Thinking of buying a Shoei Glamster retro motorcycle helmet?


Fantastic looking and safe retro helmet using proven modern tech: Shoei Glamster review.

The Shoei Glamster is another full face retro helmet that’s designed to give you yesteryear’s styling and attitude alongside a hefty dollop of modern day helmet tech.

It’s aimed at giving you the chance to stand out from the crowd while having much of the safety features and utility of a modern day lid. Which is a great idea.

shoei glamster off white crash helmet front view
Front view of the Off White Glamster

And since the Glamster shares its AIM helmet shell with many other modern day Shoei helmets, and because it comes with a Pinlock antifog visor and features like EQRS (emergency quick release cheekpads) – the idea is that you really don’t have to compromise.

So, if you like the look of the Shoei Glamster and are wondering whether it’s worth buying one – here’s all the info you need.

  • Retro full face helmet
  • Fibreglass AIM shell
  • SHARP 4 star safety rated
  • 3 Shell Sizes
  • EQRS
  • Pinlock antifog insert included
  • Sizes XS-XXL
  • Double D-ring fastener
  • Expect to pay £400-£500

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The Shoei Glamster delivers modern day helmet tech and a high level of performance in a quality retro package.

Not only does it look the part – using tried-and-tested Shoei tech – but the UK’s helmet testing bods at SHARP have tested it and awarded it an excellent four stars for safety, which is very good and makes it one of the best protecting retro helmets out there.

shoei glamster basalt grey retro crash helmet side view
Basalt Grey Glamster – notice visor lock and always-open chin vents

Shoei knows how to build a high quality helmet too and the Glamster has a ton of features that you’ll find on their modern full face helmets – including that Pinlock ready anti-fog visor (with free Pinlock) and EQRS.

The biggest downside found by most (not all) Glamster owners is that it a particularly noisy helmet, which is a massive shame.

Other than that, there’s a new wave of retro helmets that work like modern helmets and the Shoei Glamster is the latest in the line.

So, if you like the look of the Shoei Glamster and want a high quality helmet that works as a practical everyday helmet as well as looking the part (and as long as you always ride with decent ear plugs in!), then we’ve no doubt the Glamster will fit the bill admirably.


(more about helmet safety)

The first thing to say about the safety of the Glamster is that it’s got Shoei’s AIM (advanced integrated matrix) fibreglass shell.

shoei glamster resurrection white retru crash helmet side view
Shoei Glamster Ressurection in white

That’s the same shell tech that you’ll find on the GT Air II and the SHARP 5 Star rated Shoei RYD.

OK, the RYD scored maximum marks for safety and it’s got the same helmet tech, but that’s not the whole story, because SHARP have tested four Shoei Aim helmets so far and they’ve scored anywhere from 3 to 5 stars.

Given those past results, it’s probably not suprising that when SHARP safety tested the Glamster in early 2022, it scored an excellent four star rating (out of 5), which is excellent going for a retro helmet.

From memory there’s only the Bell Bullet retro that’s been SHARP tested so far and it scored 3 stars.

Shoei Glamster SHARP 8_5ms test results
Courtesy of Shoei Glamster 8.5 m/s Impact test results.

Though I guess you could call the Simpson Venom a bit retro these days and that scored 4 stars too.

Shoei has created the Glamster in three different helmet shells – that’s good for fitment, looks and safety and it’s a reasonably number of shell sizes for what’s actually a competitively priced helmet.

Inside the helmet, you’ll find a dual density EPS liner (par for the course) and the helmet’s strapped to your bonce with a good ole fashioned and suitably retro double d-ring fastener.

D-rings are generally straightforward to use and secure, so you shouldn’t have any problems here. I say ‘shouldn’t’ because I’m currently struggling along with my latest Simpson helmet and the double-d ring doesn’t slide very well so it’s a real pain. Still, that’s a rarity.

Shoei has also included an EQRS liner inside the helmet – so if you do have an off-motorcycle excursion and the ambulance crew need to pull off your helmet, the EQRS cheekpads should make things easier.

shoei glamster lagua blue helmet top view
Top view of the plain Laguna blue Glamster

Including a Pinlock-ready visor on a retro helmet is a great touch too. It’s not massively in keeping with the retro vibe, but I’m pretty sure if riders in the 60’s had the option of being able to see out of their visors on cold and rainy days, they’d have bitten your hand off for a Pinlock – so why not?

And it’s good to see Shoei including a Pinlock with the helmet – that’s always a big tick in the box in my book.

So, overall, there’s lots going for the Shoei Glamster to suggest it’ll be a sound, protective place to put your head – which should probably be item number one on why we’re buying a helmet, right?

Helmet Noise

(more about helmet noise)

Helmet noise seems to be the biggest fly in the ointment with the Glamster.

