Real Hoverbike Developed by Aerofex: Video

Californian Company Aerofex have released video of their scary real-world hoverbike. Check out the video below.

It’s apparently filmed in the Mojave desert and shows the hoverbike being tentatively driven/ridden/flown/whatever in a fairly steady manner by a test pilot who seems more concerned with keeping his toes intact than putting the hoverbike through its paces!

It looks pretty cool though. Initial thoughts are that it’s probably an early version of what may come in the not too distant future and with further development, they might actually make something that’s reasonably user-friendly. They say they’re trying to make something that uses simple rider inputs to do the steering, rather than complex controls.

The version on the video looks pretty difficult to handle though which, considering it’s essentially a seat strapped to a couple of giant rotor blades, ain’t particularly surprising! A spare several hundred thousand quid, a desire to get from A to B at walking pace and nads the size of boulders are a prerequisite to ownership.

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