X-Lite X-1005 flip-up motorbike helmet review


X-Lite X-1005: X-Lite’s high-tech modular all-rounder helmet.

The X-Lite X-1005 is an evolution of the outgoing X-1004 modular helmet. That helmet had a few foibles, but X-Lite looks to have made quite a few changes with the X-1005, which has hopefully rectified some of those weaknesses to make a more accomplished helmet.

x-lite x-1005 dyad ultra carbon chin bar raised
X-Lite X-1005 Ultra Carbon Dyad with chin bar fully raised.

They’ve made the visor system wider and taller and they’ve upgraded the chin bar with an elliptical mechanism, so it should be more aerodynamic when open for a better open face riding experience.

They’ve also included the Pinlock anti-fog insert in the box and they’ve fiddled around to simplify the ventilation system.

All in all, it seems like a good step forward and now includes many features we’re seeing in the latest generation of helmets.

  • Composite or carbon composite flip-up helmets
  • P/J dual homologated
  • Pinlock insert included
  • Multi-position sun visor
  • Micrometric fastener
  • Adjustable liner
  • Medium oval fitment
  • N-Com bluetooth system ready
  • Motorrad Magazine rating: Good
  • Sizes XXS-XXL
  • Expect to pay £350-£520 depending on shell

Best places to buy an X-Lite X-1005?

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 (more about helmet safety)

The first thing to say is that X-Lite has an excellent reputation for making helmets that score well in the SHARP safety tests.

Every single tested helmet has either scored maximum five stars or four stars, which is an astounding result. And if it’s a modular helmet, they’ve all scored 4/5 stars and either 100% for keeping their chin bar locked and closed during the tests (in the case of the outgoing X-1004) or 97% in the case of the earlier generation X-1003.

white x-lite x-1005 cheyenne ultra carbon side view
Chayenne Ultra Carbon X-1005, in white

So, looking at the helmet testing stats, we’d very much expect a SHARP 4 star rating with 100% chin bar. But of course, that’s a guesstimate based on past performance so we can’t be totally sure.

What we can be sure of is that looking over the helmet, X-Lite have used tried, tested and proven technologies to produce a helmet that ought to mean it’s going to give you decent protection on the road.

And it’s made in 3 shell sizes which means it should be more optimised for safety. Being made in a few shell sizes also usually means it’ll be physically smaller so it looks more in proportion for you body size. However, a couple of owners we found reckoned it’s slightly bulky; nothing to worry about when you’re on the move and wearing it but it just looks slightly bigger than previous helmets they’d owned.

Some of the things you’ll notice while you’re riding – including a taller/wider visor system with Pinlock Max Vision insert included in the box – so you should have good all round vision that’s pretty well always mist-free.

There’s also a multi-position drop down sun visor in there (with fog resistant coating), so you shouldn’t get caught out when things get too bright either. And the helmet’s held on your head using a micrometric 2 strap, which are super easy to use and make keeping the helmet tightened up correctly a walk in the park (as long as you tighten the strap adjuster from time to time).

x-lite x-1005 cheyenne ultra carbon rear view
Rear view of an Ultra Carbon Cheyenne graphic X-1005

The X-Lite X-1005 comes in a standard composite fibre version and an ultra carbon composite fibre version. Like the outgoing helmet, it’s difficult to actually know what’s included in the composite fibre construction and given there’s only about 50g in weight between the compostie and carbon helmets, it looks like they’re actually very similar constructions, possibly with a top layer of carbon fibre adding to the ultra carbon version.

Either way, both versions are made in 3 different shell sizes so should offer optimised fit/weight/size for your fitment size, with the 3 shells covering fitment sizes XXS-M, L & XL-XXXL.

And if you like to ride with the chin bar up on your modular helmet, then the X-1005 has been dual homologated in ECE land meaning you can legally do just that. There’s also a chin bar lock on there so it’ll sit open and stay in place while you’re bimbling along.

All in all, I’d expect the X-Lite X-1005 to offer safety levels towards the top of the tree for a modular helmet.

Helmet Noise

(more about helmet noise)

If you’re looking for the quietest helmet, then you’re generally better off avoiding a modular helmet as the chin bar mechanism tends to let air reverberate around inside the helmet a bit.

The X-Lite X-1005 has quite a bit of internal padding in there, plus they’ve brought the cheek pads down to envelop the chin strap and pushed a plug of foam into where the speaker pockets go, both aiming to reduce sound ingress a bit.

Having said that, like many flip-front helmets, it’s noisier than your typical full face but about average for a modular. One owner said it’s fine until you’re at motorway speeds then it starts to get a bit noisy. That said, if you wear some decent ear plugs (which you always should) you should be fine.

x-lite x-1005 ultra elegance flat black front view
Front view of the composite Flat Black X-1005 showing both front vents


(more about helmet ventilation)

Ventilation on the X-1005 has been simplified, with a single sliding panel to operate the chin bar vent and another single slider to operate the crown vent.

