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Jet Style Helmet Reviews

Jet style helmets are open face crash helmets with hinged visors that have a passing resemblance to a fighter pilot’s. They can look pretty cool and the built-in visor can be really useful instead of having to wear shades or goggles.

Here’s all the articles and reviews we’ve produced of Jet style helmets.


Scorpion Exo Combat: low-cost open face helmet badassery

Review of the Scorpion Exo Combat motorbike helmet. It's usually Shark with their Drak/Raw helmets that turn bikers into stormtroopers. But now Scorpion's having a...

Nolan N40-5 crossover and jet motorcycle crash helmet

Preview of the Nolan N40-5 family of motorcycle helmets (40-5 jet and 40-5 GT crossover) The Nolan N40 range has always been interesting and unusual....

Roof Crash Helmets Review: The Boxer Classic

Summary: the original flip-up dual homologated bad ass Roof helmet. Comfy, quiet, quirky, 4 star SHARP tested, quiet(ish), mean-looking and surprisingly practical. SHARP 4...
Roof boxer v8 crash helmet

Roof Helmet Review: the Boxer V8

Summary: The Boxer V8 range of crash helmets are well built, cool-looking and incredibly versatile. They have a good safety rating and owners are...