And while there are some dissenters who find the Glamster OK for noise suppression (including Jerry in the comments section below – thanks Jerry), the majority of owners we came across said it’s sub standard – being much noisier than many have ever come across.

A couple of owners reckoned it’s because there’s a direct route for noise to travel up from the neck roll and cheek pads straight into a small void left for speakers, just where your ears are. Some said if you ride anything over 50-70 and it becomes unbearable.

Other riders, who didn’t have so much of a problem, reckoned fitting the included chin curtain helps and makes it OK.

Obviously, noise perception is very subjective (speed, riding style, bike etc. etc.) but overall the concensus seems to be that the Shoei Glamster’s a noisy helmet.

Obviously, ensuring you’re wearing a good pair of ear plugs will help, but we’d suggest that you’re after a quiet helmet, then you might want to look elsewhere.


(more about helmet ventilation)

Shoei’s added a few air vents into the shell of the Glamster, though they’re very much erring on the side of style over function.

shoei glamster resurrection blue helmet rear view
Clean rear lines – and if you look closely, you might just see the rear vents in the neck roll

Those chin vents for example. While there are four of them – and they do let in a reasonable amount of air to the face and rear of the visor according to Glamster owners – they’re always-open, meaning that air’s always going to be pushing through the chin bar whether you like it or not.

The small forehead vent is closeable though, and that’s welcome. There are fairly generous internal air channels inside the helmet too and there are corresponding venting holes and cutaways in the internal liner to let some of that air get through to your head.

The only problem here is that there are only two tiny exhaust vents in the bottom of the neck roll to let any air out. Which, again according to owners, reduces the helmet’s ability to vent around the head.

It’s no surprise then that the word is ventilation’s about average – you can feel some air but you can tell they’ve prioritised form over function in this area, which is hardly a surprise in a cool-looking retro helmet I guess.


(more about visors)

Of course, venting’s also used to keep the visor mist-free, and if you’re riding in cool/damp/humid air, then the Glamster will have a tendency to fog up.

Thankfully, despite it being a retro-style visor, Shoei’s made it Pinlock ready and included a Pinlock in the box. So, attach the Pinlock and most of your misting problems will be gone.

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Or at least that’s usually the case. The issue is that visor’s a bit retro too and because it’s more or less a 2D visor, a few owners said there can be a problem with it buckling slightly when you open or close it and that can unseat the Pinlock. It can also lead to a leaky seal around the visor in rain.

The good news here is that Shoei seems to have addressed the problem with later helmets and thickened up the visor a little.

The visor opening’s pretty generous and gives decent all-round vision including good peripheral vision. It isn’t a quick release visor though, so if you ever want to swap it out or remove it for cleaning, you’ll have to get your screwdriver out.

shoei glamster off white crash helmet side view
Another view of the Off White Shoei Glamster

It’s still pretty simple though – literally unscrew a single philips either side and the aluminium spacer comes away and the visor pulls off.

Shoei’s put a visor lock on the bottom of the visor, so close the visor and it’ll automatically lock. Push up on the black tab/lock and the visor unlocks.

A couple of owners reckoned it can be a bit fiddly to use at first and you might need to pull the tab forward a bit to disengage – but who said looking cool and retro was going to be easy. I mean you’ve gotta suffer a bit to look this cool, right?

Other than that, Shoei’s taken an old style visor and made it work well… ish.

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

Internal fitment of the Glamster is medium oval – so should be the right shape for most riders’ heads.

There’s not much info on what materials Shoei uses inside, except to say it’s a fully removable/washable liner with 3D moulded cheek pads.

shoei glamster off white motorcycle helmet top view
Top view showing forehead vent

It’s also got EQRS quick removable cheekpads in there which is always worth having – anything to reduce injury, right?

Shoei does know how to make a comfortable helmet though, so provided you suit the head shape, several owners said they find their Glamsters a really comfortable helmet. On occasion the aero isn’t quite up to the standard of modern aerodynamically sculpted lids, but I guess that’s to be expected with a rounder shaped helmet.

But keep the speed down a bit – or sit behind a fairing – and you can expect the Glamster to be comfortable for long hours in the saddle.

Looks & Graphics

You can probably guess at the sort of graphic options available for the Glamster?

There’s a nice off-white and a couple of blacks as well as a plain Basalt grey and Laguna blue. At the time of writing there’s also a range of different colourways in the Resurrection graphic incuding a white, blue and black.

But you just know there’s going to be a stack more classy designs coming out soon. Feel free to click through to our recommended stores below to see the latest designs and Glamster deals. Nice one.

Best places to buy a Shoei Glamster helmet?

Please click below to visit the Shoei Glamster helmets pages at our recommended stores. And if you buy from one, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

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Shoei Glamster Video

While the sound’s a bit shonky with this vid, Champion does know how to do a good helmet overview and this 7m video gives you a decent look around the Shoei Glamster.

