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Jet Style Helmet Reviews

Jet style helmets are open face crash helmets with hinged visors that have a passing resemblance to a fighter pilot’s. They can look pretty cool and the built-in visor can be really useful instead of having to wear shades or goggles.

Here’s all the articles and reviews we’ve produced of Jet style helmets.


Scorpion Exo Combat: low-cost open face helmet badassery

Review of the Scorpion Exo Combat motorbike helmet. It's usually Shark with their Drak/Raw helmets that turn bikers into stormtroopers. But now Scorpion's having a...

Nolan N40-5 crossover and jet motorcycle crash helmet

Preview of the Nolan N40-5 family of motorcycle helmets (40-5 jet and 40-5 GT crossover) The Nolan N40 range has always been interesting and unusual....

Nolan N44 Classic & Evo Crash Helmet Review

Nolan N44 - a funky and hugely versatile cross-over crash helmet. Nolan have been making crash helmets since the early 70's but are only recently starting...

Review of the MT Ventus open faced crash helmet

The MT Ventus is a helmet that's designed with one thing in mind - convenience. That's because MT created it to be as lightweight...

Roof Crash Helmets Review: The Boxer Classic

Summary: the original flip-up dual homologated bad ass Roof helmet. Comfy, quiet, quirky, 4 star SHARP tested, quiet(ish), mean-looking and surprisingly practical.SHARP 4...
Roof boxer v8 crash helmet

Roof Helmet Review: the Boxer V8

Summary: The Boxer V8 range of crash helmets are well built, cool-looking and incredibly versatile. They have a good safety rating and owners are...