Caberg V2RR Crash Helmet Review

Great helmet - now discotinued

Summary: A low cost 5 star SHARP safety rated helmet. It has a polycarbonate shell with integral sun visor and it’s well liked by owners. A great buy. Now slightly updated as the V2RR.

Note. This helmet is now discontinued and no longer available. Try checking out our top 10 full face helmets to find a great alternative.

  • 5 Star SHARP rated – maximum score
  • 1.5 Kg weight
  • Integral sun visor
  • Wind noise – acceptable up to around 70 mph
  • Ventilation – pretty good
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Prices range from £50-£90 model dependent

There are heaps of helmets at the low cost end of the crash helmet market which are poorly built and score badly on safety. They may look OK but they don’t perform well in an accident – and if they’re not good in a crash, what’s the point?

The Caberg V2R is a low cost helmet that gets maximum score in the SHARP safety test, so it’ s got to be a top candidate for your hard earned wodge. So let’s take a look at what people who own them think (this review is a compilation of V2R crash helmet reviews and user-comments gleaned from all over the web – not just one reviewer but the people who actually buy and use them).


If you get the helmet fit right, the Caberg is a winner. Users report that it’s comfortable and broke in quickly. All day comfort is a phrase often used so no worries on comfort – and the helmet weight is 1.5Kg which is light (and about average for a full faced helmet). Both liner and cheek pads are removable for repositioning and washing.


here’s the usual multipoint ventilation, at the chin and forehead with an exhaust vent at the back. Users report the ventilation works very well keeping them cool and doing a good job at demisting the visor. One or two comments that the chin ventilation is perhaps a little too angled towards the eyes, pushing cold air onto the eyes rather than the visor.

Rear view - caberg V2R-R


That said, because the helmet comes with an anti fog visor, the visor works well at most speeds – though can fog a little at lower speeds. The visor can be removed without tools. The standout feature for the visor is the secondary sun visor. Caberg were the first crash helmet manufacturer I noticed offered integral sun visors and it’s a great feature. No comment from users other than it works well, even with gloves, though users of other lids with sun visors do report some have a tendency to fog over.

Wind noise

Seems to come in about average – fairly quiet up to around 70 but noisy above.


The shell’s polycarbonate but the finish is good in terms of surface finish and brightness of design. It’s not so good in terms of feel – some owners saying some of the parts feel like they’re cheap and plasticy (probably not a major surprise from a cheap helmet that’s made of plastic, but there you go). Of course polycarbonate helmets are seen as a more ‘entry level’ material than, say, fibre glass or carbon fibre, and are more prone to sustaining minor damage which renders them fit for the bin (though we’ll look into the reality of some of the materials used in crash helmet constructions some time in the not too distant future). The lid’s secured with a ‘micometric’ fastener which seems to work pretty well.

As you can see above, owners of the V2R and it’s more recent counterpart the V2R-R are generally pretty pleased over the performance of the helmet in pretty well all areas. Couple that with its low price and owners love their Caberg V2Rs. And so, we heartily recommend them as a great, low cost, high safety crash helmet. Well done Caberg!

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