A look at the X-Lite X-702 GT touring crash helmet


X-Lite X-702 GT – a composite-shelled touring helmet


X-Lite manufacture some of the safest helmets in the world. Most of their helmets are created out of composites – and the X-702 GT is no exception being made out of a composite of Kevlar, carbon fibre and fibreglass – with the aim of making the safest helmets possible. And if you look at X-Lite’s SHARP safety rating scores, they’re doing a very good job too with their lowest score being 4 out of 5!

The X-Lite X-702 is X-Lite’s composite touring helmet. It was tested by SHARP where it scored a maximum 5/5 stars which is as safe as they come.

But is it any good to live with and does it perform as a touring helmet?


X-Lite’s reputation for good quality, good value and safe helmets continues with the X-702 GT. It’s a touring helmet that’s quiet, comfortable with good ventilation and a UV drop down sun visor – and which is SHARP 5 star rated for safety. And there’s no real downsides – it’s even great value for a composite helmet and has an ACU Gold sticker if you want to take it on the track. Overall – very much worth a look.

  • SHARP 5 Star rated – maximum safety
  • Sizes XXS to XXXL!
  • Weight 1.4Kg (lighter than average)
  • Composite fibre shell
  • Quiet, comfortable and great ventilation
  • Double d ring fastener with ACU gold sticker
  • Typically priced between £220-£280 depending on design and retailer

Best places to buy an X-Lite X-702 GT?

Please click below to visit the X-Lite X-702 GT helmets pages at Amazon UK where you should still find it available. And if you buy from there, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s helps finance the site).


We’ve already mentioned the X-702 GT scored a maximum 5/5 in the SHARP helmet safety test – and of course it’s ECE 22.05 tested and approved for sale in the EU. What’s more, it’s manufactured in four shell sizes, adding to safety as well as helping the fitting and look of the helmet when you’re wearing it. The number of shell sizes manufactured might also be seen as a measure of a brand’s attention to detail and commitment to safety and fit – only the most reputable brands produce their helmets in four shell sizes so X-Lite joins a select few in producing the X-702 GT in four shells.

Front, back and side view of the X-Lite X-702 GT in silver

Of course, safety is about more than just the helmet shell. Features such as an easy to use sun visor, aerodynamics/buffeting, reflective inserts to improve visibility, wide visor aperture to increase peripheral vision – they all arguably contribute to safety, and the X-Lite X-702 GT has them all.

Futuristic-looking Cosy paint

Helmet Noise

Owners broadly reckon the X-702 GT is a pretty quiet helmet. And with X-Lite’s focus on quality aerodynamics to reduce buffeting and improved airflow, that’s probably not too surprising. Plus, given that the 702 GT is a touring-focused helmet, making a quiet helmet was probably reasonably high up on their list of design priorities.

Of course, most folks who’re in the market for a serious touring helmet will probably use either ear plugs or have a communicator to help with the noise suppression, but to keep your ride as quiet as possible, it’s good to see the X-702 GT gets the basics of noise insulation right.

White black red Chased design showing lowered sun visor


The X-702 GT has an useful array of vents and exhausts. It has two chin vents in the chin guard; one to direct flow onto the visor and another towards the rider’s mouth. It also has a couple of side vents which act as additional ventilation to the lower half of the face in one position, or an exhaust for the front vents. There’s also a couple of forehead vents matched to a couple of exhaust vents to the rear.

Users say it’s a good system that’s easy to use and delivers plenty of cooling in hot weather and enough ventilation to the visor during colder weather to keep the visor fog free (when used with the included Pinlock insert). So all good here.

Cool looking Fightex version of the X-702 GT


There’s a drop-down sun visor with ‘fog resistant coating’ operated from a slider to the left of the visor. The main clear visor comes with an included Pinlock anti fog insert, has a central easy-to-use tab for raising/lowering the visor and a good positive ratchet mechanism which owners say is well designed. It’s also got the increasingly commonplace quick release mechanism.

One feature that’s not so common on a touring helmet is the wide visor aperture. These are more common with racing helmets but are just as useful on the road so it’s good to see X-Lite learning from their racing division and bringing it over to their touring range.


