HJC FG-15 Review: Crash Helmets for Sale


Summary: A stylish SHARP 4 star rated full faced crash helmet known for excellent ventilation and good value for money, reviewed in our Crash Helmets for Sale section.

  • Now discontinued – for an update, try the FG-17
  • SHARP 4 Star Rated (out of 5)
  • Average noise
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Weight 1.4Kg
  • Double-D fastener
  • Target Price £85 (now discontinued, though some stocks are available)

The HJC FC-15 is a full faced helmet, available as the FG-15 in Europe and the FS-15 in the US. It varies widely in price depending on paint and whether you go for the fibreglass or carbon fibre version (the carbon is much more expensive at the time of writing). The SHARP 4 star rating came from the fibreglass version and as it’s not much heavier, is the one to go for unless you love the carbon fibre look.

The visor comes as Pinlock-ready – meaning it has the Pinlock mounting posts on the visor but no Pinlock insert. Still, the visor that comes with the helmet is coated with an anti-fog treatment which is OK, though not as good as a Pinlock. The visor opening mechanism is OK though the ratchet is a bit plasticy feeling in comparison with premium brands, and HJC has decided to put a locking button on the visor which seems slightly bizarre as most other manufacturers seem to manage without one.

The FG-15 also comes with HJCs ‘rapidfire’ visor removal system. It’s similar to Shoei’s and  works really well.

The helmet has a single chin vent, double forehead vents (operated by one sliding toggle) and two rear vents. HJC have put a lot of effort into creating a ventilation system that takes air and blows it over the head without interfering too much with the air flow – or making the helmet noisy. Well, it’s succeeded in making a very effective cooling system as most riders say it’s second to none – though that’s not necessarily a good thing in colder climates.

HJC FG-15 in plain matt black
HJC FG-15 in plain matt black

The chin vent is a little fiddly to operate with a gloved hand but otherwise, the ventilation system does just want HJC intended.

Onto the lining. Both cheek guards and lining is removable and machine washable and the interior is sold as both wicking and anti-bacterial. That ‘wicking’ claim always seems a little odd to me as usually there needs to be somewhere for your sweat to wick-away to and in a crash helmet, there isn’t anywhere! Having said that, it’s the same problem encountered by all helmets and the removable lining is a help in keeping things clean and stink-free. The lining is good quality too and the helmet also comes with a breath guard and chin apron. Riders report that it’s generally fine for people with glasses too with plenty of room to fit the arms. The chin apron reduces noise and draft from around the neck area.

The FG15 is a stylish crash helmet that’s got some great features and is available at a great price. It’s definitely worth considering if you’re on a tight budget or want an alternative to the big brands.

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If you’ve any experience of the FG-15 I’d love to know what you think in the comments section below. Nice one.

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