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SHARP 5 Star Helmet Reviews

SHARP 5 Star rated crash helmets are tested as some of the safest helmets around. Crash helmets that score five stars, as independently lab tested by the UK SHARP crash helmet safety scheme, have the best chance of protecting you in an accident.

Below we list only helmets that have scored the maximum 5 star rating – so if you’re wanting a quick way to buy the safest helmet, we recommend you grab yourself one of these beauts.

Shark race r pro carbon blank white side view

Shark Race-R Pro Carbon Fibre Full Face Helmet Review

SHARP 5 Star Rated (maximum safety score) Carbon Fibre Shell 1.3Kg (light) and aerodynamicGood for glasses wearers Double-D ring fastener Price range...
Suomy vandal crash helmet

Helmet Reviews: Suomy Vandal

Helmet Reviews: Suomy Vandal. For reviews of other motorbike helmets, see our All Helmet Reviews section or just SHARP 4 or 5 Star Helmet...
HJC-HQ-1 crash helmet

HJC HQ-1 Review: Crash Helmets for Sale

Summary: A great SHARP 5 star rated helmet which was discounted heavily later in its life cycle so can make a great buy. Average...

Shoei XR-1100: Crash helmet reviews

Summary: Excellent ventilation, top marks for safety, comfortable, quiet and excellent build quality. One of the best. A Nice looking crash helmet that comes...

Shark Evoline 3 crash helmet review

The Shark Evoline 3 was launched early 2012 and is a little lighter than it's predecessor (though still relatively heavy because of the extra...

Shoei Qwest – New Crash Helmets for Sale

Summary: The Shoei Qwest has been around since 2010, replacing the Raid 2. Based on lots of  info on crash helmets around t'interweb, here's...

All about the SHARP Crash Helmet Safety Scheme

The SHARP crash helmet testing scheme was introduced in 2007 to try and link real-world accident research data to a repeatable scientific and lab-based...