Write a motorbike helmet review for beer money

write a motorcycle helmet review

(then email it to billy at billyscrashhelmets.co.uk)

If you own a current model ECE certified helmet (doesn’t have to be one that’s already on the site), we’d love you to write a review and share your thoughts.

If you do, we’ll pay you money to cover a beer or two for your trouble. Sorry it can’t be more but we don’t make much from the site! I know, violins.

All you need to do is come up with a minimum of 500 words (more is great) and at least a couple of photos that can accompany your review.

Write it however you want, but if you want some tips, try covering some of this:

  • Why you bought the helmet
  • How you think it looks and quality of paint/finish
  • Quality of interior and comfort
  • How it works with any accessories
  • How noisy is it?
  • Does the visor work well? Sun visor?
  • Any niggles/hates?
  • Anything that’s the best thing you’ve ever seen on a helmet ever ever?
  • Weight
  • Aero
  • Customer service if you’ve had to get in touch with the manufacturer
  • Fitting a Bluetooth
  • Overall thoughts and would you buy it again
  • Give it a score out of 5 if you like
  • You get the picture

Thanks for helping out!

(un)Usual small print and payment info.

Not everyone’s great at writing, so I may edit your review a bit (or a lot!). Don’t worry, we can’t all be great at everything.

Also, if I think it might be libelous or insulting to someone, I might well chop that. And please, no fucking swearing.

Everything you send me will become my property. Can’t remember why, it just does. In exchange, I’ll send you a crisp digital tenner. I’ll pay either £10 sterling if you’re in the UK, (or $10 in the US) paying you either through through Paypal if you’ve a Paypal account (obv) or direct bank transfer if you’d be willing to share your acc details (understand if you don’t wanna but any details you provide will only be used to pay you and then deleted – so don’t worry, I won’t pester you with emails or sell your data on to data miners in Khasakstan).

If you’re anywhere else, let me know and I’ll try and figure out how I can get money to you.

Please only write a review if English is your first language or if you’re fluent. I reserve the right not to use your review and will only pay on acceptance of it (i.e. I’ll email to tell you it’s been accepted and ask how you want paying). I’m mainly saying this so someone doesn’t send me 1500 bot-written reviews and expect paying!

Think that’s about it. Good luck – and thanks!