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Polycarbonate Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Polycarbonate plastic is one of the most common materials motorcycle helmets are made from. It’s incredibly tough and lightweight and when it’s combined with a polystyrene liner, offers great impact resistance. It’s also relatively cheap to manufacture so, in many ways, it’s the ideal material for a crash helmet.

Having said that, more expensive helmets tend to be made from complex composite materials such as fibreglass, carbon fibre and aramid – or a mix of all three. Still, many great performing helmets continue to be made out of polycarbonate – including helmets that score the maximum five star safety rating on SHARP helmet safety tests – so they’re well worth considering.

On these pages, you’ll find only crash helmets with polycarbonate shells.



Scorpion Exo Combat: low-cost open face helmet badassery

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Scorpion-exo-adx-1 4-featured

Scorpion’s do everything adventure/road modular helmet: the Scorpion ADX-1.

Review of the Scorpion EXO ADX1 AT950 modular adventure helmet. The Scorpion Exo ADX-1 (same as the AT950 if you're in the US) is Scorpion's...

Great value full face – but not in Europe just yet.

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Budget SHARP 4 Star safety rated modular… but there’s a problem

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Scorpion Exo 100 Padova open face helmet

The Scorpion Exo 100 looks, on paper at least, to be a breath of fresh air. With a drop down sun visor and classic...