Inflatable Crash Helmets are here!

Here’s a genuinely amazing helmet that’s come from those (not so) crazy Swedes. In response to a new law making it mandatory for cyclists to wear crash helmets in Sweden, a couple of designers training at Lund University decided they needed to make something a bit more user-friendly. So they decided to try and make them invisible! They studied air bag production and triggering mechanisms and created this fantastic inflatable crash helmet that hides in a fashionable (so they say!) collar/snood/scarf affair, only to inflate in 0.1 seconds to protect the head during an accident.

hovding Inflatable cycle helmet
No, it’s not a tragic hair-mousse accident. It’s a new inflatable cycle helmet from Sweden!


The airbag has a small black box that contains accelerometers and gyros which detects the types of motions that precede a range of accidents and triggers the inflation of the helmet. The crash helmet itself is made from an abrasion-resistant nylon which the makers say is good to protect against a number of impacts within the same accident. Check out them testing the helmets in their testing facility in the video below.

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