Which is the Best Motorbike Helmet to Buy?

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There’s never been such a stack of great helmets out of there to choose from. In fact when we’re reviewing helmets, it’s really rare to find one that’s poor all-round, which is why few of the helmets we review rarely score below 3 stars overall.

But if you’re looking for a new helmet, you can get a bit overwhelmed, right? And the answer to the question of which is best to buy is dependent on what you’re going to be using the helmet for. So we’ve dug around a bit to find three of the best motorcycle helmets to check out for each type of ride – commuting, off-road, adventure, touring, street and sports. You can then read our full reviews and decide for yourself!

So, here we go – starting off with the slowest and working our way up…[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Best Helmets for Commuting

Commuter helmets need to be just as durable and user-friendly as any other helmet – even moreso because you’ll be using yours every day. But many commuters using their bike or scooter to get to work will be on a tight budget too, so we’ve chosen helmets that are really great value for money as well. Here’s 3 of the best we’ve seen, but for more choice, click through to see all our commuter helmets.

Best Helmets for Off Road

Off road helmets are real specialised beasts. Spaces for goggles, peaks and roost-guards; they need to give a special type of protection from hitting the dirt – as well as from the dirt hitting you! Here you’ll find our top-3 rated Motocross/off-road helmets – but you can find more motocross helmets over here.

Best Adventure Bike Helmets

Adventure bike helmets are just as good for on- or off-road riding. They give you the best of both worlds and some can even transform from a regular full-face helmet into a full-on motocross lid, complete with roost guard and vent filters. OK, if you do lots of motorway miles, you’re probably best going for a dedicated full-face helmet, but if you don’t stray into triple figures very often and like hitting the green lanes, then an adventure (or dual-sport) helmet is the way to go. Here’s three of the best we’ve seen – but for more choices, drop on by our Adventure bike helmet pages.

Three of the Best Adventure Bike Helmets

Best Touring Helmets

Of course you can go touring in any old helmet – and there’s some great budget helmets around that would do the job very well indeed. But most folks who go touring have specific needs. Whether that’s a helmet that’ll work well with bluetooth sets, or whether that’s a flip-front helmet to make it easier to talk to pillions (or whether it’s a fantastically sound-proofed helmet so they don’t have to!) – whatever it is, you’ll find three of the best touring helmets below. Or you can click to our sports-touring helmet pages to find loads more.

Best Streetbike/Naked Helmets

Here’s three of the best helmets for riding a more upright bike – some might well still work great on a sportsbike or a tourer (so you’ll see some sports and touring helmets in here too), but they’re well suited to the urban environment too. And quite a few will have a damn good go at making you look cool too, which is never a bad thing, right?

Best Sportsbike/Track Helmets

If you’re going on the track or off for a fast ride on your sportsbike, you want amazing protection and you want a great view of the road ahead when you’re tucked in. Here’s three of the best-rated sportsbike and track-ready helmets. All of these will do the job admirably, but if you want more of a selection, head on over to our Sportsbike helmets pages.


    • Most manufacturers reckon around 5 years as materials degrade over time and use. If it was me and a helmet had not been used very much, I’d extend that time a bit and probably reduce it if a helmet’s in daily use.


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