Other stuff – weight, bluetooth, glasses, warranty

The Shoei Glamster weighs around 1.2Kg (2.65lbs) making it a properly light weight helmet.

If you’re looking to fit a comms unit inside your Glamster, you might be disappointed if your speakers are anything other than super thin, because there aren’t any really any speaker pockets in there, only a space next to the cheek pads where you could just about slot thin speakers in. And there’s not much room inside for a microphone either as the chin bar sits very close to the face.

If you’re a glasses wearer or like to wear shades when you’re riding, the good news is that there are cutouts for glasses in the liner, and several owners have said it’s a great helmet for glasses wearers.

It comes with an excellent 5 year warranty.

Good Alternatives to the Shoei Glamster?

Shoei Ex-Zero retro helmet in gloss red yellow side view
Shoei Ex-Zero

If you’re in the market for an old-style helmet, the great news is there’s an increasing number of retro helmets with modern day utility.

AGV X3000 in red/white

Shoei’s own Ex-Zero is a badass looking helmet that uses the same tech as the Glamster and costs about the same money.

And there’s the fibreglass AGV X3000 which is arguably more authentic and even classier than the Glamster.

bell bullet crash helmet in blue flake
Bell Bullitt in blue flake

There’s the good ole SHARP 3 star safety rated Bell Bullitt which is properly retro and comes in a ton of different designs too – including a full carbon version.

Tokko Nexx X.G100

Shoutouts to Nexx as well with their Nexx X.G100 and G100R which are both great looking composite fibre retro lids.

For more options, take a look at our Retro Helmets Pages.

Best places to buy a Shoei Glamster?

Please click below to visit the Shoei Glamster helmets pages at our recommended stores. And if you buy from one, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

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shoei-glamster-retro-motorcycle-helmet-reviewThe Shoei Glamster is a fantastic retro full face helmet let down only by being a bit too 'authentic' when it comes to noise suppression! Other than that, it's got a decent visor system with Pinlock, adequate venting and owners reckon it's very comfortable. It seriously looks the part too though those always open chin bar vents might put you off using it all year round. It's also been SHARP 4 star safety rated too so it's not just a pretty face - it's a serious piece of protective kit. Well worth a look at if you're after a high quality retro helmet.


  1. I have this helmet and the noise is appalling. Earplugs absolute necessity and at 50+ even a headset can be tricky to hear at times. It’s noisier than my bell custom 500 open face – even without the visor on the bell!!

    It also mists up like mad on a slightly cold day or in the wet – I have the pin lock and the replacement (far better) visor. The one it comes with is simply a this curved piece of plastic (presumably to make official weight stats lower) but the one you buy at approx £90 is far thinker and has a recess for the pin lock. However, it was all wasted money as it still mists up in the cold/rain. The pinlock is installed properly and sealed. The mist is on the side closest to my face. Maybe I am a hot breather but I’m going to have to buy another helmet for long/colder/wetter days/rides – making it an expensive decision to have made.

    I have also had the visor catch come off both the original and replacement visor. So I keep a little stock of the screw-on tabs in my tool kit.

    Despite the above, It’s remarkably comfortable and reassuringly safe in tests so there are positives but it is certainly not an all-year-round helmet. I’ll be keeping it for the better months but it’s frustrating for such a pricy helmet from a reputable brand.

  2. The helmet is excellent, comfortable and has a simple design, uncluttered by aerofoils, vents and spoilers. Sizing is true to size, me being a large-XL this fit me a bit snugly at first but soon moulded itself to my head with no tight spots. Visor is large, pinlock is good you get used to the interior reflection very quickly and soon not notice it. Noise reduction is best than all other retro helmets I have tried and is improved with use of the supplied chin curtain. In comparison to most other helmets I have tried it is about average to good.

    One point I fell needs a mention that has been overlooked by almost all reviewers is headset compatibility, which, in my opinion, leaves a lot to be desired. Indentation in the EPS liner for speaker placement is very shallow and very high. I tried various flavours of Cardo unit and found the installation to be very easy and external unit placement excellent. Speaker sound quality was good. The big issue that made any of the units I tried unusable was the speaker size and placement in the shell.

    If the indentation in the shell was deeper and a bit larger in diameter then the speakers would have fitted but not for over-ear listening. They were behind and above my ear initially and folded my ears up when putting the helmet on. The velcro fixing pads were definitely not strong enough to hold the speakers in place adequately while putting the helmet on and required a deft finger to unfold and then jiggle the speakers back into place. Only made possible, however, by downsizing the supplied 39mm cheek pads to 35 or 31mm pads. Moving the speakers to an over-ear position interfered with the chin strap too much to be practical.


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