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HJC crash helmets are known for two things. First, they’re widely available with pretty much all shops that sell crash helmets in the UK having at least a small selection. Secondly, they’re relatively cheap. They don’t tend to have helmets at the top end of the price range and seem to make reasonably priced helmets which are well featured.

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And that’s no accident. It’s HJCs stated goal to produce helmets that offer great performance at a very competitive price. We’ve reviewed their only 5 star SHARP rated crash helmet, the HQ-1, and it’s a real belter and very competitively priced for the performance. Talking to dealers, they’ve also got a great reputation among buyers too so it seems like it’s all going to plan for HJC.

HJC crash helmets was established in 1971 and currently make helmets in three manufacturing centres; in Vietnam, Korea and China, which HJC state are designed to satisfy entry-level buyers as well as mid and high end of the markets. Their facilities include a wind tunnel, which not many manufacturers can boast, and this helps produced aerodynamic helmets with low noise levels. Like many other crash helmet manufacturers, HJC invest heavily in materials and construction technology as well as features such as visor locking technology. And they’re pretty successful at it, producing high performing helmets such as their RPA-10 which was used by Ben Spies in Moto GP (but so far not tested by SHARP so not reviewed here).

HJC Manufacturing site in Korea and lower is the R&D centre
Top is the HJC Manufacturing site in Korea and lower is the R&D centre

One of the features HLC have been working on is producing an aerodynamic helmet which directs the air through, what HJC claim, is the best ‘ventilation channeling system’ on the market. This is designed to produce a slow air flow from the outside to the inside of the helmet which results in less wind resistance and noise and directs the air around the head to reduce humidity and increase cooling.

HJC produce a wide range of crash helmets covering most motorcycle categories – full face, off road, open faced – and also snowmobile helmets. They distribute their helmets to over 50 countries.

And they must be doing something right. Chatting to a couple of helmet dealers recently, they say that HJCs are their most popular sellers. And in the US, the Motorcycle Industry Magazine (now defunct) called HJC their No.1 helmet maker for many years running.

To read our reviews of HJC helmets, read our HJC section.

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