LS2 FF805 Thunder: LS2’s FIM approved track/racing helmet.


LS2 FF805 Thunder: everything you’ll need in an FIM approved carbon fibre race helmet.

Chinese helmet maker, LS2, might not have the pedigree of some of the big boys when it comes to making racing helmets. But if the specs of their latest top of the range track helmet is anything to go by, that might be about to change.

LS2 Thunder Racing 1 track helmet front view
Front view of the LS2 Thunder Racing 1 helmet in blue

Actually, LS2 have a bit of history in making track helmets. They sponsor quite a few riders in the lower classes of MotoGP such as Jorge Navarro in Moto2 (no, I’d never heard of him either) and their last track helmet, the FIM approved LS2 Arrow, was a great piece of kit and didn’t cost much either – not for a full carbon helmet.

So here’s what LS2’s latest helmet, the FF805 Thunder, has to offer.

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LS2 helmets are mostly known for their cheap thermoplastic helmets, but with a growing reputation for making some excellent carbon fibre racing helmets, things are definitely on the change.

The LS2 Thunder is their exotic carbon fibre racing and track helmet and one version – the slightly more expensive GP Pro – has even been tested/approved by the FIM so you know it’ll give good protection.

LS2 Thunder Racing 1 helmet in matt hi viz yellow
Full Carbon with Hi Viz – the Racing 1 Thunder matt hi viz yellow.

It’s not cheap, but for the buck you get a great looking lid with a visor system that ticks all the boxes: Pinlock Max Vision, tear-off, quick change, optically correct and tall/wide for great all round vision.

OK, you’ll need to be a long-oval headshape to reap the benefits, but with a stack of vents and exhausts and quality liner, it’s sure to be all day comfortable if you get the right fit.

Of course, being a premium race helmet, there’s a load of competition out there (see our Top 10 Track helmets to find some) but with the attention to detail and quality materials, the LS2 Thunder is a real contender.


(more about helmet safety)

The shell of the LS2 Thunder is made from a mixture of carbon fibre and aramid (essentially kevlar). That can make for a strong and light shell of course but the proof is in the testing, and the fact that all sizes of the GP Pro Thunder have been tested and approved by the FIM for racing is proof enough for us to add the Thunder to our Safest Helmets pages.

ls2 thunder FIM track helmet rear view
Full carbon LS2 Thunder

It also comes in ECE 22.05 and DOT variants (depending on where you buy it) so it’s passed their rigorous standards too. So, you can be pretty well sure you’re getting a seriously protective helmet if you buy an LS2 Thunder.

Inside the shell is a multi-density EPS (expanded polystyrene) lining – multidensity to absorb a range of impacts – which is exactly what you’d hope to see in a top of the line helmet.

Same goes for multiple shell sizes, and the Thunder comes in three different shells with shell 1 covering fitments XS-S, second M-L and third XL-XXL. That’s great too as it means whichever size helmet you buy, it’ll be more or less optimized for your head size, which not only looks better but helps with comfort, fitment and impact protection too.

So, you should be able to trust the shell to do what it’s designed to do if you have a spill. But what else?

Well, there’s an EQRS liner, wide and tall visor that’s Class A optically correct to minimise distortion. And its Pinlock Max Vision ready to keep everything fog free. There’s a visor lock on the visor so you know it’ll stay closed on track, and it’s secured onto your head – like all track helmets – with a good ole double-d ring strap.


(more about helmet ventilation)

Getting plenty of air into a helmet is important for any helmet but especially for a racing helmet. Circuits on hot days with their vast stretches of black asphalt radiate heat to riders who are pushing themselves and their bikes, so any helmet needs to let plenty of cooling airflow through the helmet.

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The LS2 FF805 Thunder has a good range of vents and exhausts. There’s a seriously chunky chin bar vent that directs air onto the face and rear of the visor.

LS2 Thunder FIM sportsbike helmet rear view
It’s a busy rear end but you can see the array of rear exhaust vents under the spoiler and near the neck roll

There’s now a forehead vent above the visor which takes air across the head as well as pushing air down onto the visor from above.

And then there’s a pair of crown vents – both operated by individual sliders – which again take air through the helmet shell and into the helmet for head cooling.

As usual, the air’s funneled into air channels set into the EPS liner and is routed across the head towards the rear exhaust vents, situated inside the rear spoiler as well as towards the bottom of the helmet.


(more about visors)

The 2D visor on the Thunder has pretty well covered all possible bases.

It’s nice and large, horizontally and vertically, which is key for any head-down racing bike. It’s also Pinlock Max Vision and tear off visor ready and it’s class A optically correct so you shouldn’t get any distortion whether you’re looking up through the helmet in a racing tuck or sat bolt upright on an ADV bike.