No problems reported here. The interior is removable and washable (as usual) but is also made from what X-Lite say is a thermally-regulating padding that’s breathable too. There’s also 3 grades of cheek pads available to help owners tailor the fit, which is a nice touch and should mean, if you buy a 702 GT and you’re not too sure if the fit’s quite right, you could experiment with replacement cheek pads to get the fit bang on.

There’s also glasses grooves in the inside to help glasses wearers get a comfortable fit by preventing stems from digging into the side of the face. Nice all round.

Showing quality interior and double-d ring fastener

The blurb from X-Lite on internal padding boasts another bunch of features and materials brought over from their racing team; but whatever its heritage and claims – owners say it’s effective and that the X-702 GT is a very comfortable helmet.

Looks & Graphics

At the time of reviewing, X-Lite had a range of 8 different designs, though you’ll also be able to find several more older designs if you click the links through to our recommended retailer below.

As usual, we’ve tried to give a sample of most of the current range on this page, although the designs usually come in three or four different colour combinations too.

X-Lite X-702 GT in Scorey green and white colours

Many of the X-702 GT’s designs are very cool urban or sci-fi inspired designs, such as the Fightex, Racy, Cosy or Scorey (right) – designs that wouldn’t look out of place in a videogame. There are the usual plain blacks/whites (the Start range) but there’s also the subdued but still very modern Dynamic, Active and Chased designs. All models are suffixed with N-Com to denote they’re ready to work with X-Lite’s N-com communication system – in the X-702 GTs case the N-Com BX4.

Best places to buy an X-Lite X-702 GT helmet?

Please click below to visit the X-Lite X-702 GT helmets pages at Amazon UK where you should still find it available. And if you buy from there, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s helps finance the site).


We couldn’t find an English language X-702 GT review video, but we did find one taken at the X-Lite factory showing them making their helmets – amongst them an X-702 and the BX-4 communicator – that you might find interesting. There’s also a video showing how to fit the N-Com communicator which might come in useful if you buy an X-702 GT. Happy viewing!

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‘Active’ graphics version


There are three other helmets you might want to take a look at that have similar characteristics to the X-Lite.

Firstly, there’s AGVs K5, another composite-shelled sports-touring helmet that scored 4 stars for safety and also comes with a sun visor. It’s a little cheaper than the X-Lite too. There’s also the AGV GT Veloce which is similar-looking to the K5 and at the sportier end of the sports-tourer category. It’s 5 star safety rated and also composite-shelled (in this case fibreglass, aramid and carbon fibres) and though the GT Veloce is a little more expensive than the X702 GT, it’s an excellent helmet (though let down slightly by being quite noisy).

Finally, there’s the Nolan N86. This is lower priced than all the above and made of polycarbonate – though it also has a sun visor and scored four stars in the SHARP safety test – and it comes with an included Pinlock anti fog insert in the box.

Best places to buy an X-Lite X-702 GT?

Please click below to visit the X-Lite X-702 GT helmets pages at Amazon UK where you should still find it available. And if you buy from there, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s helps finance the site).

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Star Ratings

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x-lite-x-702-gt-motorcycle-helmet-reviewHigh performing and great value composite fibre touring helmet that achieved a maximum score in the SHARP safety test. Performs well in pretty well every area and is well worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new touring helmet.


  1. dans l’absolu, c’est un bon casque, il est léger, bien contrit, de bonne finition, mais il laisse passer l’air en dessous, ce qui crée un bruit vraiment trop fort.

    il ne filtre pas les sons.

    bien sur, n’importe quel casque est bruyant, mais tout dépends de quel type de son il s’agit.
    là, c’est une tornade dans le casque, un bruit puissant et assez aigu, beaucoup plus que dans un 1000 xr et meme que dans un nxr shoei.

    c’est bien dommage !

