Caberg Duke Evo Helmet


First Look: Caberg Duke Evo Flip-up Helmet

Caberg Duke Evo move graphic flip up helmet side view
Move graphic Duke Evo: it’s a nice looking lid in full face mode

Caberg Duke flip-up helmets have been around for a few years now – morphing from the original Duke I through the Duke 2 (and short-lived Duke X) and now into the ECE 22.06 certified Duke Evo.

They’ve always been good value, dual homologated modulars, suited to general riding, commuting and touring. And both the Duke I and Duke II were SHARP 5 star safety rated by SHARP which was a huge thumbs up if you’re looking for the safest modular you can buy.

Now Caberg’s updated the Duke again – so here’s the specs of the new helmet and a bit of background if you’re thinking of buying one.

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As the name suggests, the Duke Evo is an evolution from the Duke 2 rather than a total rework. So it looks similar to the old helmet just with a few updates here and there, such as redesigned vents.

Caberg Duke Evo modular helmet front view matt black
Familiar look to the old Dukes: front view of a matt black Duke Evo.

It has been through the new ECE 22.06 testing/certification process though, which is a good thing as it’s a bit tougher to pass than the old test. And as with the old helmets, it’s still dual homologated meaning you can ride with the chin bar either up (and locked) or down in full face mode.

That new design is there to give it a slightly more up to date look but in terms of specs, it seems to be more or less unchanged.

That means there’s an internal drop-down sun visor, antimicrobial and moisture wicking internal liner and, like the Duke 2, it’s designed to accommodate a Caberg bluetooth headset – in this case the more up to date Pro Speak Evo.

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Caberg Duke Evo modular helmet gloss white rear view

One other good feature that seems like it’s inherited from the Duke II is that it’s reasonably light weight (for a modular) with Caberg stating it’ll weigh around 1.6Kg.

And it’ll come with a Pinlock Max Vision antifog insert in the box which is a real help towards keeping your visor fog-free and great value for a helmet at this price.

Caberg Dukes have always been good performing helmets – not showy or flash but good reliable modulars with most of the features you’re going to need from an all-rounder helmet. And because the Duke Evo is a devlopment along tried and tested lines, we’d expect it to be a great helmet that represents excellent value for money.

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