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Thermoplastic Motorcycle Crash Helmet Reviews

Thermoplastic helmets, usually made from polycarbonate or ABS) are tough plastic helmets that are cheaper to make (and therefore tend to cost us less) but can make for fantastic helmets. Several thermoplastic helmets at the lower end of the price range have scored maximum points in the SHARP crash helmet safety test. So, if you’re looking to cut costs, but don’t want to compromise quality and safety, then thermoplastic helmets are well worth looking at.

You’ll find all our reviews of thermoplastic helmets on these pages.


MT revenge crash helmet

MT Revenge crash helmet review

MT are Spain's largest helmet manufacturer. They're known for their range of budget helmets, which many folks will worry naturally means lower performance. But...

Review of the Scorpion EXO 500 Air full face helmet

The Scorpion Exo 500 Air is a medium-priced full face polycarbonate helmet. It's got some interesting features - including integral sun visor and inflatable...

Review of the Lazer Paname Z-Line crash helmet

Lazer have been making crash helmets for a long time. Since 1919 to be precise. So they ought to know a thing or two...

Shark S900c Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Widely advertised as an aggressive, incredibly versatile and balanced helmet, the Shark S900-c is designed to replace the earlier S900 model, with just a...
Duchinni D405 full face helmet white

Duchinni D405 Helmet First Look

There is plenty that can be said about this budget helmet from Duchinni. It looks a little dull if I'm honest, but it promises...
AGV K3 SV in gloss white and matt black

Quck look – AGV K3 SV Helmet

The recently introduced AGV K3 SV is the successor to the popular K3. What's the difference? Well mainly the SV part which refers to...

A look at the MT Flux helmet

MT is reckoned to be a massive name in Spain and becoming increasingly recognised over here in Blighty. And with flip-up helmets becoming more...

New AGV Compact flip up helmet

Just launched is the new AGV Compact modular/flip up helmet. It's aimed at the increasing number of folks who like the safety and utility...

Caberg Ego Motorcycle Helmet Review

Summary Caberg are a pretty well known Italian crash helmet manufacturer, producing mid-to-lower priced helmets. Here's some more background on Caberg. The Caberg Ego is...
Roof desmo crash helmet

Roof Desmo crash helmet review

Summary The Roof Desmo is a very clever helmet that looks pretty cool and imposing too. It's dual-homologated, meaning that it's been tested and approved...