Nexx X.R3R: FIM certified motorcycle helmet with great ventilation.


Nexx X-R3R sportsbike/track motorcycle helmet review.

The X.R3R is a full-on sportsbike/track helmet made by composite fibre helmet maestros, Nexx.

There’s a couple of different versions available. One with a composite fibre shell (fibreglass, aramid & carbon) and the other with a full carbon fibre shell. This X-Pro carbon XR3R is – as you’d expect – a good deal lighter (and pricier!) than the composite helmet, and it’s also been FIM certified for circuit racing – or at least size S has been at the time of writing (each size has to be separately certified by the FIM).

Nexx XR3R 20 years edition motorcycle helmet side view
20 Years Edition Pro Carbon Nexx X.R3R

So, what’s the Nexx X.R3R about?

Well, according to Nexx, it’s a track helmet designed for sportsbike riders. They reckon they’ve gone mental with the aerodynamics (i’m paraphrasing here!) to keep it weight-neutral and stable at speed and also to help reduce noise.

They also say it’s lighter than the competition, has optimised ventilation to offer all the cooling you’re gonna need on the track; and that the visor’s super wide – with 225 degrees horizontal vision and 85 degrees vertical.

It comes with that break-off rear spoiler in the box (but not fitted) and a clear Pinlock-ready visor (but the actual Pinlock insert’s extra – boo).

Here’s a run down of the X.R3R’s main features:

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The Nexx X.R3R’s a great looking helmet and looking at the full carbon FIM certified helmet; it’s actually pretty good value.

OK, Nexx hasn’t quite got the pedigree of some other brands in making proven track helmets. And a few owners have reported quality issues (see build quality section below). And while the carbon version is lightweight, the composite fibre version’s a bit on the weighty side.

Nexx XR3R Pro carbon FIM track helmet side view.
Nexx XR3R Pro carbon FIM track helmet.

Having said that, there’s quite a bit going for the XR3R. That large visor system’s fully featured being both Pinlock- and tear-off ready. And owners say it’s both comfortable and very well vented, which are both key for long days on the track.

And there’s some nice touches in there including speaker pockets (still not that common in racing helmets) and magnetic strap end – along with some essentials such as EQRS cheek pads and large rear spoiler for stability (and pose).

And if you’re after proven safety levels, the FIM certification of the carbon fibre helmet along with latest ECE 22.06 certification on both carbon and composite helmets is a big thumbs up (though we’d like to see a SHARP or Snell rating too).

Overall though, this third generation of Nexx’s XR helmet looks to be an accomplished if left-of-field alternative to the regular bunch of track helmets.


 (more about helmet safety)

All versions of the Nexx X.R3R have been ECE 22.06 certified – click the link to find out what exactly what testing that means they’ve passed.

In addition, the full carbon helmet has passed FIM testing/certification – or at least size S has. I’m not sure which pro racer wears a Nexx lid but I’m guessing it’s only one rider and  they’re a size S because Nexx aren’t really known for their MotoGP or SBK riders and that’s the only size that’s been certified.

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Other than that, the XR3R hasn’t been independently tested by either SHARP or Snell in the US. Nexx track helmets that have been tested by SHARP in the past were the XR1R that scored 3 stars, and the XR2 that also scored 3 stars (composite helmets were tested in both cases).

They’re both reasonably average results – and across all five SHARP tested Nexx helmets over the years, their average star rating is 3.2 out of 5. So maybe that’ll point to the X.R3R scoring something similar if SHARP was to test it?

Nexx XR3R white motorcycle helmet from the rear
Gloss white X.R3R from the rear.

Having said that, the X.R3R is created in three shell sizes (which is good for fit, comfort and safety) and it has a super wide visor for great all round vision – important whether on track or road.

That visor’s Pinlock ready too which is good – though the actual insert’s extra. That’s a bit annoying on a helmet the price of the XR3R because if you’re riding in Europe, you’re gonna need a Pinlock to stop your visor fogging.

One thing worth noting on the safety front is that there appears to be a collarbone friendly base. Nexx don’t mention it as a feature on their blurb, but the way the bottom edge of the helmet raises up is usually so it doesn’t break your collarbone if you have an impact.

