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Reviews of Expensive Helmets

If you’re looking for a motorcycle helmet at the top end of the market – one that exudes quality and has a bit more exclusivity – then you’ll find it on our most expensive helmets pages. A big price tag doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll give better protection in an accident of course (though many will) but if you’re after a helmet that’s beautifully crafted, and you have deep enough pockets, then check out one of these bad boys.


Shoei GT Air crash helmet review

Summary: the Shoei GT-Air is an expensive, well-built, premium priced full faced helmet that's quiet and comfortable. It has an integral sun visor and...

Snappily-named new HJC RPHA 10 Plus Carbon motorcycle helmet released

HJC make some great helmets, but they're not so good at naming them! Apart from the dodgy naming, there's some interesting features in this...

Arai Chaser V Review (aka Arai Vector 2 in the US)

Arai Chaser V review. For other motorcycle crash helmet reviews, visit our All Crash Helmet Reviews section or our Only SHARP 4 or 5 Star Helmet Reviews section....

Buyers Guide: Cheap Crash Helmets vs Expensive Crash Helmets

We've all had the same conversation (usually down the pub). Should we buy cheap crash helmets and replace them more often or go for...

AGV GP-Tech Review

Crash helmets for sale: AGV GP-TechSummary: AGV's top of the range racing helmet is universally praised. Designed with feedback from Vale himself it scores...

Shoei XR-1100: Crash helmet reviews

Summary: Excellent ventilation, top marks for safety, comfortable, quiet and excellent build quality. One of the best. A Nice looking crash helmet that comes...
Arai RX7 GP crash helmet

Arai RX-7 GP: Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Summary Top quality construction, vents that really work, quiet and good peripheral vision. Worth the price (if you can afford it!)Sharp 4 Star Safety Rating All-day-long...