Heads-up on AGVs 2014 crash helmet range

AGV has launched a range of new colour schemes for their top crash helmets for 2014. The AGV Pista GP is their full carbon race helmet, as used by Valentino Rossi. The Corsa is aimed at sporty road riders and the GT Veloce helmet is aimed at sports tourers. Apart from the new colour schemes, it’s also being aware of AGVs attempts to make their helmets fit everyone as closely as possible.

AGV Pista GP and Corsa 2014 range
Click to see 2014 AGV Corsa and Pista GP range

All these helmets come in 4 shell sizes – which is important for making a helmet fit well, perform well in an accident, and stop you looking like a lollipop when wearing it (large helmet size, small head = looking like a lollipop!) So some of the more ‘premium’ manufacturers (Shoei, Arai, Schuberth, AGV etc.) produce more shell sizes to accommodate different sized heads. So these come in four shell sizes, great. But they also come with a range of foam inserts to make micro-adjustments to the inside of the helmet and make things better fitting and more comfortable still. These adjust at the cheeks and crown, two common areas that need adjustment.

So there you go. If you’ve lusted after an AGV helmet but found the shape a bit wrong for you, it might be time to give them another go.

Interested in buying an AGV crash helmet?

If you’re interested in seeing a range of the latest AGV crash helmets for sale (or just want to check out some prices) – please click the picture below to visit the AGV page at Sportsbikeshop below. If you buy from there, we get a small sum from the sale – thanks!

AGV crash helmet range
Click above to check out AGV helmet prices


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