Overall then, with that FIM certification and extra light weight, the carbon fibre helmet should offer excellent protection. But the jury’s out on the composite fibre XR3R – it should be pretty good because it’s ECE certified but beyond that it’s difficult to say.

Helmet Noise

(more about helmet noise)

Nexx say they’ve aimed to keep noise levels down with the X.R3R – which is relatively unusual as most racing helmets tend to be noisy buggers.

They reckon aero has been designed to stop the airflow catching on the helmet and causing noise. They’ve even added vortex generators to the chin to reduce drag and noise, and that double visor seal’s there to stop noise getting in as well as wind and rain.

Having said all that, noise does get into the XR3R by all accounts. I guess with all those generous vent holes (see below) it was bound to, whatever they do with the aero. It’s probably about average for a sportsbike helmet; so best to push in a decent pair of earplugs and you should be fine.


(more about helmet ventilation)

Nexx look like they’ve really gone to town with the ventilation on the X.R3R.

Nexx XR3R Zorga helmet top down view
Top view of the Nexx X.R3R Zorga showing helmet profile and forehead vents.

There’s a dual chin vent in the chin bar, with the top section operated externally and channeling air onto the back of the visor for demisting. The bottom section is opened/closed inside the chin bar and lets plenty of air get to the face and mouth.

Above the visor, there are four vents taking air through the shell and around the head in venilation channels within the polystyrene. That’s a lot of vents – just a shame they’re operated by tiny switches which can be tricky to find in gloves.

The good news is that Nexx X.R3R owners reckon the vents do flow a ton of air, so if you’re road riding in sunny weather or getting a workout on the track, there’s plenty of cooling available.


(more about visors)

Nexx say they’ve done a lot of work on the visor system for the X.R3R.

There’s a double gasket seal around the visor for improved rain/wind sealing, and the visor base plate is designed to pull the visor back towards it for a tigher fit. Nexx also says the visor base plate is anti-vibration – though they don’t say why the’ve felt the need to do that because as far as I’m aware very few riders (like none, ever) complain of visor vibration. Still there it is, it’s got one.

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One thing that is very definitely good and worth having is the width and depth of the visor to give great peripheral and vertical vision – that’s very important whether on track or road. Nexx quotes 225 degrees horizontal and 85 degrees vertical which I know is just numbers but for context the new AGV Tourmodular says it has a wide visor but has only 190 degrees of horizontal vision.

Like most track helmets, there’s a dual locking system on the visor – close it fully and the visor snaps closed but for added security, you can also slide a plastic tab across to lock it fully and make sure it doesn’t pop open unexpectedly mid corner after an aggressive block pass. Or on your way to ASDA.

The visor works on a ratchet and has a single opening tab to the left – not ideal if you ever want to open your visor with your left hand but most of us cope. The visor is tear-off ready and it’s class one optically correct for a distortion-free view.

And if you like an iridium or photochromic visor on your helmet, there’s four different iridium visors available as well as a transitions visor – though that’s a pretty fruity £120!

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

By all accounts the X.R3R is a medium oval fitment with a nod towards a slightly more rounded/neutral fit.

It’s made in three shell sizes with the smallest shell for sizes XXS-XS, middle shell covering S-M and largest shell L-XXL.

Nexx XR3R Precision composite racing helmet side view
Precision graphic’s available in 5 different colourways

Inside the helmet there’s a hypoallergenic and moisture wicking comfort liner (Nexx calls it  X.Mart dry fabric) that also has quick-release cheekpads (see EQRS) as well as an adjustable velcro strap to tailor the fitment a little – either raise it up or lower it on the head. And if you find the fit not quite right, Nexx sells an Ergo Padding Kit to replace some of the foam and tailor the fit a little more.

As you’d expect, the composite fibre X.R3R is heavier than the carbon fibre helmet. Nexx says the X-Pro carbon fibre lid weighs around 1.35Kg with the composite helmet 300g heavier at around 1.65Kg – though we’ve heard from owners who reckon the largest shell size can weigh considerably more than that, getting on for 1.8Kg which is far from light weight!

Still, go for a carbon X.R3R and it’s light enough to qualify in our lightest helmets pages.

