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Motorcycle Helmets with EQRS

EQRS stands for Emergency Quick Release System. It’s there to help paramedics more easily remove a helmet from a downed rider – without aggravating any neck or spinal injuries. Let’s hope you’ll never need EQRS, but it’s a great feature and there’s no reason why your next helmet shouldn’t have it. Read here for more detailed information on EQRS.

If a helmet comes with EQRS, we’ll list it on these pages.


All about the Arai Quantic motorcycle helmet

Arai Quantic: composite fibre touring full face helmet with Pinlock. The Arai Quantic shares quite a few features with the slightly cheaper Arai Profile V....

Carbon composite FIM approved racing helmet. The Suomy SR-GP.

Suomy SR-GP FIM Motorcycle Racing/Track Helmet Review. The Suomy SR-GP is the top-flight, lightweight, track-developed motorcycle helmet from Italian brand, Suomy.Not only is it designed...

What owners think: Shoei Ex-Zero Retro Helmet review.

Shoei Ex-Zero Retro helmet review. A practical Retro? Shoei's design department are starting to let their inner-hipster take over! Because their retro - the Ex-Zero...

Arai’s take on an a retro 1980’s helmet: the Arai Rapide.

Arai Rapide classic retro full face motorbike helmet review. Even staid old Arai - that most traditional of helmet makers - are starting to get...

6D ATR-2: motocross helmet with hugely innovative protection system

6D ATR-2 motocross helmet review. As you can probably imagine, I read and write a fair bit about motorbike helmets.And strange though it sounds, very...

Shoei’s top-dog dirt helmet: the Shoei VFX-WR.

Review of the Shoei VFX-WR motocross helmet. Shoei's latest motocross helmet, the VFX-WR (called VFX-EVO in the US), aimed to take - in Shoei's words...

Thinking of buying a Shoei Glamster retro motorcycle helmet?

Fantastic looking Retro Helmet using proven modern tech: Shoei Glamster. The Shoei Glamster is another full face retro helmet that's designed to give you yesteryear's...

Scorpion Exo-R1 Air: Amazing value track helmet with MotoGP pedigree

The Scorpion Exo R1 Air is Scorpion's top of the range racing/sportsbike helmet. It's actually the exact same helmet that Fabio Quartararo wears in...

AGV K6: high tech, comfortable sports-touring helmet.

AGV's Sports Touring Motorcycle Helmet. The K6 is AGV's top flight sports touring helmet.AGV says they've gone all out to make a helmet that'll work...

X-Lite X-903: a great performing, innovative touring helmet.

Review of the X-Lite X-903 touring crash helmet. The X-903 is Italian helmet maker X-Lite's top-dog touring helmet.X-Lite set out to make it a compact...