Crash Helmets… as sculpture!?!

Crash Helmets can be pretty sculptural – especially when you get your new un out of the box for the first time. But that’s nothing compared to this helmet.

It was apparently created by the Daishin Seiki Corporation to show off their amazing automatic milling machine. It was programmed to mill a complex 3D motocross helmet out of a single block of aluminium and it’s been watched about 1.5 million times on YouTube.

The crash helmet was created in the 3D cad software and then milled in a single process to cut the helmet. It was done to show of the quality of the software and the milling machine, and to show that milling is still the best option in a world where 3D printing is an increasing threat to traditional methods when creating complex engineered metal parts (as if you didn’t know that!).

If you thought crash helmets aren’t very sculptural – think again (and watch the vid!)

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