Classic fibreglass open face helmet with built-in Sena 10S bluetooth.


Sena Savage open face bluetooth motorcycle helmet review.

Sena are best known for their range of bluetooth headsets of course. But nowadays, they’re integrating them straight into their own brand of motorbike helmets too. Which is great because it means you don’t have to deal with all that fiddling around ripping the guts out of your brand new helmet to start pushing cables and speakers and microphones into places they don’t really want to go.

sena savage helmet with short peak
Matte black Savage with short peak fitted

No, all you have to do is shove in a bit of charge via a micro USB cable, then it’s ready to rock.

If that sounds good to you and you’re in the market for a no nonsense, classic open face helmet, then you should probably read on to find out more about the Sena Savage bluetooth open face helmet.

  • Fibreglass open face Helmet
  • Pre-installed with a bluetooth headset
  • Equates to the Sena 10s
  • Double-D ring fastener
  • No vents
  • Music, Sat Nav, FM, intercom & phone connect
  • 4 riders, 1 mile range, 3 hours charge
  • ECE & DOT (2 different versions)
  • Sizes XS-XXL (DOT)
  • Expect to pay around £300

Best places to buy a Sena Savage?

You can buy a Sena Savage helmet using the links below. And if you buy from either store, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

Buy from Ghostbikes UK


The Sena Savage works as a great quality classic open face helmet and it works as a bluetooth headset too… mostly.

As a helmet, most owners think it looks good with a low profile fit and heaps of classic open face style. But it’s the fact that there’s an bluetooth headset integrated into the helmet that’s gonna sell the Savage to most folks.

And for most, it works really well. Great calls, great comms, OK radio, just the music quality lets it down a bit. If that’s not a problem for you, then you’ll probably love it. If you need quality bass and beats, then you might wanna look elsewhere (see our alternatives at the bottom of the page). Otherwise, grab yourself a Sena Savage or two and you (and your pillion) should be happy as pigs in poo.


(more about helmet safety)

The Sena Savage is a fibreglass-shelled open face helmet.

In terms of the actual helmet, it’s a pretty basic affair. Sure, it has a fibreglass shell which should be sturdy enough, and it’s backed by a multi-density expanded polystyrene liner. That’s a decent spec.

sena savage bluetooth headset helmet black right view
Profile view of the matte black Sena Savage

It comes in two flavours – an ECE European version that’s made in just one shell size and M-L-XL fitment sizes only. And it’s only available in matte black.

The other’s the DOT (US) helmet that’s also available in white too, and it comes in sizes XS-XXL and in two different shell sizes.

Of course, it’s an open face helmet so it’s only going to offer limited protection compared to a full face – so if maxing out protection’s your objective, always go for one of our safest lids.

But you know that, right, so nuff said.

Helmet roll-off is a potential thing with all helmets – but a double-d ring fastener should be good for keeping it firmly on your head. Just make sure you’re diligent with fastening it – any strap’s only as effective as the piece of meat who’s fastening it up.

In terms of safety then, it’s a classic styled open face helmet and should at least achieve the protection levels of the helmet standard you’re buying. ECE – for sure (they’re tested before hitting the market) DOT – hopefully (they’re designed to surpass the standard then some are batch tested after they hit the shelves).

Helmet Noise

(more about helmet noise)

Open face helmets are never gonna be all that quiet. But the word from owners is that, for an open face helmet, it’s actually not bad. It very much depends on the type of bike you’re riding and how fast you’re going of course, but because it’s got a nice classic rounded shell and very little to catch the air, most owners reckon it’s quieter than the average open face helmet.

If you read towards the bottom of the page in the headset section, you’ll see that the Sena headset has also got in-built noise reduction tech too – so that’s not gonna hurt things!


(more about helmet ventilation)

Ventilation’s really easy to sum up – there isn’t any. Done.

OK, it’s an open face helmet so you’re gonna get venting in the front. But if you ride in the heat of summer, things are going to heat up around your scalp. Might not be an issue for some, but if you think it might be for you, there are open face helmets out there with basic vents in that really make a difference (looking at you Arai Urban V and Shoei J-Cruise)

A couple of useful links…

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The Sena Savage comes with the classic universal three studs to fit a peak or visor. In fact, when you buy a Savage, it comes with both a long and short peak in the box which is quality. Just press them into place and you’re good to go.

sena savage helmet peaks
Two peaks are included in the box

If neither of those peaks suit, then because it’s a universal fit 3 stud fitment, you should be able to push on more or less any other 3 stud peak (most are adjustable so they fit) and there’s a range of modern and retro visors out there that should fit too.

We found a few owners who’d done just that and none complained they couldn’t get third party visors or peaks to fit, so buy from a reputable brand like Bell and all should be fine.

