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Helmets with a Wide Visor

If you can, it’s worth having a helmet with a wide visor. They give better peripheral vision which is great for improved visibility at the track as well as spotting more hazards on the street.

If a helmet has a particularly wide visor, then it’ll be included in the reviews and articles below.



X-lite X-802RR Full Face Racing Helmet Review

Note: the X-802 is now discontinued, replaced by the X-Lite X-803 sportsbike/track helmet. You can find some great alternatives on our Top 10 Sportsbike/track...
Shark race r pro carbon blank white side view

Shark Race-R Pro Carbon Fibre Full Face Helmet Review

SHARP 5 Star Rated (maximum safety score) Carbon Fibre Shell 1.3Kg (light) and aerodynamicGood for glasses wearers Double-D ring fastener Price range...

AGV launch the AX8 Naked helmet

Lean mean carbon/kevlar/fibreglass version of AGVs AX8 off road helmet - for people who growl while they're riding. Apparently, AGV had so many people asking...

Shoei GT Air crash helmet review

Summary: the Shoei GT-Air is an expensive, well-built, premium priced full faced helmet that's quiet and comfortable. It has an integral sun visor and...

Nolan N104 Motorcycle Helmet Review: Billys Crash Helmets

Summary: A well constructed flip-up helmet with no massive foibles. Useful internal sun visor, good ventilation and great Pinlock anti-fog visor. The only moans...

Arai Chaser V Review (aka Arai Vector 2 in the US)

Arai Chaser V review. For other motorcycle crash helmet reviews, visit our All Crash Helmet Reviews section or our Only SHARP 4 or 5 Star Helmet Reviews section....

Roof Crash Helmets Review: The Boxer Classic

Summary: the original flip-up dual homologated bad ass Roof helmet. Comfy, quiet, quirky, 4 star SHARP tested, quiet(ish), mean-looking and surprisingly practical.SHARP 4...
Arai RX7 GP crash helmet

Arai RX-7 GP: Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Summary Top quality construction, vents that really work, quiet and good peripheral vision. Worth the price (if you can afford it!)Sharp 4 Star Safety Rating All-day-long...

Shoei Qwest – New Crash Helmets for Sale

Summary: The Shoei Qwest has been around since 2010, replacing the Raid 2. Based on lots of  info on crash helmets around t'interweb, here's...