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Light Weight Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

To class a helmet as light weight, we list only helmets that weigh around 1.4Kg or less here (under about 3lbs) – and that includes all types of helmet, full face, modular, the lot. Why? Well our research shows the average weight for a full face helmet is around 1.5Kg, so if a helmet’s considerably lighter than that, then we class it as a light weight helmet. Simple.

Lightweight helmets are generally comfier and easier to live with – plus the lighter the weight the more effectively a helmet can do its job. So, if having a light weight crash helmet is a priority for you, you’ll find all our reviews and articles on the lightest helmets here.


Scorpion Exo Combat: low-cost open face helmet badassery

Review of the Scorpion Exo Combat motorbike helmet. It's usually Shark with their Drak/Raw helmets that turn bikers into stormtroopers. But now Scorpion's having a...

A great value carbon fibre/composite sports touring helmet

Scorpion Exo-ST1400 Air sports touring motorcycle helmet review. The Scorpion Exo-1400 Air is Scorpion's top flight sports touring full face helmet. It comes in a...

Bell Eliminator: car racing inspired retro full face helmet

Review of the Bell Eliminator retro motorcycle helmet. Because Bell helmets began making car racing helmets, it's no surprise they've raided their automotive heritage when...

AGV K3 SV and K3 SV-S motorcycle helmet review

The AGV K3 SV is the successor to the popular K3, with the SV denoting an integral sun visor and the SV-S having a...

A look at the Caberg Levo flip-up touring helmet

Caberg's composite/carbon touring flip-up motorcycle helmet: the Caberg Levo. The Levo is Italian helmet maker Caberg's dual homologated flip-up helmet that's designed for touring.The Levo...

Simpson Venom: whatever next, a mean and practical streetfighter helmet?!

Simpson Venom (Ghost Bandit - US) motorcycle helmet review. OK, so if you're reading this and confused, that makes two of us!The Simpson Venom is...

Caberg Drift Evo review: A great value lid for your sportsbike?

Caberg Evo Drift review: full face, composite sportsbike helmet. The Caberg Drift Evo is, as the name suggests, an evolution of the older Caberg Drift.Which...

AGV Sport Modular – a Flip-up Helmet for Sports Bikes

The World's 1st 2nd Sports Modular Crash Helmet: the AGV Sport Modular It's billed by AGV as the world's first sports-modular (flip-front) helmet. OK, that's...

LS2 Rapid review – low price full face motorcycle helmet

LS2 Rapid - LS2's budget all rounder full face helmet. Chinese lid maker, LS2, is known for making lower-priced motorcycle helmets. And because the LS2...

Schuberth S2 Review: Crash Helmets for Sale

Schuberth S2 Review: Crash Helmets for sale. To read other Sharp 4 & 5 star crash helmet reviews, check our helmet reviews section.Summary: A well specified...