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Dual-homologated Modular Helmet Reviews

Dual homologation means an ECE approved modular helmet that protects as both a full face helmet with the chin guard down and an open face (or jet style) helmet with the guard up. Sometimes it’s called P/J approved. It means you can legally wear your dual homologated modular helmet in either open face or full face config while you’re riding.

For more information, read our about dual homologation article.

On this page, we’ll only show reviews and articles covering helmets that have been dual-homologated.

caberg tourmax sonic

Caberg Tourmax Modular Crash Helmet Review

The Caberg Tourmax is a modular dual-sports helmet (modular meaning the chin guard flips up and dual-sports referring to the mix between full face...

New AGV Compact flip up helmet

Just launched is the new AGV Compact modular/flip up helmet. It's aimed at the increasing number of folks who like the safety and utility...
Roof desmo crash helmet

Roof Desmo crash helmet review

Summary The Roof Desmo is a very clever helmet that looks pretty cool and imposing too. It's dual-homologated, meaning that it's been tested and approved...

A quick look at the Roof Desmo crash helmet

I'm thinking of getting one of these myself (probably try one on at the next bike show). The Roof Desmo was designed to solve...

Roof Crash Helmets Review: The Boxer Classic

Summary: the original flip-up dual homologated bad ass Roof helmet. Comfy, quiet, quirky, 4 star SHARP tested, quiet(ish), mean-looking and surprisingly practical. SHARP 4...
ECE 2205 logo

A 2 Minute Guide to ECE 22.05 (Regulation No.22) for Testing...

What is ECE 22.05 (concerning the approval of protective crash helmets)? The ECE stands for Economic Commission for Europe and the 22 refers to Regulation...
Roof boxer v8 crash helmet

Roof Helmet Review: the Boxer V8

Summary: The Boxer V8 range of crash helmets are well built, cool-looking and incredibly versatile. They have a good safety rating and owners are...

Shark Evoline 3 crash helmet review

The Shark Evoline 3 was launched early 2012 and is a little lighter than it's predecessor (though still relatively heavy because of the extra...