MT Revenge crash helmet review


MT are Spain’s largest helmet manufacturer. They’re known for their range of budget helmets, which many folks will worry naturally means lower performance. But as the SHARP 5 star rating on the MT Revenge shows, that’s not necessarily the case, at least in terms of helmet safety. And with the Revenge having a pretty cool, aggressive and aerodynamic look about it, maybe there’s a lot more to this helmet than just the price tag….

  • SHARP 5 star rated (maximum)
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Micrometric fastener
  • Weight – 1.45Kg (pretty light for a full face)
  • Sizes XS-XXL
  • Typical price range: £70-£100 (polycarb) £150-£190 (carbon)


Replica GP version of the MT Revenge.

The MT Revenge has a polycarbonate shell and it’s produced in two sizes (shell sizes are different from fitting sizes – click the link to find out more). More expensive lids are usually produced in three or even four shell sizes, so you might find the Revenge is a slight compromise here (in that they’ll have to over or under-pad the lining more to make just two exterior shells fit such a wide range of internal fittings). The upshot is that it might look a bit too big or too small on your head, depending on your fitting size. However, that’s not necessarily a massive problem, especially when the MT Revenge scored a maximum 5/5 stars on the SHARP helmet safety test. That’s an outstanding performance and puts its safety levels right up there with the best from the big names. Fantastic job MT!

The Revenge also has a micrometric fastener – which are very easy to tie securely and quick to release using a single pull of a tab. Pretty well all the bases covered there in terms of safety.

Best places to buy an MT Revenge?

Please click below to visit the MT Revenge helmets pages at Amazon. And if you buy from them, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

Helmet Noise

Owners are generally happy with the noise levels of the Revenge. It has a fairly aerodynamic shape which, owners say, helps keep it quiet, even with the vents open as there’s little to catch in the wind and create noise. The neck curtain also helps reduce noise and buffeting around the neck. It’s not the quietest full face helmet out there, but for the price, owners are happy and, even though helmet noise is pretty subjective, we think most riders won’t be disappointed.

Ventilation & visor

Rear view of the matt black version of the Revenge

Ventilation is one of the MTs strong points. It’s got the usual three front vents, one on the chin guard and a couple on the forehead – complemented with a couple of rear exhaust vents. Again, owners are happy with the amount of air they bring in though the front vents can be a little tricky to open.

The only downside is, and it’s typical of most helmets without an anti-fog insert, that the visor will steam up at low speeds. MT do however offer a Pinlock-ready visor to combat this. They actually have a wide-range of other visors, from double visors to iridium – even an electrical visor (whatever that is!). We’ve seen double visors before as an attempt to reduce steaming on the visor – and from the MT website, it sounds like the electrical version is for riding in the extreme cold – if you’ve tried one, do let us know!

The Revenge comes with a 2mm thick visor (a safety feature) but there are just one or two reports of slight distortion. Perhaps it was a dodgy batch as most owners don’t have a problem. Finally, the visor’s got an effective quick-release system too, which is great for quick removal for cleaning after a ride.

MT Revenge Replica GP colour scheme in turquoise, pink & black.


Owners reckon the Revenge is good for comfort. One or two people reckoned you can feel the occasional corner might have been cut here as it’s not quite as comfortable as they’d hoped. However, after a bit of bedding in, most people are happy with comfort levels.

Being made of polycarbonate, the Revenge is lighter than most full face helmets too, so that helps with comfort, with more than one rider commenting they just don’t know it’s there, it’s that light. As usual, the internal lining is removable and washable.

Other stuff – fasteners, bluetooth, carbon fibre version

There are speaker cut-aways inside the lining of the helmet and it’s been designed to work with MTs bluetooth communicator. And while owners like the micrometric fastener, a couple mentioned the loose end does flap around a bit while riding, slapping the side of the helmet. Probably not a deal-breaker, but something you might have to deal with. Oh, and if you want a special edition of the Revenge, there’s even a carbon fibre version that comes in at well under £200 and drops the weight down an impressive 1250g (large version). That comes with DD fasteners for the track. Sounds like a bit of a bargain to us – and looks very cool!

MT Revenge special carbon fibre edition

Helmet buying guides page

If you need any information on buying a crash helmet – what to look out for including guides on the SHARP helmet testing scheme or ACU gold stickers for example, you might want to check out our guides page.


It usually comes down to price v performance when you’re buying a new crash helmet. And on both scores, the MT Revenge delivers. At the time of writing, you can get the Revenge for around £80. That’s a SHARP 5 star rated helmet that, bar one or two niggles, owners really love and that performs as well as some of the biggest names around – for under £100. It doesn’t really have any new or advanced features on it, but if you’re after a solid performer that does all the basics well and will keep you as safe as any other helmet on the market should the worst happen, then the MT Revenge has got to be worth a good look.

Best places to buy an MT Revenge?

Please click below to visit the MT Revenge helmets pages at Amazon. And if you buy from them, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).


While the MT Revenge is a great buy, there are some good alternatives for the same sort of money. While the Bell M1 has been discontinued, you can still find some great bargains on places like Ebay. There’s always the MT Thunder to look at too, that’s a four star SHARP helmet that you can get for £50 in some colours. Or if you’re after a better-known brand, the Nolan N85 is well liked by owners and scores SHARP 4 stars.

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mt-revenge-crash-helmet-reviewThe MT Revenge is a great full face helmet at a budget price. It's quiet, comfortable and, bar one or two niggles, owners mostly love it. Any why wouldn't they - buy a Revenge and you get real value for money and one of the safest helmets around.


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