Snappily-named new HJC RPHA 10 Plus Carbon motorcycle helmet released


HJC make some great helmets, but they’re not so good at naming them! Apart from the dodgy naming, there’s some interesting features in this new helmet.

First off, it looks cool, with a pretty distinctive hexagonal carbon design over a mix of organic and non-organic fibreglass. It’s also been wind tunnel tested to reduce buffeting, increase high speed stability and improve ventilation. Whether it works or not we can’t say, though it’s a good goal to aim for and, if it works, should help reduce noise too.

HJC RPHA 10 Plus crash helmet
New HJC RPHA 10 Plus helmet – catchy name huh!?

If pushed, I’d guess that it’ll be middle of the range in terms of safety standard. It will of course have passed the European ECE 2205 regulation (that all motorcycle helmets have to pass) but previous R-PHA helmets that have been tested by SHARP have scored 3 stars – which is about average.

Other features HJC mention are that it’s light weight (tho they don’t say how light) has a high-end ‘silk-like’ removable and anti bacterial liner (a silky liner has never been top of my hit-parade, but each to their own ;-)) and comes with both clear and dark visors with a pinlock (their press release actually says with tear off pins which I’d be delighted to hear more about how they work!)

Anyhow, it looks sweet, comes with a 5 year warranty and should sell for about £249. If we can get our hands on one to see if it’s worth it, we’ll do a full review in the future.

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