And if you’re happy to order online, reports are that the Nexx X.R3R fits broadly true to size, so order the correct size according to our fitting guide and you should be sorted.

Overall then, owners reckon it’s a comfortable helmet and most perceive their helmet as lightweight too.

Looks & Graphics

It’s all subjective of course, but the X.R3R is a modern looking sportsbike helmet. It looks very much part of the Nexx family of helmets and its aero, with that large rear spoiler, is very much in vogue with the latest generation of track helmets.

Nexx XR3R Zorga graphic motorcycle helmet front view
Zorga graphic in pink. Three other colours also available.

If you’re interested in the composite fibre X.R3R, there’s a plain matt black and ghost helmet along with a gloss white helmet available as well as the Zorga, Precision, Hagibis and Izo graphics.

X-Pro Carbon helmet is available in a range of designs, most with various colour highlights against the carbon weave.

As always, to check them out, please click the links below which should take you straight to each store’s Nexx X-R3R helmets page.

Best places to buy a Nexx X.R3R helmet?

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Nexx X.R3R Video

A 15m nose around the white/red Nexx X/R3R carbon helmet.

Other stuff – fasteners, bluetooth, build quality, warranty.


As mentioned, the X.R3R – along with all track helmets – has a double-d ring fastener. They’re good, secure fasteners, if a bit fiddly. One thing to note with the X.R3R though is that the end of the fastener has a magnet to stop if flapping around, unlike the snap that most helmets have. Very handy that.

Nexx XR3R Carbon white red sportsbike helmet side view
Carbon White X.R3R

Bluetooth Headsets & Speakers

Quite a few track helmets aren’t really suitable for speakers – and quite a few don’t actually add speaker pockets inside – so if you’re looking to fit a headset into your sportsbike helmet, it’s useful that the X.R3R does. So far, we’ve only heard from one rider who said that their Cardo speakers fitted in there OK.

Build Quality

Overall build quality seems to be pretty good with high quality materials and finishes. There were occasional early reports of quality niggles though – both loose vents and paint coming off. Hopefully those QA issues should’ve been fixed now the helmet’s been out a while; but if you do order one, have a good look over it to ensure you’re happy with everything before you wear it. And order from a store who’ll give refunds without a quibble (like our recommended retailers do).


Nexx helmets come with a pretty standard 2 year warranty covering manufacturing and material defects.

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Good Alternatives to the Nexx X.R3R?

Shoei X-Spirit III

If you’re after a top quality sportsbike or track helmet, one of our current top dogs is the Shoei X-Spirit III. OK it’s now been replaced by the X-SPR Pro (which is bound to be excellent too) but it just means you might be able to pick up this excellent SHARP 5 star rated track helmet at a bargain price.

shoei x-spr-pro racing motorcycle helmet side view gloss white
Shoei X-SPR Pro

The Bell Star range also offer a choice of three helmets that give you a choice of SHARP 5 Star sportsbike helmets to suit a range of budgets.

Bell Race Star

Another FIM certified track helmet is the Caberg Drift Evo. That’s a SHARP 4 star rated helmet with sun visor that’s lighter than the Nexx and half the price.

Caberg Drift Evo Corsa FIM racing helmet
Caberg Drift Evo Corsa FIM

Finally, the LS2 Thunder is LS2’s FIM racing helmet. It has a carbon/aramid shell, an optically correct visor and included Pinlock for around the same price as the Nexx.

LS2 Thunder Racing

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Best places to buy a Nexx X.R3R?

Please click below to drop straight onto the Nexx X.R3R helmets pages at our recommended stores. And if you buy from one, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

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Star Ratings

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nexx-x-r3r-sportsbike-track-motorcycle-helmet-reviewThe Nexx X.R3R comes in a choice of composite or carbon fibre shells with one size of carbon helmet achieving FIM certificaion for pro racing. OK, Nexx might not have the same short circuit racing pedigree of names like Shoei or Arai, but still, it's a lightweight helmet with great visor system, comfort and airflow - all vital in a racing helmet. Overall, a well thought out and well liked helmet that's decent value too. Note: 5 star safety rating based on carbon fibre helmet.


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