New release – Givi 50.4 Sniper full face helmet

Givi have just released their latest full face lid, the 50.4 Sniper. It’s a polycarbonate-shelled helmet with a drop down sun visor, micrometric fastener, removable/washable liner and, on paper at least, decent ventilation. It’s also Pinlock ready and comes with a breath deflector and is available in 8 different colour schemes. What more do you want? Oh yeah, a decent price. £80 at the time of writing seems pretty decent to me.

Givi 50.4 Sniper ‘Caschi’ rear view


  • Polycarbonate
  • SHARP 4 star rated
  • 3-point ventilation
  • Removable liner
  • 1.45Kg weight (pretty light for a polycarb helmet)
  • Size XS-XL
  • Expect to pay about £80

Givi reckon it’ll weigh about 1.45kg – which is actually very light for a polycarb helmet – and comes in 1 shell size (boo, but expected at this price point).

On paper it looks pretty good so is probably worth a look. This is the second Givi that’s been tested by SHARP so far – that was a fibreglass full face that scored 3/5 – but the 50.4 scored a very respectable 4/5 stars which is very good.

If you’re after a nice looking helmet with some practical features, then the Sniper should offer good value for money and, with its excellent performance in the SHARP test, is going to be worth checking out. It’s available now.

The Givi Sniper Caschi with drop down sun visor
The Givi Sniper Caschi with drop down sun visor

Best place to buy a Givi crash helmet?

FC-Moto widely offers the best prices in Europe, scores a decent (8.7/10 on Trustpilot) - and is based in Germany. They stock a wide selection of Givis and if you want the cheapest prices around, we recommend you buy from there.

Please click the picture below to visit the Givi page at FC-Moto where you can see all the latest colour schemes and prices. And if you buy from there, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you - a massive THANKS! (it's how we finance the site).

Click to check prices at FC Moto (take advantage of Euro pricing!)
Click to check prices at FC Moto (take advantage of Euro pricing!)


  1. I’ve used a Givi 50.2 for a the past few years and the 50.4 looks very similar. My thoughts on the 50.2 are hopefully useful. The plastic ventilation parts on the chin are very fragile. Mine broke within the first month. The screen is not very scratch resistant. The screen apperture is not ideally sized/oriented for sports bike riders. If you are tucking in behind a smaller sports bike screen you might struggle to see. It seems aimed at touring riders who sit much more upright. The fit is good and the price was good too. I love the internal sun visor (I wear glasses) and I won’t buy a helmet without it now. I think Givi have some good ideas but have not worked out the details/quality yet.


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