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Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guides

Here’s a stack of useful guides which will hopefully help you when choosing and buying your next bike helmet. If there’s anything else you’d like us to cover in our guides, please let us know by visiting the contact page at the bottom of the screen.

motorbike ear plugs

Best ear plugs for riding a motorbike?

We always say that if you're riding any distance, stick in some ear plugs to protect your hearing.There's loads of resources online to tell...

About optically correct visors

All motorbike helmets - and that includes the visors - are subject to rigorous standards and thorough testing before they go on sale in Europe...

About photochromic visors

What are photochromic visors? Photochromic means something that changes colour in response to light. So, in the case of visors, that means a visor that will...

All about carbon fibre motorcycle crash helmets

Carbon fibre is a composite material usually made up of a carbon fibre weaved fabric set in a resin - usually plastic.The great thing...

all about fibreglass motorcycle crash helmets

Fibreglass was the wonder material of its age. Originally developed in the 1930's it was their carbon fibre moment.It's a cheap, light weight, strong...

All you need to know about micrometric or micro-ratchet helmet fasteners

What is a micrometric motorcycle helmet fastener? The micrometric (or micro ratchet, or plain ratchet) fastener is a relative newcomer to motorcycle crash helmets. It...
EQRS emergency quick release system for motorcycle crash helmets

about emergency quick release EQRS motorcycle crash helmets

What is EQRS or Emergency Quick Release System? EQRS is a system designed to help remove a motorcycle helmet without damaging a rider's neck and...

All about dual-homologation motorbike crash helmets

What is a dual-homologated or P/J homologated motorcycle helmet? Good question.It's a term coined by the European ECE 22.05 motorcycle helmet testing legislation and relates...

About composite fibre crash helmets

What's a composite motorcycle helmet? Motorcycle crash helmets are made in a wide variety of materials - but often they're created using a mixture of different materials...

Motorcycle helmet anti-fog visors and visor treatments

A visor that fogs up is at worse incredibly dangerous - and at best a massive pain in the arse.The problem is that most...