Great UK Biking Roads Finder

please ride carefullyUse this Google Map to find a great road for your next trip. And if you come across a road not shown or want to add to our description, please comment below (or use the contact us form) with a brief description of the road and what’s so great about it and where we can find it and we’ll add it onto the map.


  • Zoom in using the + or – icon bottom left (two finger zoom on mobile).
  • Click on the route on the map to see a brief description.
  • Click the icon at the top right of the map to make it full screen.
  • That’s it!

Ride safe.

Before you go for a ride, watch the video below and don’t let it happen to you. I’ve been there and I’m lucky enough to be here and write this (like the guy in this video). Lots don’t make it. Ride safe.