Front view of the LS2 Thunder Racing 1 FIM track helmet
Nice wide and tall optically correct visor

You’ll also get that Pinlock Max Vision antifog insert included in the box.

It’s a quick release visor too and uses an interesting type of visor removal system – something LS2 proclaims is the ‘world’s best ratchet’ mechanism, boldly etched into the metal. Hmm.

To remove the visor, you need to open up the visor then slide down a tab on either side, close the visor and the visor pulls off. Not sure about the ‘world’s best’ but it’s novel and it works well.

Like most racing helmets, there’s also a central visor lock to make sure that visor stays closed whatever happens. Close the visor and it auto-locks so you’ll have to press in the unlock button to release the visor. Unfortunately it’s recessed so can be fiddly.

There’s some turbulators or vortex generators moulded into the side of the visor and the side of the rear spoiler which LS2 says helps break up the air flow and improve stability and reduce noise.

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

LS2 quotes a weight of about 1.4Kgs (3.1lbs) depending on shell size, which is just about light enough to let it into our lightest helmets section.

Of course, a lightweight helmet is useful if you’re going to be wearing it for long periods, but in the case of the LS2 Thunder, only if you’ve got a longer oval head shape as that’s who it’s been designed to fit.

LS2 Thunder Racing 1 hi viz and blue helmet side view
Nice view of the vortex generators on the side of the Racing 1 graphic Thunder

That means if your head shape’s the more usual medium oval shape, then you might want to give the Thunder a miss – or if you do buy one, wear it without removing tags, in the house only, for a good long while before you decide to keep it and buy from a store who’ll give a full refund without any quibbles (like our recommended stores do).

Inside the Thunder is a high quality fabric liner that’s fully removable and washable and is made from a breathable and hypoallergenic material. It also uses X-Static fabric tech that coats a thin layer of silver to some of the fabric for its antibacterial properties (i.e. to stop your helmet stinking).

It’s also been designed to accommodate glasses which is an feature for many riders.

Looks & Graphics

You can buy an LS2 Thunder in two ways. There’s the regular and slightly cheaper FF805 Thunder and there’s the full-on FF805 Thunder FIM.

ls2 FF805 FIM approved racing helmet
Solid carbon LS2 Thunder

The Thunder FIM uses a slightly denser carbon fibre fabric (9k weave) whereas the regular Thunder has a 6K weave. And if you buy either in the solid carbon colourway that shows off the weave, they look more or less identical.

Both helmets show that LS2 has moved on from the plain carbon weave of the outgoing LS2 Arrow onto what’s called a spread tow twill which is a more balanced weave more suitable for complex shapes like intricate racing lids.

The 6K or 9K weave relates to the number of individual carbon fibre strands that go to make up each weave pattern.

All the current crop of LS2 Thunders show at least some element of carbon fibre – that’s the Racing Thunder range that’s available in a few different colourways. And if you’re road riding, there’s a couple with hi viz decals on for added visibility.

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LS2 FF805 Thunder Video

I’ve decided to spare you the, frankly, bonkers/pointless official LS2 Thunder launch video and instead here’s their main US LS2 dude introducing the helmet.

Other stuff – warranty.

Being their top of the range racing helmets, all LS2 Thunders come with a full five year warranty.

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Good Alternatives to the LS2 Thunder?

Bell Pro Star

So you’re looking for a helmet that’ll work well with your sportsbike or for the track? Here’s a few we’d recommend you check out.

Bell do a sport bike helmet to suit every budget with their Bell Star range. They’re all highly rated for performance and protection, with their top-dog Bell Pro Star being FIM homologated too.

Shoei X-Fourteen

Of course, the Shoei X-Spirit III has gotta be mentioned here. It’s got the full compliment of FIM/SHARP 5 star approvals, and it’s used by some of the biggest tickets in MotoGP, AMA, WSBK. Amazing helmet with great ventilation and stability.

Arai-corsair x-helmet-side-view
Arai Corsair-X RC

Arai also do an equivalent – the Arai RX-7V – excellent helmet, FIM, SHARP 5 star and US Snell rated, comes with a Pinlock and 5 year warranty. The Arai’s got the name but it’s also a tad heavier than the others.


If you’re wanting to spend much less money but you still want a good track helmet, the HJC FG-17 might well be the answer. It’s way cheaper but it’s got a fibreglass shell and it’s Snell certified so you know it’ll give you great protection.

If none of those fit the bill, you can jump onto our Top 10 Sportsbike and Track helmets page or our FIM approved motorcycle helmets page.

Looking to buy an LS2 Thunder?

Please click below to visit the LS2 Thunder helmets page at our recommended store. And if you buy from them, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

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