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Flip-over helmets are a type of modular helmet where the chin bar fully rotates over the top of the helmet and locks in place at the rear. They’re becoming increasingly popular because when the chin bar’s totally out of the way behind the helmet, it gives the rider a true open face helmet feeling while riding. They’ve also got better aero and weight balance than conventional flip-up helmets.

So, if you’re in the market for a flip-over motorcycle helmet, you’ll find all our flip-over helmet reviews on this page.


HJC i100 review: HJC’s first flip-over modular helmet.

HJC i100 modular flip-over helmet review. The i100 is HJC's first attempt at a flip-over modular helmet. Just like a number of Shark helmets - and...

Shark Evo ES modular flip-up helmet review

Shark Evo ES: a great value 'up and over' modular touring helmet. Shark helmets have updated their Evo One helmet (again!) and this time it's...

Review of the LS2 Valiant FF399 motorcycle crash helmet

Review of LS2's flip-over polycarbonate modular helmet. If you've ever checked out the Shark Evoline or Shark Evo-one 2 modular helmets, you might find there's...

A review of the Evo-One 2 modular crash helmet by Shark

Shark Evo-One 2 - a compact, flip-front helmet with Pinlock Max Vision included Shark has been making flip-up/modular helmets for years - with each new...