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Dual-homologated Modular Helmet Reviews

Dual homologation means an ECE approved modular helmet that protects as both a full face helmet with the chin guard down and an open face (or jet style) helmet with the guard up. Sometimes it’s called P/J approved. It means you can legally wear your dual homologated modular helmet in either open face or full face config while you’re riding.

For more information, read our about dual homologation article.

On this page, we’ll only show reviews and articles covering helmets that have been dual-homologated.


Cool-looking fibreglass/carbon flip-up helmet: Roof Boxxer.

Cool-looking fibreglass/carbon flip-up helmet: Roof Boxxer. The Roof Boxxer is the long-awaited addition to the Roof helmets family, taking their classic Boxer V8 and updating...

Shoei Neotec II: a sports touring flip-up helmet that owners love

Shoei Neotec II modular motorcycle crash helmet review. The old Shoei Neotec had been around for a good few years.If you're not familiar with it, it...

The Nolan N100-5 flip-up. The perfect modular helmet?

Nolan N100-5 flip up modular motorcycle helmet review. The N100-5 is Nolan's top of the range flip-up/modular helmet, designed to be all things to all...

A look at the Caberg Levo flip-up touring helmet

Caberg's composite/carbon touring flip-up motorcycle helmet: the Caberg Levo. The Levo is Italian helmet maker Caberg's dual homologated flip-up helmet that's designed for touring.The Levo...

Review of the LS2 Valiant FF399 motorcycle crash helmet

Review of LS2's flip-over polycarbonate modular helmet. If you've ever checked out the Shark Evoline or Shark Evo-one 2 modular helmets, you might find there's...

Caberg Duke II Modular Crash Helmet Review

The Caberg Duke II is the follow up to the popular SHARP 5 star rated modular/flip up crash helmet, the Duke I.On the face...

X-Lite X-1004 Composite/Carbon Fibre modular helmet

X-Lite's X-1004 composite fibre flip-up/modular helmet review The X-Lite X-1004 is the replacement of the old X-1003. It's a composite fibre-shelled modular/flip-front helmet with an...

A review of the Evo-One 2 modular crash helmet by Shark

Shark Evo-One 2 - a compact, flip-front helmet with Pinlock Max Vision included Shark has been making flip-up/modular helmets for years - with each new...

Nolan N40-5 crossover and jet motorcycle crash helmet

Preview of the Nolan N40-5 family of motorcycle helmets (40-5 jet and 40-5 GT crossover) The Nolan N40 range has always been interesting and unusual....

Nolan N90-2 modular/flip-up crash helmet

The Nolan N90-2 - Nolan's entry-level flip-up crash helmet The Nolan N90-2 is Nolan's replacement for the old N91 and N91 Evo. That was a...