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AGV GP-Tech - now discontinued

Crash helmets for sale: AGV GP-Tech

Summary: AGV’s top of the range racing helmet is universally praised. Designed with feedback from Vale himself it scores maximum results in the SHARP safety test, has great ventilation, is reasonably light and very comfortable. A cool looking helmet and a great performer – well recommended.

  • SHARP 5 Star Safety Rating (top marks!)
  • Sizes XS – XXXL (wide range)
  • Weight 1.5Kg
  • Average Noise
  • Carbon Kevlar Construction

This is the helmet that Valentino Rossi wore in the 2012 MotoGP season – so you’d expect it to be pretty good! According to AGV he also helped with the design and it’s the best venting helmet they’ve ever produced (we’ll see!) So if you want the same view of the road as The Doctor while knowing you’ve one of the safest crash helmets for sale this year, then this could be the helmet for you. As always, provided you get the fitment right. Let’s take a look.


As we always say, if you’ve gotta wear a crash helmet, you might as well wear one that’s tested to be as safe as they come (which is why we only recommend SHARP 4 & 5 star helmets here at BCH) and this AGV GP-Tech is as safe as they come. It’s got a carbon-kevlar outer shell which is designed to offer huge impact resistance and lightweight. Since the GP-Tech is 1.5Kg, AGV have obviously decided not to make the helmet the lightest around (1.5Kg is about standard for a decent full-faced helmet these days) erring on the side of providing a solid helmet shell and securing maximum stars in safety tests.

Looking to buy the AGV GP-Tech?

Unfortunately, it’s been discontinued for a long while now so isn’t available to buy. Instead, why not take a look at the AGV Corsa S or the AGV Pista GP-R because they’re great helmets similar to the GP-Tech.


AGV GP Tech crash helmet Valentinos Eye
Model – Valentinos Eye

The GP-Tech has been produced in only two shell-sizes. Not the most around (some Arai’s use 4 different sized shells) but this doesn’t massively compromise safety as long as the helmet fits right for you. This is supported by the fact that the GP-Tech scored 5 stars in the SHARP helmet test and they test using a variety of helmet sizes bought independently from shops. Check out our helmet fitting guide here. Sizes come in XS – XXL.


AGV said they set out to produce a helmet with outstanding ventilation and buyers tend to agree. They have moulded in ventilation channels into the shell of the helmet which they say contributes to market-leading ventilation. It has the usual chin and brow vents with an exhaust at the rear so the ventilation channels must be doing their job well since pretty well all users seem to agree it has excellent ventilation and is a great helmet for riding in warm climates. Both vents can be closed/opened with gloved fingers.


The  GP Tech comes as standard with an anti-scratch and anti-fog visor. It features AGVs latest quick-release visor mechanism which is much better than previous AGVs and comparable to Shoei’s excellent system.


Reported as being extremely comfortable – all day comfortable. The lining is fully removable and washable. It also uses a material called CoolMax which is designed to absorb perspiration and has a honeycombed construction to improve air flow (at least that’s their bumf says!). Given reports that it’s of comparable comfort to the best Arais and that ventilation works extremely well, then it seems the system works well. It’s a bit tight to get on and off by all accounts (bit of a ‘birthing experience’ according to one owner) but once one, it’s a great place to be.


You’ll need to wear ear plugs with this helmet, but then they’re advised to be worn with pretty well any helmet if you’re travelling far or at higher speeds. The GP-Tech isn’t the quietest but considering it has a pretty complex shell shape, that’s probably to be expected. It’s rated about average for wind noise.


Finish and overall build quality is reported as very good – comparable to Arais and Shoeis. Also, the paint and lining (fully removable and washable) are good quality. Several users report that the strap can be fiddly but fits securely once on (as expected for a full on race helmet it has a double-d ring fastener as they’re the ACU racing authority’s favoured fastenings for on the track).

No one had a bad word to say about the AGV GP-Tech. It’s AGVs flagship racing model and it seems to live up expectations. There’s lots of paint schemes available – including pretty well everyone that Valentino’s know for including the eyeball helmet – and there’s some decent bargains around. A great helmet and well recommended.


In grey so you can see a little more detail of the contours.

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Here’s a video showing some detail on the GP-Tech.

Looking to buy the AGV GP-Tech?

Unfortunately, it’s been discontinued for a long while now so isn’t available to buy. Instead, why not take a look at the AGV Corsa S or the AGV Pista GP-R because they’re great helmets similar to the GP-Tech.

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