The Most Popular Movie Videogame Franchise Motorcycle Helmets.


Film, Movie and Video Franchise Motorcycle Helmets.

We’ve all seen riders wearing helmets with attachments – ears, antennae and tails, that sort of thing. They’re usually add-ons that don’t cause any damage to the helmet and are there for a bit of fun – maybe to entertain the kids.

But if you want to take things to the next level, novelty helmets are available for lots of film and videogame franchises that can look properly scary… or just plain weird.

Here we’ve complied a list of the most popular ones – as searched for on Google and usually available through Amazon.

We hasten to add, while they advertise as being ECE or DOT certified for use on the road, we have no way of verifying if they’re genuine helmets with genuine certification. And we suggest some might be OK for a quick jaunt on an Easter egg or Christmas present run or the like, it’s probably not worth the risk for more serious distance riding.

Oh, and some seem to be shipped direct from China so you might have to wait a while for delivery – though some are stocked by Amazon too.

Anyhow, in order of popularity as searched for on Google, here’s a load of novelty motorcycle helmets – most are road-legal (but always check the small print if you intend to buy one!).

Predator Motorcycle Helmet

Predator helmets are based on the 20th Century Fox franchise. They’ve since become five films and umpteen videogames along with a few Alien v Predator TV series. No wonder folk still want to dress like a Predator.

Fun fact – the predators are a species known as Yautja and were designed by Stan Winston, the same guy who worked on Terminator and Jurassic Park.

Buying a Predator Helmet

Most are made from thermoplastic but there are some made from fibreglass and even carbon fibre. Prices seem to range from £200 (225€) to (gulp!) £600 (675€) and some even have light up panels underneath the dreadlocks. Below are ads for some of the most popular and best rated Predator Helmets we found on Amazon.


Batman Motorcycle Helmet

OK, next most searched for is the Batman motorcycle helmet.

Batman’s been around since the 1930’s, and like Predator, it’s been made into a zillion different TV series and films (around 30 according to IMDB!), not to mention having its own DC comic since 1940.

So it’s not really a massive surprise that the occasional rider quite fancies sticking on a Batman helmet and going for a ride.

Buying a Batman helmet

There’s basically two types available on Amazon. The first (below left) is an ABS Plastic full face that claims to be ECE and DOT certified. It’s essentially a black full face with a pair of ears attached to the top (which can be removed) and it looks pretty cool, especially with a dark visor – though it’s unclear whether it comes with a tinted or clear visor. It actually also has built-in bluetooth kit – mic and speakers which is reasonably astounding for a budget novelty lid!

The second Batman helmet is an open-face, also advertised as a proper ECE/DOT helmet with an ABS shell and double d-ring fastener. Not entirely sure I’d be comfortable riding with non-removable lenses in front of my eyes though!



Venom Motorcycle Helmet

Almost as popular as the Batman helmet is the Venom. Venom first appeared in Marvel comics in 1984 and is one of Spiderman’s chief arch enemies. We all like to play the bad guy from time to time so I guess that’s why Venom’s so popular – that and his massive toothy grin suits decorating an evil looking helmet.

Buying a Venom Helmet

Unlike the Batman and Predator helmets, the Venom licence has been picked up by HJC so you can buy a proper protective motorcycle helmet by one of the bigger brands in Venom graphics. In the case of the Venom, that’s an HJC RPHA 11 helmet.

If you particularly like that grinning look, there’s also a Joker and Green Goblin helmet that’s kinda similar.



Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

Iron Man’s another Marvel property, this time co-designed by the legendary Stan Lee and first appearing in the Marvel in 1963. In 2010, the latest franchise movies started with Robert Downey Jr starring and when dressing up as Iron Man at Cosplay events really took off – sometimes complete with fully articulating face pieces and electronic lighting.

Buying an Iron Man Motorcycle helmet

Buying an Iron Man helmet that’s road legal is a bit trickier than for some of the other helmets we’ve looked at. While the first helmet (below) reckons it’s both ECE and DOT certified, I’d have to say that’s doubtful given the restricted view through the eye holes because both standards specify a certain size of view port.

Even if they are genuinely legal, it’s not advisable to wear any helmet that’s going to obscure your vision when riding. That said, if you really must get an Iron Man helmet, here’s some of the best rated and reviewed we’ve found on Amazon.


Other non-motorcycle helmets

Star Wars Helmets

You can buy Mandalorian Boba Fett, Darth Vader and Storm Trooper helmets on Amazon – but all the ones I found are just cosplay helmets and not suitable/legal for riding on a motorcycle.

Here’s some of the best reviewed non-motorcycle Star Wars helmets we found at Amazon:




Halo Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet

Same as the Star Wars helmets, all of the Master Chief helmets are costume helmets and not for riding a motorcycle with. There was a company a few years back who reckoned they’d made a Halo Helmet that was DOT certified but I’m not sure it ever hit the shelves.

If you simply must have a Halo Master Chief Motorcycle helmet and don’t intend to ride in it, then here’s some of the best we’ve seen found Amazon.



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