When you’re riding along, simple is good – and the fewer panels and sliders to operate, the better. And those large sliders should be nice and easy to find in gloves too.

The top vents let air through the helmet shell and there are generous channels inside to let air circulate. There’s also a decent netting-style comfort liner inside to let air get to your head – and there’s an always-open exhaust vent at the back of the helmet to let warm/moist air out.

The chin vent directs air to the mouth as well as onto the the back of the visor to help with demisting, and there’s a breath guard in there to help too.

Word is from owners that it all works very well. It’s easy to use and effective. Couple that with the Pinlock antifog that’s supplied and you should be able to stay cool in the summer and keep your visor fog-free in the winter/rain.


(more about visors)
x-lite x-1005 dyad ultra carbon side view
From the side – the X-1005 Dyad ultra carbon helmet

The visor on the X-Lite X-1005 is about as fully functional as you could wish for, and very unlike modular helmet visors of days gone by.

It’s quick release, with a very simple visor release mechanism that we’re increasingly finding on modular helmets these days. Basically, you open the visor, pull a lever and off comes the visor. Really simple and really quick.

X-Lite has made the visor on the X-1005 wider and deeper too, so you get great all round vision including those all important peripherals. And they’ve stuck in a Pinlock Max vision anti-fog insert, so shove that on and you should be able to ride fog free in pretty well all conditions.

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The visor opening tab is in the middle, meaning you can easily open it with either hand, and it operates on a ratchet so you can set it open at a few stages with the first stage being a ‘cracked open’ position for useful venting with the visor almost closed.

All in all, X-1005 owners say it’s well thought out and works well. The visor’s lovely and wide giving excellent peripheral vision and it’s all an improvement on the older, more complicated X-1004 visor system.

Sun Visor

(more about sun visors)
x-lite x-1005 ultra elegance white side view
Gloss white X-1005 Elegance

As for the sun visor – that’s all good too. The slider’s now located on the bottom left edge of the helmet, making it easier to reach. And X-Lite’s made sure it’s both anti-scratch and covered in an anti-fog coating, which is useful.

It’s also UV400 protective which is good to know – although all polycarbonate visors are 95%+ UV protective by default so together, you’ll have as close to 100% UV protection as reasonably possible.

The sun visor slider actually drops the sun visor down in stages, so if you prefer to have coverage just at the top when the sun’s not too low, then you can. It’s also got an auto-retract button. Press it, and the sun visor springs up out of the way.

Chin Guard

(more about chin guards)

It looks like the chin bar on the X-1005 has been particularly carefully designed.

They’ve made it dual homologated. That’s an ECE certification thing meaning it’s been certified for use with the chin bar up or down, which is always useful and good to know.

X-Lite X-1005 Cheyenne in red chin bar fully raised
X-1005 in Cheyenne graphics with chin bar full raised

The chin bar doesn’t rotate to the back of the helmet like some modulars. Instead, X-Lite’s added an elliptical rotation which allows the chin bar to sink back towards the helmet in its fully-raised position to secure it in place and reduce aero drag.

That’s a nifty feature which should reduce the likelihood of catching wind while riding, as well as pull the centre of gravity back towards the helmet a little to help it feel less ungainly.

X-Lite and Nolan helmets (both part of the same group) have always been known for their mega secure chin bars. SHARP tests how often their chin bars become unlocked during impact testing, and out of the three X-Lite modulars tested so far, two scored maximum marks whereas the third dropped just 3%. So they make very secure chin bars.

And for reference, Nolan’s own-label helmets have never dropped a single point across five tested modulars. Astounding.

You need to be able to trust that chin bar will do it’s job, so we’ve compiled a page where you can find all the Safest Modular helmets.

Part of the reason for that great lock performance is undoubtedly X-Lite’s preference for the two button release catch; and the X-Lite X-1005 is no different. So, to open the chin bar, you have to squeeze the two red buttons together and lift. It’s easy to do. And when the chin bar’s raised and you intend to ride like that, there’s a small red lock to slide in place and that’ll secure the chin bar.

All in all, a very good system and well executed.

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

Inside the X-1005, there’s X-Lite’s latest comfort liner.

It includes speaker pockets as well as glasses grooves, there to stop your glasses stems pushing into your head. It’s fully removable and washable and it’s also got X-Lite’s adjustable LPC or liner positioning system in the liner.

x-lite x-1005 cheyenne ultra carbon front view
Front view of the Cheyenne graphic X-Lite X-1005

That’s a small adjustable strap that runs across the liner allowing you to tighten up the liner and so making it smaller or larger.

The liner also features what X-Lite calls their ‘carbon fitting’ comfort inner which means there are carbon filaments woven into the fabric to help absorb sweat, reduce static and modulate temperature. Part of it is also made of netting to let ventilating air circulate through the liner and onto your head.

Those speaker pockets form part of the cheek pads but there are also plugs in the polystyrene liner that can be removed, allowing for reasonably deep speakers.

And finally, if you find the strap on your helmet chafes, then you’ll be glad to hear that the X-1005 has some generous chin strap pads for extra comfort on long days in the saddle.

