Schuberth R2 motorcycle crash helmet


Schuberth R2 – the all-rounder full-face glass fibre crash helmet

The  Schuberth R2 is designed to be Schuberth’s all rounder helmet; meaning as long as you’re not spending hours in an extreme tuck position on your sportsbike, or laid waaaay back on a chop, it should work just fine.

Even though it’s not cheap, it is one of Schuberth’s lower priced helmets. And for the money, it does come with some interesting goodies – including integrated SC1 bluetooth antenna/mic/speakers. So if the price is about right for your pocket, then it may well be worth a look.

Read on to find out more.

  • Fibreglass full face helmet
  • SHARP 3 star safety rated
  • Designed as an all-rounder
  • Built-in antenna, mic and speakers
  • Schuberth SC1 bluetooth-ready
  • EQRS (see safety below)
  • Expect to pay £277-320
Matt black Schuberth R2. Note all R2s will come with clear visor as standard.


Despite most Schuberths commanding a premium price, you might be surprised to know that Schuberths don’t have a great reputation for safety.

The old Schuberth R1 scored 2/5 stars in the SHARP test and their average score across seven tested helmets is a distinctly average 3 stars. Not amazing for a premium-priced helmet.

With the R2, they use a new production process to make the fibreglass shell called Direct Fibre Processing which they say leads to a more uniform layer of fibreglass and strengthened shell.

Though as we’ve seen, the best helmets don’t have a strong/hard shell but seem to hit that sweet spot between a strong but flexible helmet shell and quality shock absorbing liner.

Schuberth also say they use a multi-part EPS lining which helps with energy absorption during an accident.

schuberth R2 SHARP test grab
Image/test copyright – Schuberth R2 @ 8.5m/s impact test results

When the UK testing bods at SHARP got their hands on a few R2’s in early ’19, they scored it 3 stars out of a maximum 5 for safety. Given Schuberth’s past history, that’s entirely expected.

It’s also a slightly lower score than the average across all helmet types tested by SHARP, which is around 3.5 stars out of 5. So given the price you pay for a typical Schuberth, that’s not a great safety score.

See here for SHARP 4 & 5 star helmets.

Schuberth are also adding an emergency quick-release system (EQRS) to the comfort lining – there to help medics remove a helmet with the minimum of complications after an accident. And they also use a Double-D ring fastener, sighting the fact that a double d ring has to be re-adjusted with every ride; which is definitely a benefit for safety – as long as the rider can be bothered to adjust it correctly.

R2 Nemesis comes in hi viz yellow, white or blue versions

Research suggests that around 8% of fatal accidents involve the helmet coming off. So fasten up carefully guys.

Looking to buy a Schuberth?

We recommend SportsBikeShop (UK) for competitive prices, free delivery and 365 day returns backed by outstanding reviews. We also recommend GetGeared (UK) who offer free delivery (and free 365 day returns) and who get very good online reviews for service too.

Or if you'd prefer to buy from Germany in Euros, Motoin are a quality operation with decent prices and great review scores. Or you can click through to the Roof helmets pages at Amazon if you prefer to buy from there.

Please see here for more info on our recommended stores or click the links to go straight to their Roof helmets pages.


Schuberth say the R2 will have a single chin vent and crown vent and use channels in the EPS to take air through the helmet.

Most helmets these days have double-vents up top so it’ll be interesting to see if the R2 manages to catch enough air to push into the helmet to really drive that cooling and ventilation. Quality engineering is also needed to design effective cooling channels in the shock-absorbing liner and match that up with the external intakes. Not all manufacturers manage it.


Good ventilation helps immensely with keeping the visor fog-free too, but the Schuberth R2 will also come with a Pinlock ready visor (tbc if there’s a Pinlock insert in the box).

All R2s come with Pinlock-ready visors. This one’s the R2 Enforcer hi viz

If it does, it’ll have to be a Max Vision insert as Schuberth have made the visor opening as wide as possible to improve peripheral vision.

That’s a good thing in any helmet as long as they’ve managed to increase visor width and maintain structural integrity. We’ve seen some makers make massive visor openings but the side-impact test results show real weakness at the side of the helmet, arguably because the helmet’s been weakened because of the massive visor hole!