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

The liner on the Sena Savage is fairly basic but it is fully removable and washable (just as well since there isn’t any ventilation in there!). It’s also very comfortable according to owners – as long as you’re a medium oval head shape.

Sizing’s about right too, so measure yourself up, consult our helmet fitment guide, and just buy the right size. And if you ride in glasses, the word from a couple of Savage owners is that they fit in at the sides OK, the only area you might have a problem is that the helmet sits quite low on the head and can push down on the tops of larger glasses, pushing them into the bridge of your nose.

I guess that one’s a bit of a suck it and see – unless you know you wear jumbo lenses then you might want to avoid the Savage (or try from a store who’ll refund without a quibble – like our recommended stores).

Looks & Graphics

I thought the Savage looked quite a large helmet, but according to several owners, they commented on how low profile it actually is. Which is generally a good thing (in style terms) with any helmet – open or full face.

sena savage bluetooth headset helmet gloss white front view
White Savage is only available as s DOT helmet

Sena have pretty well got the looks right in terms of making it your traditional classic-styled open face helmet because that’s what most folks will be looking for, just with that added bluetooth headset.

It’s just a shame it’s only available in badass matt black as an ECE helmet (at the time of writing), and you only get a choice of fitment sizes M-L-XL!

Best places to buy a Sena Savage Helmet?

You can buy a Sena Savage helmet using the links below. And if you buy from either store, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

Buy from Ghostbikes UK

Sena Savage Bluetooth Headset Features

OK, the bluetooth headset integration is why you’re going to buy a Sena Savage, so here’s the score.

The headset is built-in straight out of the box. That means the battery’s shoved in a compartment in the back, the wiring’s in there, the controls are integral to the helmet shell and, while you can’t see it, the microphone is actually hidden in the liner just above your eyes. Cunning.

sena savage bluetooth helmet charger view
Controls mounted on left side feature jog dial and single button

To charge it up, there’s a micro USB cable that peeps out of the strap and Sena gives you a handy inflatable hoop to cushion your helmet while it charges. Nice touch.

The bluetooth is essentially similar tech to the Sena 10S headset, which is kinda entry level these days. The latest headsets use bluetooth 5.1 and mesh technologies which creates a web of connections for up to 24 riders. Whereas the Savage’s set uses bluetooth 4.1 supporting 4 rider connections.

So the Savage’s is basic, but that’s probably fine for many riders. And of course, it keeps the cost down.

What it does offer, in addition to 4 rider intercom connection, is music playback, phone calls, Sat Nav, and a built in FM radio.

Sena Savage Headset Main Features:

  • Intercom range: 1 mile (perfect conditions)
  • Supports 4 riders
  • LiPo battery, 3 hour charge time
  • Music playback – around 12 hours continuous
  • App – both iOS & Android
  • FM radio – 10 station memory
  • Phone connect and calling
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Bluetooth 4.1

Here’s what we’ve found out about how the bluetooth part of the Savage works.


The app’s on both iPhone and Android which is good. But a few owners mentioned that they had to connect it to their computer first to download the Sena device manager and then update the firmware before it’ll work properly. That’s really not so great (but becoming increasingly common).

Free Sena Smartphone app works on iPhone and Android

Depending on how proficient you are with stuff like that, that’ll be either a walk in the park or – as a couple of owners found – a real pain in the arse.

The Sena Utility app is free to download, easy to use and stable. Most owners found it easy to connect to their Savage units too. Once connected, it allows you to configure your device including speed dial and FM radio presets.

One tip I found is that there’s an ‘audio boost’ setting hidden in there which is turned off by default. Might be worth knowing about that one as a few riders reckoned it could do with a bit more volume.


The intercom is one of the biggest successes of the Sena Savage. Most owners found it easy to pair with another Savage headset and most think the quality’s great. The slower you go, the better the perception of voice sound quality, but you can hold a conversation up to around 60-70 on most motorcycle types (faired or unfaired).

The range quoted by Sena seems to be about right – 1 mile in perfect line-of-sight conditions, deteriorating quite a bit in urban areas as you’d expect.


Similarly, phone connect is highly rated. Even though the microphone is hidden in the lining above the eye port, it seems to pick up your voice well and, along with the noise reduction technology, cuts out wind noise to deliver a nice clean sound to the other end of the line.

That is until you get up to highway speeds when it can be difficult to hear and be heard. But slow it down a bit and it’s a good system.


All’s not quite so rosy with music playback. It’s got the legs – playing back around 12 hours continuously with a fresh battery – but it hasn’t got the bass. It depends how much you need high quality audio reproduction I guess. If you’re expecting hifi quality, then by the sound of it you’ll be mighty disappointed as the Savage is OK on the treble but it’s got nothing from the mids down.

sena savage bluetooth helmet front viewIt’s also lacking volume according to some owners, because if you get the speed around 60+ it’s all but impossible to listen. I guess pushing understandable voice sounds is one thing, but the range of frequencies coming from music is entirely another.

