep you out of trouble in the first place.

Helmet Noise

(more about helmet noise)

Track helmets are notoriously noisy. Engineers tend to focus on more important things like good aero performance and all-round vision rather than noise suppression.

Side view of the MT Rapide Pro carbon fibre helmet in black/yellow

But the early opinion seems to be that the MT Rapide is actually not too bad, with a few riders scoring them about average for quietness.


(more about helmet ventilation)

There’s a dual forehead vent operated by a single slider and the same goes for the dual vent in the chin bar.

The top vent takes air into the helmet where there’s some generous venting channels moulded into the EPS lining inside to help circulate air around the scalp. That air’s vented out of the back of the helmet through an exhaust vent hidden under the rear spoiler.

The chin bar vent takes air up onto the back of the visor to help with demisting and there’s also a removable breath guard to help divert your breath away from the visor, again to help with demisting.

Having said that, fitting the provided Pinlock Max Vision onto the visor is the best way to keep things clear.

Overall, it’s a fairly regular ventilation setup that you’ll find in most full face helmets. But it’s the way manufacturer’s implement the setup that makes the difference.

Rear exhaust hides under the spoiler on all versions including this Overtake graphic Rapide

And so far, the word is that it vents well, letting a decent amount of air into the helmet and with enough venting panels in the comfort liner to let the air get through to your head.


(more about visors)

All models of the MT Rapide have the same visor. Namely, it’s a wider sportsbike visor to give better peripheral vision that’s quick release for quick visor swaps and with a visor lock front/center that automatically engages when the visor’s closed.

It’s also Pinlock-ready with a Pinlock Max Vision insert included in the box, and it’s a thicker 2.2mm thick racing-style visor.

It works on a ratchet too; and unlocking the visor takes it to a first ‘cracked-open’ position that’s great to give a bit of extra ventilation without opening the visor fully.

A couple of useful links…

Track helmets
Top 10 full face helmet reviews

Overall, the visor mechanism’s a good one. And if you like to swap out the clear visor it comes with, there’s a few options available:

Front view of the Rapide Pro

There’s several replacement tinted visors available, and if you’re serious about your racing, there’s a tear-off version available too. Plus, MT produce a ‘fog off’ insert which is not only anti-fog but is photochromic so it’ll darken with the sun – though note it’s only designed to work for 90 days, dependent on amount of use.

All in all, the visor system on the MT Rapide seems like a good un. And though we’ve heard of owners who found theirs leaked in the rain a little, the fitment can be adjusted at the base plates so if it doesn’t come with a perfect fit, you should be able to sort it so it is.

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

The comfort liner inside the Rapide is hypoallergenic and removable/washable.

There are speaker pockets inside so you should be fine for fitting a bluetooth headset.

Though if you’re a glasses wearer, there aren’t any glasses grooves in the side of the liner, and I’ve heard of owners who struggle to fit their glasses without them pressing into the sides of their head.

If you wear glasses, here are helmets that should be great for glasses wearers.

All versions of the Rapide are available in sizes XS-XXL.

Bad Clown graphic MT Rapide

Looks & Graphics

The Rapide is a great looking helmet and the composite fibre version is available in a wide range of graphic options.

That includes the standard solid gloss white or black and matt black. There’s also the Revival, Duel, Crucial, Global and Overtake (the composite with a double-d ring fastener – as well as the bonkers Bad Clown graphic.

To see more pics of each helmet and find out what deals are to be had, we’d love you to click the links below where you’ll be taken straight to their Rapide helmets pages.

Best places to buy an MT Rapide helmet?

Please click below to visit the MT Rapide helmets pages at our recommended stores. And if you buy from one, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

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MT Rapide Video

Most of the videos of the Rapide are rubbish unboxing videos. So here’s MT’s own (slightly more informative) 30s MT Rapide Pro video…

Other stuff – fasteners, weight, aero, chin curtain, warranty

The Rapide Pro comes with a double-d ring fastener and the composite Rapides mostly come with metal micrometric fasteners. The exception to this is the in Overtake graphic composite Rapides which come with a double-d ring fastener for some reason – though we’ve also heard of other composite fibre Rapides being occasionally sold with double-d rings.

Pear Pink MT Rapide

The bottom line is if it’s important to you, it’s worth checking which fastener you’ll get before you order. You should be OK with the Rapide Pro but it’s worth checking if you order a composite fibre helmet.

Both versions of the Rapide are pretty light weight, though as expected, the carbon fibre Rapide Pro is slightly lighter, weighing an average of around 1.3Kg. The composite version is typically about 50g heavier (though it’s still a very light helmet).

If you buy the Rapide Pro, it comes with the regular street spoiler found on the standard Rapide as well as the track spoiler which is designed to give more stability at speed. They can be swapped over using an allen key and the track spoiler comes in its own carry bag.

All rapides come with a chin curtain and breath guard as standard.

The MT Rapide is now sold with a 2 year warranty.


The MT Rapide seems to be an accomplished sportsbike helmet at a very pocket friendly price.

It’s rare to get a helmet with real track pedigree available at this low price point, never mind one that’s made from 100% carbon fibre and includes a MotoGP style track spoiler.

MT Rapide Pro with (optional) black visor

And now the fibreglass version has been independently safety tested by SHARP where it scored an impressive 4 star rating. With a multi-density shock absorbing liner and trick helmet shell construction, we expected it to score well and it’s possible that the carbon fibre version might score even higher.

And with a great visor system, including a Pinlock antifog in the box, and with tried and tested ventilation and comfort liner, there doesn’t seem to be anything stopping the Rapide being the absolute steal it first seems.

So, if you’re looking for a decent quality lower priced sportsbike or track helmet, the MT Rapide should fit the bill nicely. As should these proven helmets below.

Good Alternatives to the MT Rapide?

Even though the MT Rapides are great value sportsbike helmets, they’re not alone. Here’s some other sportsbike helmets you might want to consider.

HJC FG-17 in Zodd green

The HJC FG-17 is their popular race-ready fibreglass helmet. It’s been SHARP 4 star safety rated too and it costs about the same as the Rapide.

‘Soleluna’ AGV Veloce S

For a bit more, you can have an AGV Veloce S. That’s AGV’s all singing all dancing SHARP 5 star rated sportsbike helmet with optically correct visor and Pinlock, that’s well comfy and has great ventilation too.

Bell Star Pace design

Another tried and tested lid is the Bell Star, their entry level sportsbike/track helmet. It’s a SHARP 5 star composite fibre helmet that’s made in 5 different shell sizes to optimise the fit.

Airoh Valor Raptor

Not all SHARP 5 star helmets are that expensive though. The Airoh Valor has proven you can make a thermoplastic sportsbike helmet that’ll really offer excellent protection for less money than even the budget MT Rapide!

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Best places to buy an MT Rapide?

Please click below to visit the MT Rapide helmets pages at our recommended stores. And if you buy from one, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

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