Early versions of the R2 show a non-ratchet visor but it does come with a lever-based quick release system for the visor. Pictures also show Schuberth looks to have ditched their turbulators along the top of the visor (Schuberth reckoned they reduced wind noise) though a few seem to have sprouted above the visor pivot and along the side of the helmet. We’ll find out if they work once owners have ridden with the R2 later on in 2017.

Comfort & Sizing

Schuberth’s website say they use ShinyTex, Oko-Tex 100 linings inside the R2.

Oko-Tex 100 is an international certification program that ensures a fabric isn’t harmful to the end user – so stipulates certain manufacturing processes and materials aren’t used. So if you’ve particularly sensitive skin, then that might be good for you.

As far as we can find, ShinyTex is a Chinese textile company so that’s not really a massive benefit to us!

Gloss white Schuberth R2. Note single chin and forehead vents

Other than that, the R2 interior is removable/washable, anti-bac and designed to be fast-drying.  They also say they’ve designed it to be seamless so you don’t get any seams digging in (good plan).

Looks, Aero & Graphics

The Schuberth R2 is a clean-looking and minimalist helmet. Any aero features hasve been built-in to the actual helmet shell rather than stuck on in the form of spoilers or winglets. That should also help with reducing helmet noise too – something in keeping with the stated goals of Schuberth. They use wind-tunnels in the development of their helmets and sculpt their shells not only to be aerodynamic and stable, but to reduce noise as much as possible.

As for graphics, designs released so far are reasonably classy and understated – in line with most of the designs released by Schuberth on their existing helmets.

They produce a matt and gloss black version and a gloss white. There’s also a few hi-viz fluorescent versions in most of the designs – including the Renegade (helmet at the top of the page), Nemesis and Enforcer.

There’s bound to be some more graphics available after launch though, so click the links through to our recommended retailers after its launched in 2017 to see the latest designs and prices.

Best place to buy a Schuberth crash helmet?

First off, we suggest you check out SportsBikeShop. They're based in the UK, offer free delivery with 365 day refunds, have really competitive prices (they'll price match too) and offer outstanding service (9.8/10 on Trustpilot at the time of writing).

GetGeared are another recommended UK retailer, with free delivery, a no-quibble 365 day returns policy (with free return postage) and scoring 4.8/5 on eKomi at the time of writing.

Motoin are based in Germany, have decent Euro prices and get great feedback (4.9 and 4.5 out of 5 on Idealo and eTrustedshops at the time of writing) though note, there's a delivery charge to ship outside of Germany, so factor that in (see here for details).

Or you can jump through to the Schuberth helmets pages at Amazon if you prefer to buy from there - but make sure you only buy from the most reputable sellers.

Please click any picture/link to drop onto their Schuberth helmets pages. And if you buy from them, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you - a massive THANKS! (it's how we finance the site). Click here for more info on our recommended retailers.

Buy Schuberth from SportsbikeshopBuy from Get Geared UKShop for Schuberth helmets at Amazon

Click above to drop onto their Schuberth helmets pages or *quick view retailer T&Cs here.

Schuberth R2 Video

Here’s a 12m look around the R2 from fast talking bloke at Revzilla.

Other stuff – warranty

The Schuberth R2 will come with a five year manufacturer’s warranty – that’s up there with the best warranties in terms of length of time covered.

This one’s a grey version of the Enforcer graphic


We’d expect the R2 to be a good helmet to live with. Schuberth put a great deal of effort into making a really usable helmet, and they’re usually good quality too.

And with stuff like a nice wide visor and in-built Schubert SC1 communicator mic/speakers and antenna, Schuberth are continuing to make modern-looking helmets that have everyday usability in there as standard.

Just don’t expect it to offer the best protection on the market because when the UK SHARP safety testing crew tested the Schuberth R2, they scored it a below average 3/5 stars for safety.

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Alternatives to the Schuberth R2?

There’s the 5 star rated AGV GT Veloce – that’s a composite fibre sports-oriented helmet with a big visor aperture. It retails for about the same price as the Schuberth R2 too.

Or how about an X-Lite X-702 GT – that’s another SHARP 5 star composite helmet that’s light and excels in pretty well everything (noise, comfort and ventilation). Again, it’s around the same price as the R2.

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