I only found one person mention the audio boost setting hidden in the app so don’t know if people disappointed with music volume had or hadn’t found it. But if you’re looking for a headset that’ll give high quality music playback, my research found you might be disappointed if you buy a Sena Savage.

FM Radio

The FM radio works on frequencies 76-108MHz and has a 10 station preset memory which you can set up in the app.

Sound quality’s OK up to about 70 though and, like most headset radios, quality can be decent if you’re near a strong signal but drops off quickly if you go anywhere near the limits of the signal – which can make it a frustrating listen.

Interface & Use

Sena has kept the outside of the helmet nice and clean and minimal. There’s one large jog/dial button (volume/play/pause/pairing/voice config/scan) and a phone button on there (answer/end/speed dial/pairing/radio on/off) and that’s it.

sena savage bluetooth controller
Input is using a glove-friendly dial and phone button

Given the large variety of functionality you’ve gotta control through this minimal system, it’s probably no surprise that it takes a bit of getting used to. So, it’s worth a good read through the manual and putting in some practice before you use it in anger on the road.

Do that, and you should pick things up reasonably quickly and get the hang of it. Don’t bother and you’ll probably find it over-complex and fiddly (like a few Savage owners have). Having said that, the buttons are easy to find and use, even in gloves.

One feature that does annoy a few owners is the in-built system audio commands. Because they’re not governed by the volume control, they can be much louder than everything else.


sena savage bluetooth micro usb port
Micro USB connector/charger pops out of the chin strap

The battery’s a 650mAh Lithium Polymer battery that charges from a cable neatly peeking out just where the strap meets the helmet.

From a dead battery, it takes 3 hours to fully charge and is, according to owners, usually good for a full day’s riding, chatting or music streaming.

Sena Savage Video

Here’s an 8m video that takes you around the Savage. Note it seems like Sena have provided the helmet themselves. Still, it gives you an idea of what the helmet is about.

Other stuff – weight, build quality, warranty

Weight is a strong point for most open face helmets, and despite having the extra weight of electronic gubbins, the Sena Savage is no exception. Most owners say it’s a lightweight helmet and the figures prove it: it weighs around 1.1Kg (2.4lbs) which is really light compared to most other types of helmet.

sena savage intercom helmet white long peak
White Savage with long peak fitted

Another thing worth pointing out is that several Savage owners commented that the build quality, fit and finish are all top notch. It’s the attention to detail and quality that can make a helmet good to own and the Savage hits the mark here.

Sena helmets are covered by a 5 year warranty (very good) but it seems they’ve less faith in their electronics because that’s only covered for 2 years (what?!). I bet Sena wrang their hands a bit over that decision because it seems like an admission that the electronics won’t last. Still, if I’m feeling charitable, I guess there’s a lot more can go wrong with electronics than a helmet.

Best places to buy a Sena Savage?

You can buy a Sena Savage helmet using the links below. And if you buy from either store, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

Buy from Ghostbikes UK

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Good Alternatives to the Sena Savage?

sena momentum lite white

OK, we’ve gotta mention the Sena Momentum full face with intergral bluetooth kits of various specs and that comes in heaps of different flavors and prices. And of course, you can buy the same bluetooth spec that’s in the Savage separately if you buy the Sena 10S – and fit it to your helmet of choice.

Arai Urban V Era

That could be the Arai Urban V which is a great quality fibreglass open face that has speaker pockets and space to mount a controller on the outside – it’s more expensive than the Savage though.

Nolan N40-5 GT

The Nolan N 40-5 is a bit of a leftfield alternative to think about. It’s cheaper than the Sena, massively versatile (open face helmet all the way to a full face) and is ready to accept Nolan’s N-Com bluetooth system to give an integrated experience just like the Savage.

Shoei J-Cruise Corso

The Shoei J-Cruise is highly rated – a great quality composite helmet that comes with a visor(with Pinlock) and sun visor. Decent speaker pockets inside mean it should fit most 3rd party bluetooth kits – using a boom mic.

bell custom 500 silver flake helmet front view
Silver flake Bell Custom 500

Finally, Bell’s Custom 500 has that low-profile classic look in spades – and it’ll fit most bluetooth sets too. It’s available in fibre or carbon shells and is the original classic open face helmet.

If none of those will do, you might find what you’re after on our Open Face Helmets pages or even our Retro Helmets pages.

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sena-savage-3-4-open-face-bluetooth-motorcycle-helmet-reviewIf you're looking for a classic open face helmet with a decent bluetooth headset already integrated, then the Sena Savage is probably it. It's not the latest greatest headset but it'll be enough for most riders. Good as an intercom or for phone calls and sat nav (but less good for music playback) the Sena Savage is a well built fibreglass lid and the vast majority of owners love theirs.


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