Airoh Mathisse flip-front motorcycle helmet updated


Airoh Mathisse modular updated for 2022 – now with P/J certification, sun visor and Pinlock.

Italian helmet brand, Airoh, are known for making a range of competitively priced lids – from polycarbonate street helmets all the way up to carbon fibre FIM certified racing helmets.

airoh mathisse flip up helmet gloss white side view
Side view of the Mathisse gloss white in full face mode

The newly-updated Airoh Mathisse is definitely towards the lower end of the price range, formed in thermoplastic but designed to have most of the bells and whistles that the modern rider might be looking for in their street modular helmet.

The older Mathisse RS was poorly rated by SHARP when they tested it aeons ago – scoring just 2 stars for safety and giving the chin bar 83% (that’s the % it stayed locked during testing) which ain’t exactly great (you might want to check out our article on the best-protecting modular helmets).

And while we won’t know how well the new Mathisse will do until it’s tested, we do know that they’ve scored an avg of 3.5 stars for safety to date with their chin bars scoring on avg just shy of 80%.

That said, the Mathisse does offer a lot for the money.

  • Thermoplastic flip-up helmet
  • Micrometric fastener
  • 2 Shell sizes
  • Pinlock anti-fog included
  • Drop down sun visor
  • Class 1 optically correct visor
  • Weighs around 1.7Kg (about average for a modular)
  • Sizes XS-XXL
  • Expect to pay £199-£240

Best places to buy an Airoh Mathisse Helmet?

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airoh mathisse matt black front view
Front view of the matt black Mathisse showing new wider visor

In addition to that lot, one of the great features of the Mathisse is its ability to pivot that chin bar right round to the back of the helmet where there’s a lock to make sure it stays put.

That makes for a proper open face feeling when riding. And unlike some modulars that can’t be used on the road with the chin bar up, the Mathisse is dual or P/J homologated, meaning that it’s legal to ride in open face mode.

There’s a few other helmets out that let you pivot the chin bar round to the back of the helmet (like the Shark Evo ES or LS2 Valliant) but it’s a great feature and means you don’t have a weighty chin bar loitering just above your view line and weighting your helmet weirdly when riding making it feel a little unbalanced.

Airoh say they’ve designed the Mathisse to have a wide visor opening for improved peripheral vision too. They’ve also added a class 1 optically correct visor in there to keep distortion to a minimum, and they’ve added a Pinlock to the visor to keep it all mist free – and the Pinlock’s included in the box, which is always nice.

airoh mathisse darkgrey flip up motorbike helmet
Airoh Mathisse in dark grey showing chin bar fully rotated and locked into position.


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Inside the Mathisse, the liner’s removable and washable and it’s hypoallergenic too. There’s multipoint ventilation – through the chin bar (which also ventilates the inside of the visor) and a crown vent to get air around the head.

airoh mathisse bronze helmet rear view
The matt bronze Mathisse from the rear.

If you’re looking to put a bluetooth headset into your helmet, the Mathisse is actually designed from the ground up to accommodate their own bluetooth headset (no word on which one so far unfortunately).

If you’d rather fit your own bluetooth headset, that might be a bit trickier since the chin bar moves and the surface is highly moulded with the sun visor slider on the bottom edge of the lid making it tricky to clamp mount.

On the plus side, it’s got speaker pockets inside and there are removable panels to help you route the cabling and mount your microphone.

Airoh Mathisse Video

Here’s the slightly bizarre official video for the Mathisse.

So far so good. The Airoh Mathisse looks like it’ll be a decent stab at making a great all-rounder modular helmet with a wide range of useful features at a reasonably low price point.

Of course, there’s heaps of choice out there for a great modular helmet, so here’s some tried and tested modulars you might also want to take a look at.

Good Alternatives to the Airoh Mathisse?

Nolan N100-5

First up, take a look at Nolan’s N100-5. It’s a SHARP 4 star rated flip up helmet that costs around the same as the Airoh. It’s got a 100% chin bar too and if you’re looking for an integrated bluetooth, the N100-5’s designed to take Nolan’s N-Com kit.

hjc c90 modular helmet metallic silver side view
Metallic Silver HJC C90

If you’re on a budget, how about the HJC C90? SHARP 4 star safety rated, sun visor – it’s pretty basic but it’s also half the price of the Mathisse.

Matt gunmetal Caberg Duke II

We often recommend the Caberg Duke II – that’s because it’s great value and because it’s SHARP 5 star safety rated. It’s lighter than the Mathisse and comes with a Pinlock too.

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Best places to buy an Airoh Mathisse Helmet?

Please click below to visit the Airoh Mathisse helmets pages at either of our recommended stores. And if you buy from one of them, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).


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