The World’s Most Amazing Motorcycles?

Check out these marvellous fetes of engineering. They’re undoubtedly entirely bonkers and impractical, but once they were dreamt up, these blokes had the bottle, means and skills to make them happen. And more power to them and their kind is what I say. Not sure I’d want any of these but the world’s a more fun place because they exist. All hail the bonkers bike builders!

First off, some chap in Berkshire took an 8 litre V10 engine from a Dodge Viper and built a bike around it. He’s since ridden around 4000 miles on it. Looks a bit of a handful through the twisties but more than makes up for it with that glorious muscle car sound!

Next is an awesomely bonkers 48 cylinder bike. Looks like they’re something like KH engines but I could be entirely wrong. Not sure I’d fancy riding that in anything less than an asbestos suit mind.

Now for another Viper engined bike – the Tomahawk. The RRP for this one is about $500,000 apparently. Quite a lot for a bike that doesn’t look like it actually goes round corners!

And finally, how about a motorbike that’s designed to crush cars? Now you’re talking…

If you’ve seen a video of a bike that’s even more amazing than these, please post a link below.

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