Owners widely say it’s a very comfortable helmet, with that liner being very plush to the touch and of good quality.

Looks & Graphics

The X-Lite X-1005 is a fairly unassuming sort of helmet, so ideal if you’re looking for a helmet design that’s not very shouty and just gets on with the job.

x-lite x-1005 cheyenne ultra carbon front view
Red Cheyenne graphic X-1005

Same goes for the graphics. Obviously, if you’re thinking of buying the high carbon Ultracarbon version, then those all have exposed carbon weave with just some reasonably simple decals over them. At that time of writing, that includes the Dyad and the Cheyenne graphics, with the Cheyenne in particular available in a zillion different colourways and the Dyad just available in gloss or matt lacquer.

The composite fibre X-1005 is available in matt/gloss black, gloss white and a matt grey.

As always, if you’re interested in checking out some deals on the X-Lite X-1005 or to find any new designs – please click through to our recommended retailers on the links below which should drop you straight onto their X-1005 pages.

Best places to buy an X-Lite X-1005?

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X-Lite X-1005 Video

It’s a bit dull but it’s also the best vid we’ve been able to find – so here’s a 10m look over an ultracarbon X-1005 Dyad from Champion.

Other stuff – audio, quality, warranty


Not only does the X-Lite X-1005 have a pair of decent sized speaker pockets, but it’s actually designed for integration with a couple of N-Com bluetooth headsets – that’s the more basic B601 (about £150) or the more advanced B902 (about £250).


Lots of X-1005 owners reckon the quality is excellent. Inside and out, the say the quality of materials and workmanship’s very good with a lovely finish and a solid feel to the helmet.


All X-Lite X-1005 helmets come with a full 5 year warranty.


Italian brand X-Lite are known for producing some great quality and safe modular helmets. And since this X-1005 is evolved from the X-1004, X-1003 and even the X1002 which all scored 4 stars out of five when tested by SHARP, we’re pretty sure it’ll give excellent protection too.

x-lite x-1005 ultra elegance grey side view
Classy plain Flat Grey Elegance X-1005

And owners of the X-1005 reckon it’s a great helmet.

It’s super comfortable and it’s well built and finished. The sun visor works well as does the main visor which offers particularly wide peripheral vision as well as being quick release and coming with a Pinlock antifog insert.

A couple of owners reckoned it feels a bit bulky and looking at the weight, at 1.7Kg it’s not particularly light considering it’s a carbon helmet (though it is about spot-on average weight for a modular).

The price point is pretty keen for what is a well-specced sports touring modular helmet. OK, it’s a little noisy (though that goes for most modulars) but otherwise it’s a great performing, high quality helmet that’s well liked and highly recommended.

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Good Alternatives to the X-Lite X-1005?

AGV Numo Evo solid white helmet side view
Gloss white AGV Compact ST

There’s some fantastic alternatives to the X-1005 whether you’re after a modular or a full face sports-touring helmet. Here’s a few suggestions. And don’t forget to check out our Top Helmet 10 lists. Oh, and our look at the safest modular helmets.

First up, AGV’s Compact ST is a SHARP 4 star safety rated, dual homologated modular with a sun visor and Pinlock in the box. It’s also got a 100% chin bar along with AGV’s latest pointy racing-inspired look.

caberg droid hi vizion flip up helmet front view
Hi Vizion Caberg Droid

For half the price of the X-Lite is the Caberg Droid. It’s got love-or-loathe looks, but there’s no denying it’s well specced, with a SHARP 4 star safety rating, sun visor, Pinlock – and it’s well liked by owners.

Arai Chaser-X

If you like the idea of a premium all-rounder helmet, then the Arai Chaser X is a good option. It’s their mid price do anything helmet. SHARP 4 star again, Pinlock, all day comfort and great ventilation.


Finally, if you’d rather save money for fuel, the HJC C70 is a polycarbonate full face all-rounder. It’s cheap as chips but it’s also SHARP 5 star rated with sun visor and great ventilation.

Best places to buy an X-Lite X-1005?

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x-lite-x-1005-flip-up-motorbike-helmet-reviewThe X-Lite X-1005 is a cracking modular helmet. OK, it's about average weight for a modular so not particuarly light - and, being a modular, it's not the quietest helmet either. But it's comfortable, well built, has a great visor system, a dual homolgated chin bar and a great all rounder that's easy to live with. Well recommended.


  1. Sfortunato possessore da poco più di due mesi: La visiera a 100km/h si chiude da sola, in qualsiasi posizione: per un touring una pecca considerevole. Spedito in assistenza a Nolan: dopo due settimane rientra con lo stesso problema “non risolvibile”…me lo devo tenere così!
    (Da una azienda come Nolan mi aspettavo un’attenzione al cliente migliore). Tra l’altro
    scopro adesso che sono in molti gli sfortunati che lamentano lo stesso problema della visiera: era meglio leggere i commenti delle recensioni…
    Pentito di non aver optato per altri marchi. Sconsigliato


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