  2. I like the Xlite 702. I always wear ear plug though. Always have.
    I find the internal sun visor doesn’t drop down as far as my old Nolan N87 so the bottom of the visor is a bit of a distraction. If it dropped another 12mm it would be perfect.
    Venting is good. Graphics and paint good.
    Comfort good.
    Jamie NewZealand

  3. Glad I just read this, now I will not try to fix the wind sound, by installing any communications system. I used military ear plugs, just can’t hear anything then tough, so a bit dangerous.
    One person quiet helmet is anothers very noisy, I don’t except that for one second. I guess is the noise rating was 3 stars, it would NOT sell, so they lied. Yes the shape of your head would make a difference, old trick for new players though, a Helmet one size too small will be a bin job, you will end up with horrid headaches. Andrew T Perth West Australia

  4. Hi i bought a xlite 702 and also found the helmet incredibly noisey with wind noise , i tried the helmet on when it arrived ,the fit was good i didnot get a chance to use my bike for a month and when i did at 65 mph the wind noise was loud as hell and that was with ear plugs after a trip to scotland from liverpool my ears where ringing i cant wear this lid anymore , the finish is good ,i like the visor didnt even bother to fit my bluetoth, i recently bumped into a rider from New zealand touring with his wife who also had purchased the same helmet and had the same complaint, i dont understand why you would give it a 4 star rating for noise , im going to borrow another helmet which is new same size off my friend to try, he has the same complaint the noise seems to be just as loud even if you ride with the visor open, also this lid has lots of vents every where but the veterlation from these vents even at high speeds is minimal compared to other helmets ive owned.

  5. Hi.
    I just bought an X-lite 702 helmet from FC moto as you sugest. I also bought a Bx5 n-com Bluetooth that would fit the helmet.
    I just chose this helmet after reading your opinions on this particular helmet. Big was my disappointment when I received the package, and someone at the FC moto had put the helmet loosely into the box without the nice bag that otherwise protects the helmet .

    So the helmet was already scratched / worn several places. I tried to get the FC moto for 3 days on the phone without luck.

    This Friday I thought, well then, fuck it, I keep the helmet as it is and I started building Bx5 into the helmet.

    Today Monday came the big day with some sun and I was going to try my new helmet with Bluetooth, cool i thought, but NO

    The N-com app could not find my helmet no matter how much I tried. So it was not possible to set up the options Bx5 would otherwise offer, such as radio etc.

    Again I thought, fuck it. At least, I could use Bx5 to call.

    As soon as I got out on the road, I could hear that something was wrong, this helmet had so much wind noise that it was hardly fun to drive, I needed earplugs, lucky I had some in my bag.

    Well, now I should try Bx5, and wow it all seemed to work and I could talk to my wife without any problems.
    Now comes the next problem, as soon as I got up to 80 km per hour, I could not hear my wife at all, because of the big wind noise in this helmet.

    So all in all, I think that your 4 star description for this helmet was completely out in the woods as we say in Denmark and I think that Nolan should announce that the Bx5 only works at speeds below 75.km per hour with their own helmets.

    The last problem is that FC moto does not want to help me because I have used the helmet for an hour.

    What do I do now. I have a 520 euro helmet with Bluetooth that is so noisy I cant even use it.

    Br Jakob E

    • Sorry to hear your problems Jakob. Sounds like FC Moto really let you down. As for noise, I do try to emphasize that one person’s ‘quiet helmet’ is another person’s ‘noisiest helmet on the planet’ at every opportunity I get. So I’m sorry to hear your experience is the latter. It’s always sooo subjective – and most folks ride around with ear plugs in AND use their bluetooth at the same time. I’d give that a go. I know I do and mine is an incredibly cheap bluetooth and I can just about hear it at 70mph with plugs in. Also, sorry to hear about your experience with FC Moto – though unfortunately there’s not a shop anywhere that’ll take a helmet back if you’ve used it. Guess helmets are a bit like swimwear! As I show in the recommended retailer section any helmets to be returned must be in as new condition with tags/stickers etc. in place. So unused. Though if they’ve screwed up the packaging in the first place then that’s totally unacceptable – but it needs raising with them before you start using the helmet – and the helmet needs rejecting straight away and returning (you can grab the returns form as a pdf from their website). It’s a real bummer if you didn’t know of course – they should probably make it all much more clear on their packaging, and answer the phone!


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