Arai RX-7 GP: Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Arai RX7 GP crash helmet
Arai RX7 GP


Top quality construction, vents that really work, quiet and good peripheral vision. Worth the price (if you can afford it!)

  • Sharp 4 Star Safety Rating
  • All-day-long comfortable
  • 1.6kg weight
  • Quiet
  • Good ventilation
  • Great build quality
  • Price range – £510-700 depending on model


The Arai RX-7 is a damn good helmet. While not the most recent helmet in our crash helmets for sale section, that does mean it has been widely tested and reviewed and it is almost universally seen as one of the best helmets on the market. It’s also one of the first helmets to meet the US Snell M2010 safety standards. The build quality is second to none, the visor size, fit and ventilation are all very good. Comfort is also reported as excellent. The only slight hiccup is the missing star in the Sharp rating meaning it ‘only’ scores four out of five.


The RX-7 has been given a 4 star Sharp rating in the UK – the maximum is 5.  Front & rear safety were rated as very good with side impact test rated as above average (but which appears to have lost it the fifth star). Having said that, Arai’s are widely regarded as one of the best constructed helmets around and are used by some of the highest profile motorcycle and F1 racers in the world. It’s also worth noting that the RX-7 uses a variable thickness shell with a thicker shell in parts which are prone to taking heavy impacts in an accident and thinner shell in parts which typically don’t (including around the ears). Which will keep the weight down but may have also, inadvertently, lost it that extra star.  The Arai bumf states that it uses a peripheral strengthening belt as used in their Formula One helmets. Also has quick release cheek pads to make the helmet easier to remove if you do have an accident.

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No problems reported. Arais are generally quiet and the aerodynamic shape of the RX-7 with its adjustable rear ‘Air Wing’ spoiler contributes to the lack of noise. Nothing to worry about here.


Arai say they use more outer helmet shell sizes that any other manufacturer. Which means that where some manufacturers will produce one external shell size covering XXL, XL & L and another for M, S & XS, varying the internal size by using more or less padding internal, Aria use up to 5 external shell sizes for some models. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, it’s the internal padding that is critical in shock absorbing much of an impact and in ensuring a correct fit to the head – again key to safety. Secondly,  and of critical importance, it ensures your helmet is in proportion to your body so don’t look like you have a giant head wobbling on the top of tiny shoulders!


The RX-7 has chin and three forehead vents which are particularly good at keeping the head cool and the visor mist free. Users also report that all vents are very easy to operate – even with gloved hands on the bike. Coupled with an anti-mist visor and tight visor seal, the venting system is regarded as top notch.

arai RX-7 rear shot
RX-7 GP crown vent exhausts with Air Wing adjustable diffuser


All day comfortable although, as always, that’s as long as you have an Arai-shaped head. However, because Arai use more helmet shell sizes than many other manufacturers, this does mean you generally have the correct amount of internal shock absorbing material and a higher chance of getting the right sort of fit (i.e. not too tight or too loose) which in turn means that if you’ve tried on an Arai, found it fits nicely, then you’ll generally be happier in it for longer.


Larger aperture (5mm larger) than its predecessor means better peripheral vision. Comes with anti-fog visor as standard which, coupled with excellent ventilation, is one of the best fog-free systems. Also comes with silicone gel to keep the visor/rubber seal lubricated to maintain the seal.


Here’s Randy with a presentation on the RX-7 GP (we like Randy!)

Also, here’s Josh Brookes talking about why he uses an RX-7 GP (no it’s not just because he gets lots free – honest!)

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