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Motorbike Helmets with LED lights

Some crash helmets have LED lights incorporated into their shells to improve visibility and, usually, to look interesting/cool. If a helmet has LEDs or other lights, then we’ll add the review to this page.


Shark Skwal 2 Motorbike Helmet: a great all rounder with built-in...

Shark Skwal 2 review: a mid-priced polycarbonate street helmet with LEDs The original Skwal helmet has only been with us a couple of years but...

Nolan N87 full face motorcycle crash helmet review

Nolan N87 - Review of Nolan's well-specced polycarbonate full face helmet The Nolan N87 is Nolan’s top-of-the-range full face polycarbonate helmet aimed at both sportsbike...

Shark Skwal Review

Shark Skwal crash helmet. A polycarb full face helmet with in-built LED lights The Skwal is Shark's middle of the range, do anything at a...