Roof Crash Helmets Review: The Boxer Classic


Summary: the original flip-up dual homologated bad ass Roof helmet. Comfy, quiet, quirky, 4 star SHARP tested, quiet(ish), mean-looking and surprisingly practical.

  • SHARP 4 Star tested (out of 5)
  • Fibreglass shell
  • 1.68Kg
  • Sizes XS to XL
  • Target price £199 (depending on colour)

I love Roof crash helmets. I especially love the original Boxer Classic. I love them for their uniqueness and that fact that Claude Morin was bold enough to design and produce such an avant guard helmet in the first place. And I love them because they just look so cool. I might not own one (I do own a Desmo tho!) but I reckon they really are fantastic looking things.

The Roof Boxer Classic (or just Boxer when launched in 1995) is a fibreglass dual-homologated jet-style crash helmet. At least, the shell of the helmet is fibreglass while the chin guard is epoxy. The dual-homologation label means that it’s approved to be sold as both an open face and a full faced helmet and the SHARP testing tested it in both settings to give it its 4 star rating (out of 5).

Apart from looking good, the Boxer works pretty well too. It’s generally regarded as both a good performer with the chin guard up or down. The chin guard secures to the helmet using distinctly low-tech press-studs but users reckon they work pretty well, once you get used to them. For those of you who haven’t seen a Roof Boxer in action, the chin guard and visor are separate, meaning you can  unpop the studs and rotate the guard all the way to the back of the helmet and still keep the visor in place to shield your eyes. It’s very unique, very cool and works well.

roof boxer classic open
Unpop the chin guard and it pivots to the back of the helmet.

There you go – here’s a picture of the Roof open.

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Ventilation shouldn’t be a problem on a jet-style helmet, but the chin piece doesn’t have any vent holes in it so many users keep the chin bar cracked to allow air in when using it with the chin guard down. It’s a wee bit noisier than your average full faced helmet but the Boxer Classic is similar to many other flip up helmets in terms of wind noise (i.e. generally worse than full faced lids but acceptable).

Users also reckon that the visor (anti scratch and anti fog) gives a deceptively good field of vision. They also like the general level of finish and comfort of the helmet. The lining and cheek guards are removable and washable too.

Some users who have come to flip-up Roof crash helmets from full faced helmets reckon that once you try them, you’ll never want to go back. I reckon it’s very much dependent on where you ride (winter in the UK anyone?) but there’s a lot to be said for the enjoyment of being freed from that chin guard on the occasional steady summer jaunts, though like anything in biking, dropping your guard like that (no pun intended) leaves you more vulnerable.

Most buyers seem to be sold on the look of the helmet. If you want the best performing helmet in terms of safety, comfort, ventilation etc. etc. you’ll probably opt for one of our five star full face helmets. However, if you’re after something different at a good price point and with a good level of safety, we’d heartily recommend giving the Roof Boxer Classic helmet a go.

If you’ve owned a Roof Boxer Classic, we’d love to hear your thoughts on it – pls comment below – thanks!
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